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My story: in my early 20’s, the only stance I had on abortion was that anyone who had one, would have to explain that choice to God. Then as a med student, I watched an abortion 😞 I had nightmares for months. Why am I telling you this 👉

Because the installed VP wants to abolish Crisis Pregnancy Center. They don’t want you know that your unborn baby has a heartbeat and can feel pain. They don’t want you to have an ultrasound, so you can see that your unborn child “is not just a clump of cells”

She wants to label anything that a Crisis Pregnancy Center tells and shows you as “misinformation”& claims that is “ripe for predatory practice” 🙄

I don’t know about y’all, but the only organization I know that preys on the unborn, is Planned Parenthood & they do it for money🖕#KeepFightingToSaveTheBabies ❤️

Storm Nicole ⛈


Independent Conservative, ICU Nurse, 2nd A activist, God, Country and Guns Shelties 🐾🐾

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