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Quick 🧵on why @Kevin McCarthy is scrambling around like a raccoon on an overturned garbage can. Sometime last month, he got a poll back showing that suburban white voters were either staying home or voting blue. They freaked out and called in Gingrich and Frank Luntz 1/

They went into overdrive, probably spending a shit-ton of money on more polling and focus groups and came up with their half-baked “commitment” to America. Problem, though: all the messages are so thin as to be meaningless. “Better economy” - good one, Kev. 2/

On the other side, though, they found that #UltraMAGA voters don’t really love anyone, either. Enter the racist bullhorn brigade. When all else fails, scare the white people. 3/

Kevbo’s problem, though, is that he’s not very good at this. He’s a half-assed political athlete (Uncle Rico) who now has to fear the likes of @Elise Stefanik and @Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸. Both would defenestrate him for their own purposes (metaphorically, of course) 4/

@Kevin McCarthy’s operation has leaked like a sieve. The messaging leaked. The video leaked. The website leaked. He wasn’t a good whip, he’s not been a good leader. He won’t have to worry about being Speaker. 5/

Lastly, @Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸’s appearance on the stage today in Pittsburgh tells us everything about who’s really in control of the @House Republicans, and it’s not Kev. 6/x

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