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Sep 23

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With Putin’s nuclear threat and the mass mobilization of cannon fodder in Russia, we are in a critical moment that will determine the future course of the war in Ukraine. First and foremost we need a strong common response of the US and EU to Putins’s nuclear threat /1

Biden and the European leaders should rapidly come up with a strong common message: We will not allow Russia to bringing Ukraine to its knees and to blackmail the West. Therefore, we will immediately boot up our military and financial support for Ukraine. /2

This will also send a clear message to the Russian people: You are fighting for a lost cause. NATO doesn’t want to wage war against Russia, but we will never allow Putin to bring down Ukraine. /3

The EU and US must be very clear about the endgame of this war. We should rally around Selensky's „5 steps towards peace" he presented to the UN: 1) ongoing military and financial support for Ukraine, 2) full withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian soil. /4

3) Juridical accountability of the Russian leadership for the ongoing war crimes in Ukraine, 4) Financial compensation for the material damages in Ukraine (using Russian frozen assets), 5) security guarantees for Ukraine. Full stop. /5

Ralf Fuecks


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