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Robin Zaccheus

Robin Zaccheus

Sep 23, 2022
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The Govt Hospitals in Telangana are under immense pressure by the Health Minister’s new policy @Harish Rao Thanneeru of pushing for normal deliveries instead of analysing patient’s condition & stability for normal delivery. This has led to criminal negligence by Govt Hospital in Nalgonda

A women residing in Kattangur district in Nalgonda has lost her precious life due to the sheer negligence of the Hospital staff by pushing for a normal delivery without considering the husbands repeated pleas for a C-Section delivery due to the patients inability to bear immense
Pains as the baby in the womb was over 4.1 kgs. Despite of this sensitive condition the Hospital staff had arrogantly insisted for an approval letter from @Harish Rao Thanneeru or @Dr G Srinivasa Rao Superintendent to perform a C-Section & stated the rules does not allow them to go for C-Section.
The Govt of Telangana has removed the incentive of Rs. 11,000/- for C-Section surgery and has newly introduced Rs. 3000/- for normal deliveries. Thus forcing the medical staff to forcefully insist the patients to go for normal deliveries only.
Instead of dealing the deliveries on case to case basic. The Govt has opted for unrealistic & unscientific policy that has made a child motherless today. The family is in agony for the loss of her daughter, wife & mother. The Govt is completely responsible for this tragedy..
We demand an immediate investigation of this tragic incident by the Minister @Harish Rao Thanneeru @Dr G Srinivasa Rao and action against the staff for this utter negligence which has led to the demise of Mrs. Akhila & a suitable compensation to the poor family to take care of the child’s future
Also the Health Minister @Harish Rao Thanneeru should review the decision to completely remove the 11,000/- incentive for the C-Section Surgery.
Robin Zaccheus

Robin Zaccheus

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