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Sep 23

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So, what do I think of the Russian mobilization? Bodies without combined arms training, modern weapons, radios and adequate logistics are simply dead men walking. 1/4…

Sergej Sumlenny


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Russian conscripts get Nagant/Mosin rifles, designed in 1890/91, and obsolete already at the times of WWII.

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Untrained Russian infantry with steel helmets, WW1 rifles, no radios, headed into winter, w/o winter boots, gloves, hats, sleeping bags, w/o trucks & supported by mobilized T-62 tanks with untrained crews are military liabilities, not combat power. 2/4…

This is how Russia is currently supplying their troops. With steel helmets and Mosin-Nagant rifles from the 1940s. How will they manage to equip 300K more troops if this is already the best they have?

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The chances of a 1917 style Russian Army collapse in Ukraine, followed by the disintegration of the Russian Federation actually INCREASE with the deployment of such troops. 3/4

Russian mobilization simply does not increase the length of time before Russia is defeated in Ukraine. All it is going to do is increase the scale of the Russian defeat to include the break up of the Russian state. 4/4

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