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BREAKING: We have obtained an 8 minute video clip showing when a train hit a Platteville Police cruiser with a suspect inside. The suspect is alive and in the hospital with multiple injuries. We are reviewing the video now. Here's a 40 second portion of the video. 1/

I obtained this video after I filed a records request with the Fort Lupton Police Department. Yareni Rios-Gonzalez has nine broken ribs, a broken arm, a fractured sternum, and numerous other injuries to her head, back and legs. 2/

Rios-Gonzalez was pulled over after someone called about a road rage incident with a gun. Rios-Gonzalez has an attorney. Earlier this week, I found this particular crossing in Weld County had four PRIOR crashes, which included four prior fatalities.…

As Yareni Rios-Gonzalez of Greeley recovers with numerous broken bones, 9NEWS has learned the train crossing where she was hit has a history of fatal collisions.…

Train crossing where woman in police cruiser was hit has fatal history

The 8 minute clip was edited by the Ft. Lupton PD. I'm told there are 21 hours of video from 9 different perspectives. We received this edited clip because the cost to get everything was at $700+. We had to reach an agreement for transparency. Police provided clip for free.

UPDATED: Here is the FULL 8 minute clip released by Fort Lupton Police. This clip has been edited and redacted by Ft. Lupton Police. This video comes to 9NEWS after I filed a records request. I'm told there are NINE officer videos (body cam/dash cam) totalling 21 hours of video.

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