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I remotely teach a Business class for illustrators called "Beyond the Portfolio" at College for the Creative Studies in Detroit. If you want to take my class without taking my class, here are the primary sources I am pulling from to instruct the course.

"Freelance, and Business, and Stuff" by @Hoodzpah ($29.95 paperback/$15 PDF+EB) is a very digestible book on building a business plan, thinking about branding, contracts, finances/accounting, and so much more. If you had to buy one book, it's this.…

The freelance business book for creatives. Learn how to freelance and run your own studio. Pricing, positioning, branding and more!…

Freelance, and Business, and Stuff – Paperback - Hoodzpah

"The Creative Career Path Handbook" by @Andy J. Pizza ($5 PDF+EB) I start the semester with this as a prompt to think and analyze what you do, who you want to do it for, your interest, and develop a framework for personal work targeted to get dream projects.…

"The Dark Art of the Creative Business" by @Jessica Hische ($35+ PDF and/or videos) This JUST came out, and Im already using it. There is a lot in this program, but what I find really useful are the community building, social media, and financial portions.…

"Graphic Artist Guild Handbook" by @GraphicArtistsGuild ($49.95 paperback) This is a book I refer to at least once a month in my own practice. Great for understanding contract language, making an SOW + TOA contract, and a guide to most industry standards rates.…

"Personal Branding Strategy for Social Media" & "Instagram Strategy for Business Growth" by @🔥Mother of Social Dragons🔥 ($10.99+$19.99 on sale courses) I really like the way Dot thinks about social media strategy, and I've reframed their lectures for illustrators.

Check out dotlung's profile on Domestika, the largest community for creative professionals.

dotlung | Domestika

Check out dotlung's profile on Domestika, the largest community for creative professionals.

"Social Media for Creatives: Five Exercises to Power Your Freelance Career" by @Andy J. Pizza (Skillshare Subscription) I like Andy's point of view on social media and incorporate it into my lecture series on using social media thoughtfully.…

"Business of illustration" by @Neil Swaab (Free) There are a lot of gems in here that really fill in the gaps that I might have forgotten about, and a solid resource page.

"The Business of Graphic Design: Protect & Perfect Your Passion" by @Draplin Design Co. (Skillshare subscription) 49 minutes, short and sweet. Lots of great advice. Also, I never knew about Errors and Omissions insurance before this.…

And that is it! Hopefully, you find all of this really useful. Are there any other resources (books, websites, podcasts, online courses) you found to be successful in developing your business know-how?

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