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Featured in my committee meeting this morning: Before this morning, I asked for a Zoom link to the meeting since I am remote. I was initially denied this and then was given a Zoom link along with a condescending lecture about making sure I actually participate. 1/7

Arrived to the meeting today. Another member asked why I was on Zoom and when informed that I had medical accommodations, said "well I can make an excuse too" as though my Zooming in was an excuse and not a necessity. 2/7

Committee proceeded to have a talk where they were angry that we are still not requiring students have doctors notes if sick bc hospitals are still busy. Actual quote: "students are just using it as a get out of jail free card." 3/7

During this conversation, one member compared COVID to the flu, saying "it basically is." Btw, I have accommodations for long COVID, which has, among other things, resulted in multiple seizures. I had 3 this week. But sure, the flu. 4/7

At the end of the meeting, the chair of the committee asked "I guess we should discuss whether we actually want to have this in person since not everyone can do it," which just served to position me against everyone (amazing how accessibility becomes majority rule) 5/7

To be clear, I never asked for the meeting to be digital (though I would prefer it and I do think there should be a standard option to Zoom into all meetings without people having to ask). I just asked for a Zoom link. 6/7

Anyway, I guess people are surprised that I'm applying for other jobs because "why would you leave a TT position?" This. This is why. 7/7

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