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John Doe

John Doe

Sep 23, 2022
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Everyone, please listen. And I'm speaking to men and women. I never had a perfect relationship with my wife but I can tell you that our relationship was real & something I believe if young people practice, they'll be happy they did. On my last thread, a follower shared a tweet.

It's a voice note from a young lady insulting her boyfriend for not giving her money & saying she's proud of going to meet a man to sleep with him. That is not a relationship. That is not what I've been teaching. That is not what anyone should use to judge themselves.
That is not what you should use to judge other ladies. If you do, you'll completely miss it. Ladies like that existed long before I was born and long before our own parents were born. You're only getting to see it online because we now have internet & social media. If most
ladies were like that, men will not be getting married. Stay focused on my teachings & that of others who teach reality & the true teachings or advise of your parents if you wish to date with sincerity & be in a healthy relationship. Prostitution is one of the oldest
professions in the world. This morning, I said the only thing that has changed is less shame. Relationship is not a one sided thing. It will take two people willing to build & bond together against all odds to get it right. One way to achieve this is to carefully consider the
kind of friends you keep. In that voice note, we could hear some voices of her friends in the background supporting her. What else do you expect from someone who keeps such company? Any woman that places money on her vagina is not a good wife material. So, if you're dating
any lady that says "I gave you my body & you're not taking care of me" dump her as fast as you can. In my 9 years of dating my wife, she never uttered such words. The trick in all these is simple & at the same time difficult. Simple because it takes nothing to be honest.
Difficult because humans can be deceitful. Frankly speaking, you and your girlfriend or boyfriend cannot be my followers for at least 3 months and your mentality will not change. Keep practicing what you read from me & you'll see the difference. The more you do it, the more
You'll eagerly want to marry each other. You know why? Commitment is hard work & the time & emotions you invest in it is not quantifiable monetarily. You'ld rather not wish to lose that which you built with all sincerity of purpose for anything or anyone. Good luck. End.
John Doe

John Doe

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