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Heather Mendick

Heather Mendick

Sep 23, 2022
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(1/7) It's worth watching the extended version of #LabourFiles part 1 linked below. There is more background on all of the cases. But if you don't have time, here's a short thread of some key details that are missing from the version broadcast last night.

(2/7) @Angela Eagle DBE was asked before Labour HQ suspended her onstituency Labour Party, Wallasey, in summer 2016. She supported doing it and the staff member responsible said in emails that the suspension was to give Angela Eagle time to organise against local activists.
(3/7) @Gareth Thomas MP lobbied Labour HQ for disciplinary action against @Pamela Fitzpatrick who is a member of Harrow West Labour Party where he is MP. He did this in a completely two-faced way while he was pretending to support her in public.
(4/7) A large number of MPs and councillors wrote to Labour HQ in support of Luke Stanger despite his extreme abusive behaviour to multiple party members. Most of them are from the right of the party but they include MP @Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP🌹🏳️‍🌈 who called him "friendly, dedicated and loyal".
(5/7) Sam Matthews' role in turning Labour's disciplinary processes against the left is clearer with more examples of emails from him. He repeatedly applied different processes to people who are pro-Corbyn than people who are anti-Corbyn and concealed this from the National Exec.
(6/7) We see email evidence that the thing which made Labour HQ decide it had to block @Anna Rothery 💙 from standing as Labour candidate for Mayor of Liverpool was her public support for restoring the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.
(7/7) Generally, the impact on individuals of the abuse they've been subjected to by the Labour Party comes through more strongly in the long version - the pain, stress, mental and physical health impacts. These are people who's only crime is to struggle for a fairer world.
Heather Mendick

Heather Mendick

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