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Sep 23

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This just happened this morning. Vanuatu calls for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Inspired by nuclear non-proliferation, this is a major turning point for diplomatic efforts to constrain coal, oil and gas.…

Vanuatu is calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, signaling a major turning point in the international fight against the industry most responsible for climate change.…

Vanuatu the first country calling for treaty to restrict fossil fuels

The story tries to tie together a few important parts to this. The @Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative initiative is a campaign to mainstream this idea. The @The Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance is led by Costa Rica and Denmark (Quebec is a member too) and is important too

There's also this very cool tool that offers unprecedented transparency into fossil fuel reserves and emissions. With nuclear non-proliferation transparency about stockpiles was critical. You can think of this in a similar vein says @Tzeporah Berman

This week @Oil Change International published a report looking at what BOGA can do to stay relevant. Lots of interesting info here that could help prevent the alliance from turning into a space for countries to greenwash themselves…

We know Canada is not in favour of BOGA. Documents I got through an ATIP said BOGA “is not in Canada’s interest, as its aim to phase out the oil and gas sector conflicts with Canadian policy ensuring the sector has a sustainable role in a net-zero world.” Still Quebec joined.

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