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Football conspiracy theories A THREAD

Atalanta didn’t exist until 2018.

Álvaro Morata is part of a money laundering scheme

Buffons is still playing football to pay of a big debt he owes

Barcelona let Messi leave on purpose so they can completely rebuild the club

Son is the only footballer from South korea

The tackle a Cristiano Ronaldo in Euro 2016 final was a tactical plan by France

Italy and Spain were robbed against South Korea in 2002 World Cup. Italy won 2006 World Cup and Spain won 2010 World Cup.

Casemiro randomly appeared at Real Madrid, nobody knows where he came from.

Mbappe went from 19 to 23 in one year

Manchester city vs Qpr was rigged

Thomas muller started playing football at age 32

Fc Bayern Munich intentionally looses most times (especially at the start of the season) to make it look like the league is competitive

Real madrid doesn't start playing a match until the opponent scores the first goal

Busquets has been 34 years for 10 years

Bruno Fernandes has never had an injury

Sir Alex Ferguson used to swap Fabio and Rafael at half-time to get an extra sub

Tottenham & Crystal Palace’s sole purpose of their existence is to take points off Manchester City

VAR is not being used for what it is supposed to and is being used to manipulate certain games if needed.

Ajax releases the same home kit every season

Nigeria and Argentina plays each other every world cup

Fabrizio Romano has not slept since birth

Marco Reus has playing for dortmund since birth

Lionel Messi has never done a post match interview

Dortmund only exists to ruin the betting slips of people

Ten hag joined manchester united just to make money for Ajax

Steven Gerrard purposefully missed a penalty to get Roy Hodgson sacked

Ederson has never made a save

Trent Alexander-Arnold is only a professional footballer of his ability to spawn crosses

Chillini and bonucci are the same person

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