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Sep 23

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Some of you may remember excepts from a letter I received from a young Russian woman I made friends with on holiday in Corfu where we toured the island on my motorbike. We have been corresponding recently and these are excerpts of her letter. 1/

I know that there are already many men from our city who didnt return from the war. They were professional soldiers. Until now none of my friends or colleagues were drafted, but I’m afraid soon it may happen. 2/

There are billboards on the streets with photos and names of new war heroes, our new reality🤮 Since yesterday everybody is scary, all talks are about the draft. At the moment I mostly socialize with other young mothers with babies, many of them have husbands liable for the 3/

draft, and it’s nightmare for them. What about me. I don’t know what to do. I would leave the country, at least for some time. But my partner doesn’t support this idea. It’s difficult (visas etc, no exit into Poland and Baltic states), plane tickets abroad are super expensive 4/

expensive, it’s unclear where to go, where to live, where to work. I want to raise my baby peacefully. I don’t know now how to do it neither here nor out of here. What would you do in my place? End

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Robin Holloway 🇬🇧🇩🇪


Anglo-German, BSc Business, ACA, Automotive, Motorcyclist, scuba & traveller. History & politics. Rejoin. Married to GP. #ProgressiveAlliance #FBPE

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