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Charles Michel


Sep 23

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We want hope for the whole world. For this, the European Union reaches out to all those who want to cooperate for the common good. To honour the promise of the United Nations. #UNGA #UNGA77

The EU is not asking anyone to choose between East and West, North or South. But there is a choice to be made. The EU's choice is respect for borders, rather than aggression. It's cooperation rather than threat. It's rules-based order, rather than the law of the strongest. #UNGA

When a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council starts an unprovoked and unjustifiable war, a war condemned by the UN General Assembly, its suspension from the Security Council should be automatic. #UNGA #UNGA77

Preventing or stopping the horror in Borodianka, in Yemen and elsewhere. Giving hope like with the doctors in Dakar, and elsewhere. This is the core of our responsibility as leaders. We must step it up now and act together. You can count on the EU. #UNGA #UNGA77

Charles Michel


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