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Sep 23

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If any of you are wondering if the collapse of the £ was planned by #kamakwasi Kwartang then you haven't been paying attention... A short thread on shorting the £ and acquiring cheap sterling assetts, and its all linked to #Brexit 1/

John Redwood blocked me when I asked him why he had shifted all his assetts into $ & € a good few years ago. As you will recall, Redwood is a full blown pro #Brexit ERG headbanger and has been telling people to divest from the UK for years... 2/…

John Redwood, investment manager and British lawmaker, advises investors to remove their money from the UK and invest it in more successful economies, including the EU. But his advice doesn't end...…

British Lawmaker Advises Investors To Take Their Money Out Of The UK

So how does this work? Well, if you sold your £ and bought $ in 2015 you got $1.68 for every £ you exchanged. At the current rate today of $1.09 you've now turned every £1 into £1.54! Yup you're quids in... #Brexit #budget 3/

But wait, there is more, the damage done by #kamakwasi means that UK assett values are falling, and we've seen lots of overseas acquisitions of cheap and distressed UK assetts recently. This means that the £1 they turned into £1.54 can now buy even more. 4/ #budget

But wait, there is even more, if those same people sitting on those massively grown £'s wait a few months the recessionnary damage will create a fire sale of UK PLC, everything must go, and it will... 5/ #budget

So when you look at the budget today & think, how will this grow the economy? well its actually really simple. Wipe 30% of its value, have a firesale & then any rebound growth will always look good! Trussonomics is basically seeing how high the dead cat can bounce...6/ #budget

They had a test run in 2016 when the #Brexit Taliban shorted the £ knowing they had engineered the result of the referendum, what you saw today was just the next step in the firesale of UK PLC 7/ #budget

Today is just the next phase of the plan to assett strip the UK and move as much wealth as possible from the ordinary person in the street to a small cabal of far right wingnuts, buckle up kids, seatbelts save lives... 8/ #budget

We've got 2 more years of this, the Tory junta will cling on to 2024, troughing as they go, knowing they will lose, even to someone as wooden and terminally useless as Starmer. But by then it will be too late, the #Brexit Taliban of the ERG will have got what they want 9/

So in summary, what you've seen today is part of the plan, this is how Trussonomics works, the transfer of wealth from you to them, enjoy, you know what you voted for... #Brexit #budget 10/

And like all good threads, this one goes upto 11/... #Brexit #budget #kamakwasi #SpinalTap

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