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Sergey Mohov ✙

Sergey Mohov ✙

Sep 23, 2022
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I've been watching videos from Russia and reading their social media for 2 days. It's abundantly clear to me that they'll fight us until the last Russian or until they exterminate Ukrainians. If they succeed, they'll move on to the next country. Russia is utterly irredeemable.

We've got Russians silently agreeing to get on a 10-hour mobilization cargo plane from Khabarovsk and shit in a bucket the whole time. We've got Russians who look for (and find) excuses for them. We've got Russians who flee to Georgia "because Ukraine attacked us."
We've got Russians who try to flee mobilization to Georgia but get turned away because of a "Z" sticker on their car and proceed to curse Georgians and threaten to come back in a tank. We've got mobilized Russians getting shitfaced on the way, toasting to raping Ukrainian women.
We've got Russians unable and unwilling to protest the mobilization, making fun of the ones that do protest. Protesting the war itself was never on the table at all. We've got Russians turning out in droves for a government-organized rally in support of fake "referendums."
No one in that country can or really wants to change anything. A small number of them hope that change will come from the outside. Most of them don't give a shit. Russia is a fully fascist state. I don't say this lightly, but we're talking fully Third Reich at this point.
They don't just give a shit about Ukrainian lives. They don't give a shit about life, in general: Ukrainian life, Russian life, your life, my life, their own life – they don't care. They accept no responsibility for any of their actions or inaction and just do as they're told.
Have you read Dostoevsky? If you did, first of all, I'm sorry for you (I did). Dostoyevskian nihilism mixed with inexplicable blind hatred, envy, despair, and schadenfreude is oozing from their videos and social media posts. Russia reeks of death. It is nauseating.
Sergey Mohov ✙
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