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Sep 23

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Today we're launching something different πŸ‘€ These are projects that might not be fully polished, might be missing some examples, some docs, projects that might change in the future, projects that are in... Flux. We start with three RP2040 Stamp-powered devices. More below πŸ‘‡

A small handheld console with an OLEd screen, dpad and 2 soft buttons. The whole thing is inside a 3d printed case, standing up. A 3D game is shown on the display.
A macropad of 4x3 switches, each backlight, next to them a OLED screen showing kicad shortcuts and under that 3 switches and under that a RP2040 Stamp in FlexyPins.
Both sides of a square pcb, one side has a 4x4 NeoPixel matrix, the other side has a RP2040 Stamp, a LiPo connector, power switch, qwicc and usb type-c connectors, and a three way switch.

We always want to get interesting products in people’s hands. With Flux, we want to do that even quicker. Flux projects are targeted at people who are not scared to put a bit of extra work into getting the project to where they want it to be. So what are they?

The 4x4 neopixel array on its side shining a fuchsia light all over.
A handheld console back side with battery on on side and a case and screws on the other side. The pcb has a Stamp, type-c connector, speaker, power switch and pads for the battery.
A macropad pcb with no switches and the oled on the side, unsoldered.

Transform your RP2040 Stamp into a small handheld with a 1.3" 128x64 OLED, RGB LED, soft buttons, a Qwiic connector, power switch, and speaker. You can run @CircuitPython on it, as well as Arduino, including experimental support for the Arduboy2 library…

Transform your RP2040 Stamp into a small handheld console!…

RP2040 Stamp Handheld Console (Flux Project)

Just add switches and key caps and you have a 3x4 MacroPad powered by the RP2040 Stamp, the board comes with a 1.3" 128x64 OLED, 3 function buttons, 12 NeoPixels, and extra GPIOs. The board features a 3-in-1 combo RP2040 Stamp footprint (SMD/TH/FlexyPin)…

A minimalistic 4x4 NeoPixel matrix controlled by an RP2040 Stamp. The board contains a three-way switch, a Qwiic connector, a LiPo connector, USB Type-C socket, and a power switch.…

While the device does not ship with a battery, we found the 500mAh one from @pimoroni to be a great fit!…

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