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Sep 23, 2022
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How’s your #KpopMasterz2inManila experience, Ahgases, ATINYs and iKONICs? 🤧

#ICYMI: @CYJ (Ars) hyped Filo Aghases by performing his hit songs ‘Vibin’ and ‘Sugar’ on #KpopMasterz2inManila
Did you also heard that @CYJ (Ars) had 30 unreleased songs on his computer? 👀 Waiting for your 2nd mini album! 💚#KpopMasterz2inManila
What’s your favorite ATEEZ mission tonight at #KpopMasterz2inManila , ATINYs? 🤩
“I thought you’ve forgotten us… thank you for coming tonight.” — #Bobby 🥺😭 You’re worth the wait, iKON! ❤️ #KpopMasterz2inManila2022
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