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Sep 23

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Regarding reports about "gender affirmation" surgeries and treatments on minors at Vanderbilt, it is not "bullying," "terrorism" or "hatred" to recognize the permanent physical effects on children and to reject the perverse financial incentives of hospitals involved.

Supporters of these procedures seem to lack the moral imagination to consider that opponents feel tremendous sympathy, not disgust, for minors in distress. Any outrage is directed not toward children and teens but to doctors/orgs that twist "healthcare" into its opposite.

It is not healthcare to arrest the natural processes of puberty, to sterilize young people, to physically alter the human body, or remove healthily-functioning reproductive organs. It is not "extreme" to question the ideology behind such radical actions.

It is not "transphobic" to note the sudden rise in claims of transgender identity among young girls, driven-in-part by peer pressure and social contagion. It is not "unscientific" to recognize that no amount of treatment or surgery will result in changing one's biology.

It is not "regressive" to note how, in the UK, medical professionals are changing course, concerned about the long-term ramifications of these treatments both physically and psychologically. It is not "progressive" to pretend biological differences are mere "social constructs."

Above all, it is not "unloving" to react with abhorrence and outrage to adults whose cult-like devotion and zeal for transgender ideology has led to cultural conditions that make plausible the destruction of children's God-given beautiful bodies in the name of "health."

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