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Sep 23

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.@Federico Villegas .@UN Human Rights Council 📍 #HRC51 #TheMurungiFiasco 1/ The tweets @Betty Murungi did not want to the world to see have been recovered [courtesy of @Sleeping😴Cyberia🌐]! It is extremely striking to what degree Mrs. Murungi's tweets were of the #IHRCEE's most recent statements.

2/ Here is Mrs. Murungi calling for R2P in April 2021 long before her appointment to the Commission. Put her tweet side by side with the #IHRCEE statement from Sept 7 urging the UNSC to "take action" and how much her bias affected the Commission becomes glaringly obvious.

3/ Her tweets make it abundantly clear that Murungi has concluded that Crimes Against Humanity have been committed way before Sept 2022. No need for due diligence, no need for witnesses; apparently @Betty Murungi can make such weighty determinations from the comfort of her couch.

4/ The question is whether, @Federico Villegas of @UN Human Rights Council 📍 #HRC51 knew @Betty Murungi's pro-#TPLF bias at the time of her appointment. Or was she appointed and later on tasked to lead the team exactly for that reason?

5/ Ahead of the Oct 7 meeting to decide the fate of the #IHRCEE, @PERMANENT MISSION OF ETHIOPIA IN GENEVA should conduct it's own investigation & lodge a complaint to the @UN Human Rights Council 📍 #HRC51 asking for the report to be declared null & void in light of Murungi's glaring bias & her recusal from future investigations.

6/ It is shameful and dispiriting that Mrs. Murungi accepted the assignment knowing fully well where she stands with regards to the conflict in #Ethiopia. #Africa deserves better! #Ethiopia deserves better!

.@kaarí murungí


Addis_Qnie, MD


MD, Ethiopianist #LetAfricabetheBlackMansBurden #LetAfricabetheBlackWomansBurden

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