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Sep 23

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The Turkish Genocide of the Greeks in the Peloponnese begins... When the Metropolitan began to return to Patras, together with the other bishops, they were accompanied by an ever-growing rabble of people armed with scythes, clubs and slings. #TripoliGenocide1821🩸

The bishops and priests, wherever they went, exhorted their parishioners to exterminnate "the infidel Muslims". Brigand klepths and guards of remote places known as armatoli came down from the mountains and began to ravage Turkish settlements. #TripoliGenocide1821🩸

Control soon passed out of the hands of the leaders, and the whole country was overrun by bands of armed hooligans, killing and murdering. #TripoliGenocide1821🩸

According to British writer, William St. Clair: "the savage passion for revenge soon degenerated into a frenzied delight in killing and horror for their own sakes". St. Clair, p. 12; Howarth, p. 28. #TripoliGenocide1821🩸

Another British writer, David Howarth, observes that, the Greeks did not need any reason for these murders, "once they had started..they killed because a mad blood-lust had come upon them all, and everyone was killing" Charles A.Frazee:The Orthodox Chruch #TripoliGenocide1821🩸



Don't forget the genocides committed against approximately 110 million Turks/Muslims in the 19th and 20th centuries! 🇹🇷

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