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Sep 23, 2022
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Raheem Sterling has been Chelsea's best attacker this year and maybe their best player. A short stats 🧵

Chelsea have averaged 0.29 xG/90 more when we plays than when he comes off. Over the course of the season, his on/off projection is 3.36 more xG/90 when he plays than when he sits. This data is biased by a lack of matches, it means more than nothing, but not by much.
With that said, Sterling's attacking output is equally insane. In the Prem this season, Sterling is in the top-10% of forwards in: Carries Total carrying distance Progressive carries Progressive carrying distance Carries into the penalty box Passes received (takes a breath)
Progressive passes received Amount of time he successfully receives a pass Crosses Goals/shot npxG/shot Passes completed Passes attempted Touches Touches in the attacking third Dribbles attempted /end
Out of these, Sterling is in the top-1% of forwards in: Touches in the attacking third Total carrying distance Progressive carrying distance Progressive carries Carries into the penalty area Amount of times he successfully receives a pass
By metrics that examine successful focal point players, Sterling has been one of the best forwards in the Premier League this year. The problem is that everything Chelsea do run through him, which means we're also seeing more miscontrols and turnovers.
Still, I look forward to seeing if this talent eventually leads to things like a high goal/assist return rate. I would like to see Sterling up his shot creating actions under Potter. Either way, it has been a super successful signing so far! /🧵
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