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Kevin Dahlstrom

Kevin Dahlstrom

Sep 23, 2022
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Flying home from @Re-convene and it feels like leaving family. 5 parting thoughts that have nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with people👇 (this is for everyone, not just Re-convene people)

1️⃣I’ve now met over 50 twitter friends IRL. In every case they were *exactly* the person I imagined. Paradoxically, the lowest-fi social network (mostly text) results in the highest-fi human connections. Tweets & comments really do convey personality & thinking.
If it feels like you know the people you follow on twitter… it’s because you do! Some of my fastest-growing IRL friendships started on twitter — @Levi @Chris Powers @adamblake @richard fertig @Jake @Nick Huber and others.
2️⃣As @Paulina Jones said last night, on twitter people value the person not the pictures. A community based on image or appearance is shallow & ephemeral—a road to nowhere. But a community based on substance and shared interests compounds for a lifetime.
3️⃣The best thing about online communities like #REtwit is they are inherently diverse. Granted, Re-convene is still mostly white dudes but you can feel a sea change happening.
I had great convos with people like @Shiloe Bear and @Donovan and @Eli Lever — people I’d never meet in my Boulder bubble. This trend will only accelerate.
4️⃣#REtwit in particular is like nothing I’ve seen in my 30 years in business. Without exception these are kind, genuine, and encouraging people who give freely and will go out of their way to help others—the OPPOSITE of what I saw in corporate America.
It more closely resembles my climbing community than anything I’ve seen in business. Everyone is equal, whether you’re just getting started or fly a PJ. Huge kudos to @Moses Kagan for organizing this event and serving as the unofficial mayor of #REtwit.
5️⃣Lastly, if you’re out there lurking but not engaging, start today! Everyone has a story & unique perspective so start commenting and posting into the void. Do it consistently and it will change your life. 👉A following of 50 of the *right* people is all you need.
As I told @Donovan yesterday when he asked for my one best piece of advice: 🪓Nothing but good comes from chopping wood. Keep on choppin’! 🤙
Kevin Dahlstrom
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