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Sep 23

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the one *and only* thing i miss about living in a house (as opposed to an apartment) is having a grill. that's it.

we're having dinner with our neighbor on saturday and i'd love to grill, but i'm going to settle for slow cooked pulled chicken using a BBQ sauce my partner special ordered from a joint back home we both grew up going to. but it'd be better if it were charred chicken.

consider this an open invitation to suggest your favorite recipes for BBQ pulled chicken, btw, or additional sides. neighbor is making sweet potato hash.

all three of us are from BBQ country (texas and oklahoma, e.g., north texas), which the pacific northwest, for all of it's culinary pleasures, is definitely not.

i could, in theory, put a grill in this disused space behind my building, if i wanted to create disaster comedy content for the interwebs trying to climb this slope with a plate of kabobs



if you like me, i am shamelessly going to promote @tragicloverspdx. if not, well, you can always yell at me here.

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