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Sep 23

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Gov. Brian Kemp spoke at a hate group's anti-choice summit last week. Kemp only mentioned his extreme 6-week abortion ban ONCE in his speech — in the past, he bragged about passing the "toughest abortion ban in the nation." 3 main reasons why Kemp is now avoiding it. ⬇️

1️⃣: Gov. Biran Kemp knows his extreme 6-week abortion ban is unpopular with voters. An @Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll from July shows opposition from: 54% of all voters 58% of women 62% of independents…

Most Georgia voters oppose a new restrictive abortion law that took effect last week in Georgia, and many say a candidate’s support or opposition to the procedure will have an impact on who gets...…

AJC poll: Most voters oppose restrictions on abortion, Georgia’s new ban

2️⃣: It’s mobilizing and energizing pro-choice voters — especially women — which will cost GOP candidates votes. The number of Georgia women requesting mail ballots has already risen from 2020. Here's a breakdown from @Tom Bonier, CEO of @TargetSmart:…

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In Georgia, 37% of the mail ballot requests have come from Black voters, and 60% from women. In 2020, 30% of mail ballots were cast by Black voters, 56% by women.

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And in Georgia, women make up a larger share of voters than in most other states — consistently accounting for at least 55% of ballots cast in recent elections.…

Take Georgia - women already account for a larger share of the electorate than in almost any other state. Look at the recent elections in the state: women have consistently accounted for no less than 55% of ballots cast!

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3️⃣: Gov. Kemp knows talking about his dangerous abortion ban reveals his extremism on the issue. Kemp is against exceptions for victims of rape and incest — a wildly out-of-touch position that he knows will alienate a significant portion of voters. ⬇️

Kemp knows that campaigning on his extreme aboriton ban will also raise awareness on his comments that surfaced last week, where Kemp stated his openness to banning emergency contraception.…

Here's a thread with Georgia legislators' reactions to Kemp's comments on banning contraception. ⬇️…

This morning, Georgia lawmakers held a press conference on Gov. Brian Kemp’s recent comments opening the door to banning contraception if he’s re-elected. THREAD. ⬇️🧵

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We can't let Gov. Brian Kemp dodge his extreme position on aboriton. Please share this widely to help spread the word on his exremism. Kemp is against exceptions for victims of rape & incest, and open to banning contraception — if re-elected, Georgia women's rights are at risk.

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