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Sep 23

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Given the recent call for proposals for cloth masks in Ontario, our Canadian charity (whose major project is @Donate A Mask Project Canada) is attempting to bid with proper N95 masks. Here's a live thread of the process 1/x

First problem on portal registration: The Ontario tenders portal requires agreement to terms of service from a US company: "This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA". Not kool. 2/x

Next up, this beautiful list of "related" UNSPSC project categories... Putting aside that Ontario probably doesn't want companies that sell "cleaning rags" bidding on this, "clothing rental", paraphrasing Monty Python, should be "right out". 3/x

A screenshot of the UNSPSC project categories for project title Non-Medical Grade Reusable Cloth masks that lists, amongst others, 91101800 - Clothing rental. A red square has been added for emphasis around that entry.

As soon as we clicked "express interest", we received a "message" to complete a "vendor survey" to give feedback on the experience of this procurement. "Ontario We value your feedback!" This is going to be fun! Surveymonkey link inspires much confidence in feedback process! 4/x

Page 27 (of 45) reveals this gem: They're not asking for /cloth masks/. They're asking for cloth masks with a filter in the middle. This is a whole new level of strange we weren't previously aware of. 5/x

There aren't many "adjustable ear loops" on the market and the data show ear loops do not provide an effective amount of pressure for seal. But it's cloth, so who cares. "Tightly woven cotton" + "easy breathing while active" don't go together. Nonsense. 6/x

Wait, they want filter material to withstand 30 hot water washes? Bwah? This is absolute horseshit. And they care more about the resistance of the "stitching" than the filtration effectiveness and how destroyed it is by washing? Someone copy-pasted a uniform procurement RFP. 7/x

And last, but far from least, "must fit snugly to all 7-12 year olds and 'small adults' but we won't provide dimensions you must guess or lose the bid." This is just silly. 8/x

Given the above our Canadian charity has no choice but to decline to respond to the RFx. We entered the following reason. 9/Fin

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