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NEW: Asked if he'd considered leaving the Tory party in recent times, Conservative Peer & former Minister @Gavin Barwell told @Andrew Marr : "The UK needs a centre right party we face the same dilemma that moderates in the Labour party faced during Jeremy Corbyn's leadership"

Barwell also told @LBC "Since I tweeted that (below) Conservative MPs have contacted me and expressed sympathy with that view. There are definitely people in the party who are deeply uncomfortable about some of the things the Chancellor had to say today"…

Gavin Barwell


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A kind offer, but my politics are of the liberal centre right. I haven't left the Conservative Party - it has left me. As a result I find myself increasingly homeless, and from the messages I get and conversations I have I think I am far from alone

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Lord Barwell who was former Chief of Staff to Theresa May also said he'd never known a party more fractured than this: "The way she handled the reshuffle and the nature of this budget today is not going to help her to bring either the party or the country together" @Andrew Marr

Lord Barwell called the mini budget a ‘bigger shift in economic policy than if we had Keir Starmer brought into No.10, compared with where Boris Johnson was at.' @LBC @Andrew Marr

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Programme Editor, Tonight with Andrew Marr on @LBC. Formerly BBC Newsnight. Wistfully waiting for the 2nd coming of Dennis Bergkamp #afc. Occasional views

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