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In hindsight, as I talk with people experiencing burnout in Charismatic contexts, one of the things that is so exhausting in many communities is the sense that you have to constantly reinvent something new every week. Though no one would explicitly say this, many Charismatics...

pride themselves on being the most Protestant in that they get their community identity from what they do differently in comparison to traditions that they perceive as failing. It is a liturgy of perpetual protest and reform in pursuit of continual cycles of "revival."

One suggested tweak as someone who still deeply considers themself "Charismatic"- Retain the deep sense that the Spirit is still unfolding the story of the Scriptures today with the same potency as we see in the book of Acts, but also...

open yourself up to learn from time-tested practices that have produced the fruits of the Spirit in people's lives in each generation. And I'm talking millennia-old not decade-old practices.

Address the hyper-arminian (and secretly self-righteous) belief that God is anxiously dependent on you to save the world. In your teaching, worship, and practices, if that is constantly implied, you will produce deeply anxious people who will eventually burn out or break down.

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