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Sep 23

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I am a parent of students at Oakville Trafalgar Highschool. I am calling for help from everyone and anyone who believes children's innocence and safety comes first above all else, especially in schools and before a grown adult's sexual perversion, sexual identity or expression

The principal @Meredith Cammisuli and board @HDSB have completely failed, they have put all the children at risk, they have lied and are committing crimes of a legal, moral and ethical nature. Children are being sexually intimidated and harassed in the school right now and

the perpetrators are being protected by the police. The principal and board refuse to open dialog or even speak to us parents unless we reveal our children's identity. For reasons that should be obvious I refuse to do that as does every parent I know. We know children who express

their feelings of being uncomfortable are being silenced and are targets of further sexual intimidation and harassment. This is real. This is happening. Over half of the student's in the "teacher's" class are no longer showing up because they have been traumatized by the

absolute inappropriateness of the sexual intimidation and harassment that is taking place. The principal has sent 1 email claiming this is an LGBTQ issue and that ALL children in the school support the teacher "think she is lovely" and that parents are also supporting. With no

dialog. These are lies. The children, as any sane adult person would imagine, are uncomfortable, disturbed, "weirded out" in there own words. The principal has made multiple announcements in the school claiming any who feel uncomfortable or who were "triggered" by the social

media response should come for "counseling". Where their voices are dismissed and they are coached to accept what they are feeling and support the teacher who is their abuser! I cannot believe I need to write this. This is NOT a dress code issues. This is not an LGBTQ issue!

This is a principal and board impressing a twisted campaign to pervert these children's gut reaction to sexual intimidation and harassment. These people are supposed to be protecting children. Giving them a safe place to learn. Nurturing their innocence, health and spirits!

We need lawyers! We need police! This is not a political issue. There are crimes against children happening right now in this school! I have pulled my kids from the school today. There are bomb threats happening there. These people, the principal and board are dangerous and

deluded! They are openly abusing children. Silencing the abused children, confusing and hurting them. If a woman in a work environment was subjected to this the man responsible would be fired and likely charged with sexual harassment and sexual intimidation. But we allow this in

a school? Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada. Do you think young children should be taught and coached that the uncomfortable feelings they have around this teacher are wrong and should be internalized? Or should we listen to what children are saying?!!

Concerned Parent


concerned parent

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