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Most people avoid sending cold emails because they suck at it. Here's a tried and true framework I use while writing cold emails for myself/clients. Plus, what I learned binge-watching @Alex Berman 🦈, Cold Email, Taplio cold email videos. Thread🧵

First off, Here's something you should know about cold emails: Cold emails work! As a matter of fact, it is my best outreach method. Here's why:
Virtually every business owner opens their emails every day. Implication: There is a possibility your cold email will be seen compared to your cold DM. With that of the way, let's fly...
When writing cold emails, you should think like your prospect. These are busy guys with lots on their plates. So you want to be as fast as possible. Your cold email should be super short and punchy.
A framework I like to use is the three C's @Alex Berman 🦈, Cold Email, Taplio taught this in one of his videos. - Compliment - Case study - CTA Let's explain them
Compliment: This is the first thing that follows the prospect's name. An example is... Hey Maryann “Learnt 28th Sept marks your second yr in the online space. Kudos to the amazing moves you're making online"
What this does is... It increases your prospect's ego and make them more receptive to your offer. - Case Study: This is the part where you demonstrate your expertise. This could be a recent result you got for a client. Or a raving review you received from a client. An example:
“I've been helping agency owners fill their calendars every single day. Recently I helped XYZ company the $50k/m mark. All thanks to filling their calendars with quality leads " This shows you walk the talk. Also shows you help their competitors get results.
- CTA: This is the part most people get wrong. Most people are so scared of live calls that they want to sell on the emails. That's a big NAH!
The CTA is the part where you ask for the call. Believe me, getting on the call with clients is not that hard. It could be awkward at first, but regular practice makes it easy for you.
An example of asking for the call is: When is a good time to talk this week? mind if we get on a call this week?* Is tomorrow a good day to talk?*
Follow this three C's template. Send multiple cold emails. Close deals. And come thank me later.
PS: Need an email copywriter to help with some flows/campaigns. Shoot a DM let's see if we're a good fit.
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