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We need energy security - it is time that Britain powered Britain once again. And we can do it by boosting our home-grown energy supply. That means increasing renewables - but it also means making the most of our own resources, rather than relying on imports. (1/5)

The wind that blows off Dogger Bank will offer us clean power for generations. We are committed to cutting our carbon emissions and we have not dropped that commitment. But in the coming years, we will still need gas. That is why I lifted the pause on shale gas this week. (2/5)

Using the hydrocarbons under our own feet - and under the North Sea - is better for the environment than importing the gas we need from abroad. And it is not just greener and more secure - it means jobs and growth opportunities all over the UK. (3/5)

Today's Growth Plan includes an extraordinary range of support for people's energy bills this winter. It also commits us to insulating even more homes and buildings. This will bring down bills and help us make the most of the energy supplies we have. (4/5)

That efficiency is another essential part of how we achieve energy independence. By 2040 we won't just be generating enough energy to power ourselves - we will be a net exporter. Making Britain safer, helping growth - and stopping the likes of Putin holding us to ransom. (5/5)

Jacob Rees-Mogg


Conservative MP for North East Somerset. Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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