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Sep 23

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The Supreme Court of Brazil is composed of drug cartel lobbyists, such as Alexandre de Moraes, who is the lawyer of PCC (First Command of the Capital, biggest drug cartel in Brazil), Edson Fachin (lobbyist for MST, a big terrorist group),

and Luís Roberto Barroso (disciple and close friend of "John of God", spiritual guru responsible for raping hundreds of women and for prostituting minors to powerful Brasilia people - basically, a brazilian Epstein), etc.

Since Bolsonaro was elected at 2018, the Supreme Court established a "Second State" in the country, so that all legislative and executive decisions must be approved by them. They prohibited Bolsonaro of governing to the point of stopping him even from nominating his ministers.

They also removed completely all presidential powers when it came to healthcare decisions during the pandemics, and decided to do lockdowns around the country despite the president decision against it.

Supreme Court Ministers also created a secret police to persecute, imprison, torture and kill any journalist or media group who goes against them or in support of the president, accusing them of being "anti-democratic" or "fake news".

Since then, many TV stations and media groups have been forcibly closed by the Supreme Court. Today, it just happened to another TV station, TV Piaui, closed by the Supreme secret police.

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