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#markiplier: you have to survive no matter what

the quality on this is a lil fucked but i cant be bothered to fix it but i think it adds to the edit so its all good 🫠 voicelines from the unus annus video ‘mark’s outdoor escape room’ intro pic:

perm dt; @captain hanni⁷ 💫 \\ ♡ @rye 🍓 @joy ✨ @jinx 💫 @captain myles @captain hanny 🎨 @captain erin! 🐋 @captain tati ⧖ @sam/ollie is ia please bear with me @dory | maven protector @captain izzy 🚀🚀 @michele ⋆⁺₊⋆ @detective phoenix || WIM OUT ON 25/9! @Captain Nyaniplier🚀 @jamie🦕 @Mercy 🐋☁️ @⟭⟬ RM~𝕁𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕚𝕖⁷ @Captain Vental☕︎ @✨Grace⁷✨ @cap'n yuna @captain Joe🌙

cont dt; @tess!! // WIM 25/09 @captain anaelle ☁️ @Captain Mel ୭ @🦋captain maple syrup 🍁🦋 @cap'n nik ⭕️ia for now @captain saturn / theo 🍻 @Captain Scott 🚀🪐 ISWM SPOILERS! @✨️Cap'n Connie✨️ @cap’n samantha 🧩 @captain moofin ♡💫 (inactive/on hiatus.) @captain mars/ethan 🦕⚢ @nora - reylo and adam brainrot @detective charlie | meeting dan @Captain Luka 🚀🔧 @☄️Captain Elliot | 🏳️‍🌈✨

i said a little fucked but twitter made it worse uh oh

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#wilford: did you die? did you fall in love?

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