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how to target your core limiting beliefs and how to change them : a thread ☆

so in the past few days self concept has been the main topic on loa twt for a GOOD reason and for those that don't know, self concept is how you view yourself and the outside world.

we all have grown up with limiting beliefs that mostly our parents passed on to us like for ex. "you need to work hard to earn money" , "life is hard", "not everyone can be good to you" etc... which is BULLSHIT but sadly most of us have/had beliefs like that.

but the truth is life is easy. you can earn money without moving a finger and everyone can be an absolute angel to you. it's all about what's within you. once how you change how you view YOURSELF and the OUTSIDE WORLD, everything CHANGES!

if you think that people lie, cheat and i am SORRY BUT THEY WILL. but guess what? if you think people are kind, honest and sincere then THEY WILL BE LIKE THAT!

HOW TO FIND YOUR CORE LIMITING BELIEFS ☆ — i will be using myself for an example. i really believed that i am "forgettable" and no matter how beautiful+

i am, i will always be outshined by other people. i will never be the main character and i will always be left out by everyone. i also believed that none of my friends liked me and that they hated me... and guess what? all of those friends forgot about me and

i just stopped hanging out with them because they were mean to me. one particular friend that i THOUGHT hated me has once confessed that she hates me. also my other friend that i am hanging out with now she told me that she used to find me annoying.

it all clicked for me! THOUGHTS REALLY DO CREATE. and i have found out that my core belief is me not being wanted and being forgettable. BUT NOW since i found the "blockage" i am now thinking of myself as a very wanted, chosen, loved, prioritized and unforgettable woman.

and sometimes we do have to accept it that once in a while the limiting belief comes from us and sometimes it doesn't. if someone ever said that you are unworthy of love and since that you really believed them FUCK THEM. THEY ARE THE REASON. THIS WHOLE BELIEF STARTED.

but you can get your revange and change it. believe you are the most loveable motherfucker on planet and that everything is always working out in your favour. BECAUSE IT REALLY DOES!!

HOW TO AFFIRM AGAINST IT ☆ — i personally find it better when i affirm for something more neutral for me. for ex. "i can do this!", "i am chosen" , "i am unforgettable". if it feels GOOD then it's FOR YOU!




so within so without ☆ law of assumption

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