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$AMD forward P/E is 17x 5 year PEG ratio is .68 Many amazing growth businesses look just like this today. They are under valued based on macro concern. I just don’t care if the market falls further, we are bargain hunting at this point.

$DLO is a profitable growth stock with 60%+ growth and has 10-15 years run way of growth Forward P/E is 37x Business fundamentals look even better when you look at it

SentinelOne $S forward EV/S is 10x They are growing 100%+ YoU IN THIS MACRO and expected to be FCF positive by 2024 Great business model, good management It’s one of the fastest growing businesses on the market

DataDog is a profit monster on both a GAAP and Non-GAAP basis, growing 60%+ YoY $DDOG They beat AND raised guidance IN THIS MACRO Forward EV/S about 11-12x, with 20% - 25% FCF margins

The point I am making is that wonderful businesses are trading at cheap to fair valuations but the market is so concerned about the next 4-6 months that they are completely overlooking the underlying assets they are buying/selling Every business I posted has a ROCKSTAR balance

sheet with nearly no debt. They can last for years without needing to borrow or raise any money. The macro barely impacts any of their core business models.



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