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I have two young (mid-30s, less than half my age) women in my life, both of whom I love. They both have children, both of whom I love. This really makes global warming/ecosystem collapse matter a lot to me. I'm 75. If it all falls down tomorrow I had a good run.

2. Most of the people I know my age figure we're going to skate, that the worst won't happen in our lifetimes. Depending on where you live, if you're my age the worst may have already happened in your lifetime. Did you live in Paradise, CA? That part of Boulder that burned?

3. Or was it Colorado Springs? If you lived there you know. Major rivers in Asia and Europe running dry is a big deal, y'all. I don't know how to say it any better. We're watching it. We're still letting them build more highways and factories. It's already happening. Now.

4. We have two choices: two what we can think of that won't work, or do what will work that we can't think of. There are a small but noticeable number of voices saying, we have to suddenly and drastically change our way of living. The way we're living is the problem.

5. The denial that is killing us is absolutely *not* the Trumpist oligarchy. The denial that is killing us is the "climate aware" or "climate concerned" portion of the population who absolutely deny how manufacturing and transportation are powered. We can't survive that denial.

6. I've been writing about it for years. I would say fewer than ⅒ of 1% of climate aware Americans think the highway/airport/seaport plan is a problem. There is this, "Oh, it's locked in, no reason to do anything... Overpopulation, no reason to do anything..." I'm tired of it.

7. I can tell you absolutely for sure that if you're staring death in the face AND KNOW IT there is no chance so small to stay alive that you won't grab it. We don't believe. It's not someday. We lose another chunk every day. Every. Single. Day.

8. Everything worth doing in the whole world today is the cancellation of ongoing industrial projects. Probably the biggest single thing we could do for the climate is to cancel all new pavement. No new paved surfaces. Halt the road plans, the seaports -

9. What is the purpose of expanding seaports? To enable larger flows of ocean freight, a larger number of larger ships hauling containers and fuels. That is the only reason. Ocean freight is a huge cause of ecosystem collapse and global heating. Expending a huge amount of energy

10. Now, as a portion of the Biden Win of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, we are going to immediately consume vast quantities of fossil energy to dredge and pave more of the dying coastlands of America, in order to permanently increase fossil fuel powered shipping.

11. While we are doing this, we are going to increase mining in South America and Africa, for increasing quantities of copper and various rare metals, which we will then ship to America™ and manufacture ... Somebody look at the relationship between manufacturing, shipping,

12. mining, smelting, and energy. Nope. De nial ain't a river in Egypt. This whole conversation is "People won't," and... The survivors will. The only question is how many survivors we want. Right now we're shooting for "not many."

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