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Sep 23

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It was almost 1 1/2 years ago to this day when the NYT blared in its headlines that @Matt Gaetz was under investigation for child sex trafficking, and liberals - who claim to be skeptical of prosecutors and in favor of due process - spent 18 months calling him a pedophile. Now:

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Rep. Matt Gaetz likely to avoid charges in sex-trafficking probe as federal prosecutors recommend against them, people familiar say…

Career prosecutors have told superiors they don't think Rep. Matt Gaetz should be charged with sex trafficking, citing concerns about witness credibility.…

Career prosecutors recommend no charges for Gaetz in sex-trafficking probe

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For the crime of writing that Gaetz deserves due process and it's dangerous, toxic and reckless to assume someone's guilt based on prosecutors' leaks, I was also called a pedophile (only pedophiles would urge caution and skepticism regarding DOJ leaks):…

There are few things more dangerous than placing blind faith in DOJ claims. Even worse is assuming guilt from leaks. The investigative exposé we did in Brazil that freed Lula and enabled him to run for President was partially based on exactly this abuse:…

By the way, this time 4 years ago, during the 2018 presidential election in Brazil, Lula was imprisoned. He's now free and leading in all polls due to our reporting proving that his conviction, and the hero-judge (@Sergio Moro ) condemning him, were corrupt.…

Yet somehow, the editorial policy of the WPost is to allow @Taylor Lorenz to call me an "influencer" and her a "journalist," even though her only accomplishment is lurking outside young teenagers' homes as an unwell middle-aged neurotic. Taylor: "journalist." Me: "influencer."

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