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gemini, libra, aquarius. next 48hrs. 🫧 s, m, r, v ↓↓ • not being able to go to a social event/party you were looking forward to. • catching up on school work and missing assignments. making a promise to yourself to never procrastinate again.

• someone is nervous their s/o has been being distant. they’re not losing feelings for you, they have a lot of stress on their back. • a earth sign sun or moon, specifically capricorn, will reach out to you this weekend.

• grooming yourself this entire weekend. • binge watching the new netflix jeffrey dahmer series; very bad idea while studying, lol. • minimal makeup. i’m hearing “yeah i want to learn to love my natural self more..” you go girl!

• i’m seeing someone’s car battery die at a restaurant, one of the workers will be able to give you a jump. • growing closer with that Libra placement. this may actually be a soul mate connection.

• catching a flat tire from trying to park, but riding too much up on the pavement. a minor inconvenience! • eating noodles instead of going out. someone’s trying to save up hella money for something. • arguing with someone on Instagram live?

• someone keeps talking about auntie anne’s.. someone will get you some auntie anne’s • yes, your fire sign ex is the one stalking you on social media and you’ll receive confirmation this weekend. • one of your dreams predicted something that will happen this weekend.

• going to crumbl cookies, someone won’t be too pleased. i’m hearing “these aren’t even all that.” • receiving some important news on Sunday. • the pisces is lying to you.

• someone deals with a annoying client at work. practice breathwork to calm down, i know they’re irritating. • a mukbang hitting numbers? i’m seeing 9k-10k views. someone’s trying out a new food or trying out viral tiktok food trends.

signs. Red Wine - Megan Thee Stallion. clearing out Apple Music. pink shirt. wore Uggs today. viral makeup trend. jalapeno with cream cheese? orange or pink nails. bb&w candle. dollar store run. spelljars. moss agate. red jasper. cashier. just saved a new contact.

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