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Don Ford - #LongCOVIDisDestroyingLives #ZeroCOVID


Sep 23

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Do you know why you can't get Novavax? Because Scott Gottlieb was the the FDA commissioner under Trump and is also a Pfizer Board Member. Pfizer has unprecedented control over the FDA & CDC. If you don't think this is a problem then you might need it explained to you.

Let's start with "COVID is here to stay." This line is directly from Pfizer to keep RNA shots going in the same method as the Flu shot. But once again... COVID is not a flu. And we should be eradicating both influenza and COVID with it...we almost wiped out the flu with masks.

The only reason this is happening is because companies want to sell the government COVID shots in the same way that they sell Flu shots. But while the Flu is quite dangerous it does not cause such high numbers of long term damage, Long Flu happens but is much less common.

Right now, this company is setting up not only our country but our world for an unprecedented level of disease so they can sell us ineffective products that not only won't stop the virus but act as positive pressure to make the virus worse If it doesn't kill it makes it stronger

When they say COVID is here to stay...notice what they don't say... They don't say it's impossible to eradicate. They don't say that we can't do it. They don't say it's beyond our tools. They claim that the ineffective tools can do it because they know that's what people want

But the simple fact is they can't. There has been no product from Pfizer yet that has done what it set out to accomplish. And I don't mean with COVID, they have a long history of ineffective and poisonous products well before COVID. They are even now deceiving the public.

But they don't need their products to be effective when they have government contracts for payout The government pays for shots...then your insurers grant access to them but the government pays for all the shots if they get used or not That means Pfizer gets paid no matter what

This is a problem when it means it prevents us from getting actual prophylactics that will prevent COVID and Long COVID The simple truth is that they are lying so hard because they know the tools for eradication are right around the corner... They know Novavax works.

So, right now they are working over time to make it seem like there is "no interest" for products that might lead to eradication and they are using our government regulators to do it. and this isn't even a new trick from them... Groups have been doing this for years.

A few years back we had an intranasal flu shot... It worked much better at preventing the flu... But because it would have led to eradication, it was poorly promoted, and had "no interest" then disappeared from the market as if it never existed. Protecting the profit margin

This allows the virus to proliferate and kill more of people that we love and now they are doing the same thing with COVID. So, it's easy to say they are just protecting their bottom line but that's not entirely what they are doing. They are protecting the viruses first.

It's important that we not see these companies as selling medicine, because they barely are... What they really sell are the parasites, which all viruses are, that they sell products for. If we eradicate the virus then they can't sell the product.

So, these companies aren't selling us treatments. They are actually controlling our world government to sell us on the virus coexisting with us so they can sell us treatments for its damage. They are selling the virus. That's what these companies actually do.

Please remember that folks like Gottlieb will try to act like a trusted advisor for you but that's not what's happening They are tricking you into taking sides with the virus They are tricking you into going against your better long term interests and there's a lot of them

Please, most importantly, remember... That if eradication is not their goal then the product they are selling you on is the virus itself. And everything else just makes them money.

Don Ford - #LongCOVIDisDestroyingLives #ZeroCOVID


The People's Strategist. There's NO immunity to future variants from a current COVID infection.

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