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Sep 23

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“fuck. fuck. fuck. shit.” techno drags a corpse into the forest behind his house. this wasn’t how it was supposed to work out. there’s a long blood trail dragging behind the corpse of the guy he just murdered and oh my god he’s gonna get caught. he’s screwed.

he’s already a mile deep into the woods when he realizes that he forgot the most important part: a shovel. techno almost turns himself in out of despair. “wait! tech, wait!”

“…wilbur?” the clunky fall of footsteps gives his twin brother away. wilbur nearly crashes into him. he’s gasping for air like his asthma is acting up. “techno, wait. i know what you did.”

techno feels his stomach drop. he clenches the knife in his hand and raises it. “no! don’t kill me! it’s fine, i don’t care. it’s how you’re wasting the body.” wilbur clambers off of his twin. he brushes himself off. “here. gimme the knife.”

techno watches in horror—ironic—as wilbur plunges the knife into the corpse’s chest. he carves through the torso, disregarding the blood that spatters his face. his stomach flips when wilbur sticks a hand in the corpse’s rib cage, pulls out the heart, and takes a bite.

techno retches into the underbrush. “don’t be such a baby, tech. you’re the one who killed him! i’m just… carving up a chicken for dinner.” techno gathers his thoughts—and his stomach—before he meets his blood-soaked brother’s eyes. he nods.

so many people have been vanishing around l’manburg lately. gone without a trace, until weeks later, hollowed bones show up somewhere around town. bone marrow is delicious—if you can get past the spongy texture.

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juno has corvid 🦅


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