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Sep 24

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“I just finished work and it’s 5:19. Try being an influencer for a day!!!🙄” As someone who has been an influencer for the past 7 years, it’s not the easiest thing. Especially being a creator of color. However it is MUCHHH easier than other jobs. Let’s be for real now 😭😭😭

Things that come with being an influencer: filming, editing, hundreds/ thousands of hate comments, the toxicity of social media in general, contracts, negotiations, emails, PAPERWORK, and other things involved with having a business But…a lot of ppl jobs have those things😭😭

I think the worst part about being an influencer is sooo many people picking apart at everything about you. Y’all see how ppl treat me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and cry! YET a lot of people cry about their job & get paid less Being an influencer is a privilege let’s be fr

like how many youtubers take a “month long break for their mental health to reflect 🥲” taking a month off from work is a PRIVILEGE!!!! come back down to earth!!!!!!!!

i think people saying “oh all influencers do is film 30 second video and get a check it’s easy” is a little ignorant because I am literally drowning in paperwork rn while fighting off d*pression because people curse me out on here everyday but I know it’s still a privilege

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