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Dr. Jorge Caballero stands with 🇺🇦



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CDC to the most vulnerable among us: fuck it, you're on your own…

Masking is now urged only in communities seeing "high" transmission of the virus.…

CDC says some nursing homes and hospitals no longer need to require universal masking

No, the data does *not* support the CDC's decision

A chart of COVID-19 cases stemming from in-hospital admission. The chart shows a surge in such cases immediately after the CDC relaxed its healthcare worker isolation guidance in December 2022. The rate improved, but has remained high ever since.

WTF is the CDC thinking?

As if COVID weren't bad enough, we're already seeing the first indications of a really bad flu season. Relaxing mask guidance for healthcare facilities makes absolutely no sense.

The CDC is banking on fooling the public via creative accounting of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents. The CDC changed reporting requirements to artificially flatten the death curve but the deaths are still there— as a higher baseline death toll (see chart 2) 👀👀

The CDC is willfully ignoring data showing that nursing home *staff* are dying of COVID at a rate that has not substantively improved for 15+ months

Healthcare workers account for ~1 million *known* COVID-19 cases, and that number will rise thanks to the CDC's dereliction of duty

The CDC has failed the public and health care professionals, time and time again. Even so, today's guidance is a new low for this once-revered agency. smdh.

I've got some accounts in my mentions trying to "inform" me that the updated guidance doesn't apply to areas of high transmission— if that's you: yeah, I know. It's the same playbook they've been using to gaslight the public since July 2021. Try to keep up.

The point, as I've demonstrated in this thread, is that the CDC's guidance is not supported by the data. At all. Not even a little bit. Period. Full stop.

Dr. Jorge Caballero stands with 🇺🇦


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