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Laura Conover


Sep 24

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I am struck deep down to my core at the very real, very frightening consequences of losing this statewide protection for providers. And the very real fate for victims of sexual violence. Do not despair. Tomorrow we rise to continue the battle. My official statement follows: 1/5

County Attorney Conover on Court Ruling in Planned Parenthood v Brnovich We are obviously very disappointed. We were hoping for a different result, and we will be looking at available legal remedies. Having a near complete ban on abortion procedures puts people at risk. 2/5

The World Health Organization has found that banning or severely restricting access to abortions does little to deter actual abortion rates. Rather, it forces pregnant people to seek care from unskilled providers or perform the procedure themselves. 3/5

The result of this is 47,000 women dying each year and some 5 million more suffering long-term health consequences globally. Additionally, the near total ban provides no consideration for victims of rape and incest, making society more vulnerable to these violent crimes. 4/5

My priorities as Pima County Attorney are public safety and public health. I join our Sheriff and our Tucson Police Chief in reassuring the residents of Pima County of those priorities.

Laura Conover


Lifelong Tucsonan, career Wildcat, lawyer working for justice, and now Pima County Attorney (D.A.)

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