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#AMAAVAASYA - The #PITHRU Thithi (Titbits) -🧵 As per Lunar calendar there R 16 thithis (Lunar days) out of which 14 gets repeated twice in a cycle of 30 days starting from Prathipada ending with Chaturdasi. Other 2 thithis that occur once in a month R Pournami & AmaAvaasya. +

A lunar month ending with Poornima is called #PoornimaAnta & the one ending with Amavasya is called #AmaAnta. Chaturdasi overlapping with AmaAvaasya is called #Sinivaali & Amavasya overlapping with Prathipada is called as #Kuhu. Both are astrologically considered as malefic. ++

AmaAvaasya is also known as #Darsha thithi. Darsha (Darshana) means the day AmaAvaasya is visible. On this day of Darsha when Amaavaasya thithi is prevailing around afternoon time (#Aparaannah vyaapini) Thila tharapana is given to forefathers. ++

AmaAvaasya is the darkest day of the month. On this day Moon will not be visible and it is called as New Moon day or no Moon day. On the day of Amaavaasya both Sun (Pithrukaaraka) and Moon (Maathru kaaraka) conjoin together. ++

#PithruDevathas are presiding deities of AmaAvaasya Thithi. Amaavaasya is the most favourite day for worshipping Pithru Devathas. Sacred rituals are performed for forefathers on the day of Amaavaasya. +

Amaavaasya is called Pithru Thithi exclusively earmarked for Pithru kaarya. Did you know? Amaavaasya is the name given to #Achhoda, Maanasa Puthrika (Mind born daughter) of Pithru Devathas. ++

#Amavasya is one of the 5 days of #VishnuPanchaka (people observe fasting on this day) Reciting #PavamanaSookta #PithruSookta #PithruStuti on Amavasya is meritorious. #ThilaHoma #ThilaDaana on Amavasya is meritorious. Amavasya is one of the parameters 4 #ArdhodayaYoga; ++

AmaAvaasya is not an auspicious day for doing any Subha-kaarya or starting any venture; it is earmarked for Pitru-kaArya; Kshura Karma, Participating in sensual pleasures, Plucking of Thulasi dala should be avoided on the day of Amaavaasya; ++

#SolarEclipse (Surya Grahana) occurs on an Amavasya Day. If it occurs on Sunday (AadityaVaara) it is known as #Choodaamani highly meritorious. While Amavasya occurs every month; certain Amaavaasya days R unique & have attained lot of spiritual & special significance. They R..++

Bhaanu Amavasya (Sunday) Somavathi Amavasya (occurs on Monday) Bhouma Amavasya (Tuesday) Shani Amavasya (Saturday) Mahalaya Amavasya (PithruPaksha) Deepaavali Amavasya (Aaswayuja) Bheemana Amavasya (Aashaada) Mauni Amavasya (Maagha Maasa) Mannetthina Amavasya (Jyeshta) ++

#Amaavaasya occurring in #Maagha maasa if it is associated with Dhanishta R Satabhisha (Varuni Yoga) nakshatra is considered highly meritorious for performing Pithru kaarya which gives Trupti to Pithrus for 10000 years; ++

#MahalayaAmavasya - Mother of all Amavasyas most favourite day 4 performing sacred rites 2 forefathers. Thus #AmaAvaasya has attained lot of religious & spiritual significance, popular as #PithruThithi. SamastaPitrantaryami SriJanardhana Preetyartam Sri Krushnarpanamastu

bhargavasarma (krishna bhagavan nirikhi)


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