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Lesbian Tipping Habits

Lesbian Tipping Habits

Sep 24, 2022
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AF-Pak Hand

AF-Pak Hand

You might want to include #RonDeSantis and #GregAbbott

Understood. Both are horrible. On the other hand, letting asylum seekers stay in USA encourages more people to make the unsafe journey, hiring international criminal human trafficking organizations to guide them across our border. 1/

People respond to incentives; these unlimited numbers of undocumented foreign citizens abandoning their BIPOC-led home countries are not sustainable. That’s entirely on the @Ronald Klain Administration which refuses to acknowledge that poverty has never qualified for US asylum. 2/
DeSantis has asked whether it’s America’s responsibility to welcome anyone in the entire world who wants to live here. If so, forget @Fight For 15 and #affordablehousing. If sovereign independent nations make their own policy choices, they own the results. Thank you. 2/2
Lesbian Tipping Habits
Corny phrase & the most persistent topic in Bitch Session ( ? - 2009 ) in @WashBlade. Remember, tips are good karma, and karma never lies. Thanks !
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