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Tryst; an alpha x alpha #taekookau Soulmates. A concept fully lost on Taehyung, who is ready to settle down with his fiancé of two years, Jeon Byeol. Two days before the wedding, he finally meets Byeol's cousin. Jeon Jungkook, an alpha, just like Taehyung.

It's probably the Moongoddess' way of fucking things up, but when they take each other's hand for a greeting, they both feel it. The skin of their wrist burning, a pattern forming. They both, along with the families watch, the most cursed bond of them all befalls upon them.
An alpha with another alpha. The tattoo is of a heart with both of their thumbprints as two sides of it. Taehyung stares at the reddish skin on his wrist and up at the man. At the age of 27, Taehyung finds his soulmate, who he rejects just 27 seconds later.
— Let me know how the prompt is. I have an alpha x beta one too, but that one can wait for now. x
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