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Oct 3, 2022
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How I made $500,000 in PROFIT… • With no audience • Without showing my face • With only an idea for a product • And $100 to my name. We’ve done this step-by-step process dozens of times. This is NOT a one-time fluke. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

The year is 2020. We’re in the peak of “The BIG pause”. You know what I mean right? * wink wink*. The thing that made us all stay home and didn’t allow us to go buy groceries. Anyway… I met a creator on Instagram. She was a designer…
And she had 30k followers at the time. But… They weren’t English followers. She published content in her native language. Not English. But she had a unique way to design photos. I’ll tell you in a second what it was… but when I saw it? Bingo! I knew we can scale this:
She designed photos for IG on her phone… While everyone else was using a laptop to do the same thing. We call this a new opportunity in the copywriting world. A new opportunity = 10X improvement over existing opportunities. Now…
Wouldn’t you agree that designing photos on your iPhone is a 10X improvement over designing them on a laptop? No? How about this: • It takes 10% of the time • You can do it on the go • You can take BAD photos and make them beautiful. … All while traveling. Agree now? But…
This was not enough. We need to frame it in a way that’d give us an edge. This is where we took the situation in the world and connected it to our big idea. So… Everyone was stuck at home. Creators couldn’t go out to take nice photos… See the big idea magically manifesting?
Cool. So our big idea was this: “Turn bad photos clogging your iPhone into beautiful photos using only your iPhone”. How’s that for a big idea during THE BIG PAUSE? But that wasn’t enough. Why? We needed two more elements:
Element #1: we need a mechanism. The “how” behind our solution. So we added this: “Turn bad photos that are clogging your iPhone into beautiful photos USING SECRET FREE APPS on your iPhone”. BOOM! Secret. Free. Easy. A good big idea?
But there was one last thing. We did a double-lead. Lemme explain: The lead is what happens after the hook. Right? So our idea was to help creators turn bad photos that they ALREADY HAVE into beautiful photos. But that was BAD for us. Why?
We wanted an ever-green product. Meaning? That’d still sell when the lockdowns are over. So we did a double-lead. Essentially talking to two different audiences. (Yes. We broke the copywriting rule of one). But like I always say… Rules are training wheels. So we did this…
Our final hook: How to design beautiful photos on your iPhone using secret free apps EVEN if you have ZERO technological knowledge. Then… Our double-lead:
• Whether you have BAD photos clogging your iPhone memory… Or… • If you want to stop shouting at your photographer and take ANY bad photo they take - and edit into a beautiful masterpiece. Evergreen. Remember? Now you need to understand this:
All of this happened in our mind. There was no product. There was NOTHING. And remember: we started this with $100. And it took us three days from idea to first sale. Here’s what we did: We signed up to ClickFunnels. A 14-day free trial. Then…
We built the copy in four hours. Yes. 4 hours. The designer girl did her magic with the design… And we launched our first ad on FB. $25/day. Now remember: we had no product. And we didn’t even use the creator’s face in the ad. The ad began spending…
Boom! A sale. And another. And another. We bumped the budget to $100/day… And ended the day with $800 in revenue. Spending $100. Remember we didn’t have a product? Good. We stopped the campaign and emailed our clients:
“The product is still in the building. Want your money back or will you wait until it’s ready?” And here’s a surprise for you: Some clients didn’t even answer. The ones who did answer? All said they’ll wait. Then… The creator made the product. A shitty product. But…
It was enough to go back on air and start selling while she was making the product better. 3 days. From idea to first sale. Then… Facebook closed us. And again. And again. This project ran for a total of a year. Made almost $1M in sales with a 52% profit margin. But…
We made 85% of that money in 3 months. The rest of the time we were down because FB didn’t let us advertise. And you might think this result of a $1M funnel is luck. “But George! That’s a fluke. A one-time thing.” Cool. Let me show you something then.
In the last two and a half years… My small group of 5 friends and I sold $15M+ in online courses. We sold ANYTHING we could get our hands on. Here’s a SMALL list of the courses we sold: • Marketing • IG growth • Design • Singing • Painting • Yoga • Fitness • Diet…
And many more. But the most surprising product? “How to make pickles at home” - by @Itay | Conversion Dude 😎 sold $200K in 3 months. Another example: @Alex sold $495,000 of a dancing course. Then I helped @JD Delo who I met on Twitter. He sold $100K of an English course RIGHT NOW.
Why am I telling you this? Because this is a REPEATABLE process. You can sell ANYTHING if you know how to. Just remember: • Big idea • USP • Mechanism • New opportunity … And you’re golden. Now… The thing I know a lot of people have been waiting for…
I’ll be doing a beta cohort where I’ll teach a small group of 10 to build HIGH-converting info product sales pages. My THINKING and EXECUTION process. I don’t yet know when we’ll launch it. It’s in the works. But we already have 5 spots taken. So…
Wanna grab a spot? It’s gonna be $1,000 for the BETA cohort. I’m gonna f&#k up a lot. It’s a pilot run :) … Or wait until it’s perfected and pay $3.5-$5k for it… *If I ever decide to do it again.* DM me to grab a spot.
Ohh… And for the ones of you who can’t afford to pay $1,000… I got you. I remember you. Not letting you go unnoticed. Something’s coming for you too for a lower-ticket price. Wait for it and don’t forget to RT this 😉
Here’s the link to retweet 👇 Just click on this tweet and then retweet it. Thank you for being here and supporting me for such a long period of time. I appreciate every single one of you.
George Ten

George Ten

How I made $500,000 in PROFIT… • With no audience • Without showing my face • With only an idea for a product • And $100 to my name. We’ve done this step-by-step process dozens of times. This is NOT a one-time fluke. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<
P.S. @Alex just sent me a screenshot of his sales. Asked me to attach it here :)
George Ten

George Ten

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