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Oct 8, 2022
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City boy Alpha Satoru going on a trip and gets lost in a forest where he meets wild omega Megumi. Satoru doesn't get to choose, Megumi takes one sniff of the prissy alpha and bites his scent gland, binding them together.

It's almost cute how the omega courts Satoru after he is taken, which is odd. It shouldn't be like this, Alphas are the one who are supposed to court omega's with gifts and flowers not the other way around.
But Satoru has no choice, he is already bonded, lost in a foreign country with no survival skills.
He can't even hunt to save himself, the Alpha actually cries when he witnesses the way his mate skins a dead rabbit, throwing up his breakfast but enjoys the meal nevertheless later on.
The Alpha is not used to living in a cave, he complains about the weather, the omega's nest which is a big pile of different types of pelts and if The omega had known his tongue he'd probably be offended,
but the clueless boy that Megumi was he took the albino's loud whines as words of praise and dragged the lanky man in his best, scenting him and biting his neck all over again, succeeding in shutting him up.
Satoru does shut up, he blushes when the omega starts scenting him and tries to hide away from his hands but ends up with a purring omega making biscuits on his arms. Which is strange? Isn't that what cats do? Why is he doing that?
He manages to fall asleep with a clingy omega wrapped around his torso. The next morning the alpha is annoyed to find his body full of mosquito bites.
The Alpha is eager to leave but he just can't express that to his mate, anytime he tried to take a step away from the boy he'd hear loud whines and had to go back to him. Satoru tells himself that people will find him soon, surely they wouldn't just leave him alone.
But as time goes on and seasons change he is disappointed and is heartbroken to find that no one cared enough to look for him. It's then that the Alpha tries to learn how to live in the wild and help his mate, they both hunt now.
By the time winter rolls around Satoru has stored enough dried meat to survive the whole season. He learned that from his mate too, his wise and strong mate that never gave up on him no matter how much of a chicken he was at first.
Winter brings on Megumi's heat and Satoru being the only Alpha in the vicinity and the omega's mate, takes on the duty of taking care of the raven-haired boy. It doesn't take long for his own rut to start after that.
When summer comes Satoru has no doubt that he had always belonged to the forest, hunting and providing for his omega seemed the most enjoyable job that he ever had. To hell with his company and his greedy employees.
His company, his wealth, and the numerous quests he had on picking up omegas and sleeping with them wouldn't compare to how happy and fulfilled he felt when he looked at the little wild boy that was his mate.
His little omega that now smelled sweeter than before, with his chubby cheeks and swollen belly and his beautiful smile. Satoru never thought a trip could change his life so much but here he was. Being mated to a wild omega was a true blessing. -end-


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