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Janus a #taekookau “No, Taehyung,” Jungkook grits, his head down and his fists tightly clenched. “I’m done. I’m so fucking done.”

Or When news of Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s marriage gets out, the public is outraged. Poor Taehyung, they said. The nation’s darling deserves so much better than a nobody like Jeon Jungkook. Behind closed doors, things are not what they seem.
- medium length (?) - heavy angst - boxer Jungkook, model Taehyung - explicit 🔞 - infidelity, pining - happy ending!
The news comes out at 1:25 am on a Thursday: Dispatch Korea | Top Stories | 09/10/20 “Top Model Kim Taehyung and Boxer Jeon Jungkook tied the knot, sources say”
[enter-talk] Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook got married!!! [Top Comments] | [Please log in to join the conversation] Guest (19 minutes ago): oh wow what unexpected news Guest (19 minutes ago): who tf is jeon Jungkook Guest (18 minutes ago): wym who tf hes that popular boxer lol
TheoTHKim (18 minutes ago): ew that guys trashwtf THVLover (18 minutes ago): NOOOOOOO THVLover (18 minutes ago): NONONOONO I CANT TAKE THIS NOT MY TAEHYUNGIEEE LunaLunaLuna (18 minutes ago): calm down its not like he knows you! kkkk but damn isn’t that boxer guy problematic af
Theo138 (17 minutes ago): Yea he is like doesn’t he sleep around a lotkkkkk THVLover (15 minutes ago): exactly that’s why I’m sad ok?! He doesn’t deserve Taehyungie WTFF I’m so mad! Taetaetae (15 minutes ago): this is the fucking worst news!!!!
TeaseTae (14 minutes ago): im gonna cry I swear Guest (14 minutes ago): taehyung stans so dramatic [eyeroll emoji] Taehheeeeehyuunggg (14 minutes ago): shutupshutupshutup that guy is fuckin gross he doesn’t deserve perfect taetae!
By 6 in the morning, all major news outlets and gossip sites are covering the story. It’s to be expected. Taehyung is one of the many global icons that hail from the country, the beloved nation’s darling.
An actor-turned-model, he’s one of the few celebs out there with a squeaky clean record. While a lot might suspect that he’s not exactly the saint the media purports him to be, that his label is just quick and thorough in cleaning up whatever mess he gets into,
there have been zero scandal attached to his name so far. He is, thus, a rare gem in an industry that thrives on filthy gossip. Then there’s Jeon Jungkook – the golden child, known for his prowess and unbeaten record in the boxing ring. Or at least he used to be.
Just the other week, he’s on the second page of Dispatch’s website, another dating rumor that his management, once again, does not comment on. So, it’s odd. The news came out of nowhere, and the outrage is understandable because Taehyung has a fierce fanbase and Jungkook,
all things considered, doesn’t really have a very nice reputation to begin with. It’s “a mismatch made in hell,” as one reporter puts it, where "clearly Jeon Jungkook is simply taking advantage of Taehyung."
“Knew it,” Taehyung chuckles, mildly frustrated but not exactly surprised. He mindlessly throws the tablet on the table in front of him. He’s fucking tired. Seojoon had been particularly rough last night,
and the bastard even left marks on his chest even though Taehyung told not to. And now he has to deal with this. Jimin glares at him, hastily taking the tablet. “This is what we wanted anyway.” “Not really,” Taehyung singsongs.
He would be insulted at the insinuation if it wasn’t too funny. The management could have just exposed his string of lovers to get things over with, but no, they had to take on a charity case like Jungkook – someone that he can “transform” –
just so they could boost his own image for next year’s campaign. It’s dumb, is what he thinks. There are too many ways to do that, but they just had to choose the most complicated route out there, and for what? Just because people are getting bored of him? As if.
“You know you need something as big as this, Taehyung,” Jimin flatly says, not even looking at him. “The numbers are there. People are losing interest. You need something that can put you back out there, but not something that’s too damaging to your career.”
Taehyung scoffs. Whatever. Jimin can be such a know-it-all. He doesn’t really care about all of this. He’s used to acting in front of the camera anyway. He just hopes Jeon Jungkook won’t be a stubborn manchild like the rest of them.
He leans back against his chair, interlacing his fingers over his belly. Soobin is late with his tea and croissant again. Seriously, people around him are so fucking incompetent. Taehyung closes his eyes, recalls the photo he stared at earlier:
wide eyes, pretty nose, a lopsided smile. Admittedly, Jungkook is a looker. He’s seen prettier boys, but he can work with this one. Maybe he’s even excited to have a new plaything.
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#taekook #taekookau It’s barely five in the morning, but all the lights inside the gym are on. There’s only one person inside. In the emptiness of the space, the repetitive thwack-thwack-thwacking of vinyl gloves against leather,
along with some harsh yet measured exhales, rings throughout the silence. It’s good like this, these rhythmic movements, the repetitiveness of it all. One-two-punch-exhale. Jungkook feels the heaviness in his steps, but he’s working to fix it.
Hoseok once joked about trying dance as a remedy, but for now Jungkook might just go for the jump rope again just to be sure. One-two-punch-exhale. The hour drags on. Jungkook doesn’t notice because he’s already building momentum,
and his vision is starting to narrow so that all that he sees is the leather of the punching bag in front of him. /Focus, Jeon. Focus./ He throws a cross and the bag swings lightly to the side. He cuts the motion with a counterpunch. One-two-exhale-punch.
The focus training allows him to have drowns out the events of weeks prior – the dingy club, the even dingier alley behind it, the wall sticky with grime as his bare arms pressed against it, Yeongjae’s tongue down his throat – Focus, Jeon. Focus
- the flash of a camera somewhere in the dark, and then another. Yeongjae’s voice in his ears, “let them. Let them.” focus, Jeon, focus. One-two-punch-exhale. His name on gossip sites. Again. Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s exasperated whispers and defeated sighs –
/focus, jeonfocus – one-exhale-punchtwo/ – the comments on those gossip sites. “he’s at it again what’s new doesn’t that make him a slut seriously he’s so gross what a let down I used to like him wasn’t he a good athlete no wonder he doesn’t have any matches now –
/focusjeonfocusoneexhaleonetwopunch/ “Jungkook.”
Jungkook’s rhythm comes to a screeching halt. It happens so quickly that his momentum shoves him forward and he falls to his knees. His breaths come out in harsh and uneven pants, and something inside him is tearing his lungs apart as his heart hammer against his ribcage.
There’s a light chuckle from somewhere above him. “Take it easy, kid.” Yoongi being here is a two-edged sword. On the upside, it pulled Jungkook out from what would have been a dangerous spiral. On the other hand, Yoongi /is/ here, and his presence feels invasive.
The gym is supposed to be Jungkook’s space, something sacred to him as it is one of the only three places where he can totally lose himself. Jungkook doesn’t say anything as he pulls himself back up.
His vision is starting to clear so he can see beyond the punching bag in front of him. “How long have you been here?” Yoongi asks, like it is in his place to do so. But the real question should be, how did Yoongi even know that he’d be here at this time of day?
Then again, what is it that Yoongi doesn’t know? It seems he has his fingers dipped on everything these days. Jungkook musters the resolve to look at Yoongi for a moment and then feels the urge to wipe the sweat off his face. He does so with the back of his arm,
but his arm is just as sweaty so it doesn’t do much. Yoongi walks forward, and something inside Jungkook recoils. He looks so out of place here, a man in a bespoke suit and patent leather shoes,
standing in the middle of an empty gym that reeks mildly of sweat, rubber, and detergent. It’s jarring, Yoongi being here, but he manages to look casual about it, hands in his pockets and looking only slightly inconvenienced.
Jungkook takes off his gloves, but only to tighten his hand wraps. Then he starts over. It’s always good to be doing something strenuous when in the presence of Min Yoongi. That way, at least, when there’s heat creeping up Jungkook’s chest and spreading towards his face,
he can chalk it up to the intensity of his workout instead of that shame that he always feels in the presence of his older brother. Because for someone so small, Yoongi has that undeniably overpowering presence, and always, Jungkook feels insignificant around him.
“Have you been online lately?” Jungkook snorts at the question, throws a harsh punch. The punching bag sways and the chain holding it up rattles at the force. It’s hard starting over when your momentum had been interrupted.
“Not my thing. You know that, hyung. Why? Any more trashy bits about me? What am I this time? A slut?” Jungkook throws a straight. The bag swings forward, then back. “A cunt?” A jab, another straight. “A manwhore?” “A married man.”
For the second time since Yoongi stepped into the gym, Jungkook stops, head whipping towards his older brother who has an unreadable expression on his face. Yoongi sighs when Jungkook doesn’t say anything. He’s obviously exasperated,
clearly done with the conversation but having no choice but to continue because Jungkook only looks at him with a dumb expression on his face. Jungkook looks as dumb as he feels. “We talked about this, Jungkook-ah.”
“Yeah, but –“ he stammers. What does even one do in this situation? He feels untethered, dizzy, like he used to whenever Yoongi dragged him along with anything and everything he did. This is exactly why Jungkook wanted out of the family,
why he took on his mother’s name and settled on being Yoongi’s non-existent brother. Though honestly, why did he even think he’s way past that? What even gave him the idea that he’d be able to escape the clutches of his father and his older brother?
Clearly, whatever that was, it was idiotic. In the end, Jungkook will always be subject to their whims, a puppet on a string, and their father and Yoongi will forever be looming over him, always telling him to do their bidding.
“But – But I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it,” he counters because it’s true. It had been too bizarre when Yoongi first brought it up: ‘date someone from my agency, rebuild your reputation.’ No one even said anything about marriage.
Yoongi actually laughs, and Jungkook feels miniscule. “You know I do not joke about things like this, Jungkook-ah. This is for your own good. Besides,” Yoongi shrugs, “The news is out anyway. Some intern got too excited, so we can only move forward from there.”
He shifts his weight to his other foot because he can. Because his joints are not locking up in dread; after all, it’s not his life that’s once again spiraling out of his control. “I have to talk to Namjoon-hyung and Hoseok-hyung –“
“No you don’t,” Yoongi cuts him off, stepping back before taking lazy strides as he surveys the gym. Once again, that bitter feeling of his space being violated bubbles somewhere from the pit of Jungkook’s stomach.
Yoongi lightly runs an index finger over the cords of the boxing ring at the center of the gym, and then he frowns when he rubs his thumb and index finger together. “I’ve watched from the sidelines as those two did nothing while your reputation was being butchered by the media.
I’ve had enough.” Yoongi’s voice does not bear the resentment and frustration that his statement implies. Instead, he sounds flat and businesslike, and it’s how Jungkook knows arguing is futile. Yoongi has made up his mind about this,
has compartmentalized these events as /facts/ instead of /mere suggestions/. So instead of arguing, Jungkook meekly follows his brother with his gaze and asks, “who is it, then?” “Kim Taehyung.” At that, Jungkook cannot help the laugh that escapes him.
“Taehyung-hyung? You got him to agree?” His hands are starting to strain, so he starts removing his gloves and then unwrapping his hands. That he can flex his fingers is a welcome relief. Yoongi regards him for a moment, and then flicks a non-existent lint from his suit.
Yoongi always has this way of making Jungkook feel like he is nothing but dirt under his expensive leather shoes, and he’s doing it again now. Jungkook isn’t sure if he’s doing it on purpose or not. “Why wouldn’t he?”
“I mean –“ “That summer?” Yoongi chuckles. “That was years ago. I doubt he even remembers who you are.” As if that makes this any easier. If anything, that only leaves Jungkook in a limbo. Should he tell Taehyung, then? Or should he keep it to himself?
After all, it’s such a silly little thing, a childhood crush that he should have long since outgrown. Yoongi looks at his watch. “Anyway, we’ve got a meeting tomorrow. My agency at 10 in the morning. You can bring Namjoon or Hoseok with you.
I doubt you have a lawyer? If you don’t, let me know so I can get you one as well.” Of course Jungkook has a lawyer, but he doesn’t get to tell Yoongi that. Yoongi is a busy man after all, so without even waiting for Jungkook’s reply,
he’s out of the gym as quickly and inconspicuously as he had come. Once again, the gym is quiet, and Jungkook’s ears are ringing.
#taekook #taekookau The Min Corporations headquarters sit in the center of Yeongsan-do. It is an imposing building that stands tall and proud, distinguished even among other high-rises surrounding it. Jungkook hates what it stands for.
Each time he passes by it, he’s reminded of his own inadequacy. Despite his fame, his proven track record in the field he’s chosen for himself, seeing this building only reminds him of a life that he’s let go but cannot fully escape.
And yet here he is, sitting in one of its many conference rooms for almost an hour now. Yoongi said 10 in the morning, but it’s almost 11 and his supposed “husband” is nowhere in sight. Seokjin, at least, sits calmly beside him,
muttering words of encouragement to him every now and then. On the head of the table sits Yoongi, who might appear calm but judging by the tightness of his jaw, Jungkook can tell his patience is quickly draining out of him.
Directly to Yoongi’s right is an equally irate-looking person, but this one does not bother to hide his annoyance. He checks his watch every minute and then proceeds to mutter to himself. Some choice words like “fucking entitled brat” escape him at times.
Jungkook thinks his name is Jimin, although he is not exactly sure what this guy’s role is in all of this. It takes a few minutes more before the door opens and Taehyung struts in, sunglasses still perched on his nose,
followed by a haggard man who’s carrying what seems to be most of Taehyung’s things. He must be Taehyung’s assistant, Jungkook thinks. Even in a simple white shirt and khaki slacks, Taehyung manages to look like he owns the space he moves in.
Taehyung briefly pauses, clearly looking at Jungkook, before heading wordlessly to sit beside Jimin. He doesn’t offer any explanation as to why he’s late. Instead, as soon as he’s seated, he simply takes off his glasses and briefly smiles at all of them.
His hair cascades down his forehead in soft curls, framing his face nicely. He’s wearing make-up, though Jungkook is sure he never goes out without any. Still, it looks good on him. His eyes are hooded and heavy, more so when he turns his gaze towards Jungkook.
For a brief moment, Jungkook is taken back to one summer years and years ago, in the garden of the Min mansion, under a table where he and another boy are hiding. The boy has the kindest eyes, the softest cheeks that bunch up when he grins.
“You be the dad, okay?” the boy whispers, giggling. “And I’m the mom. Get it?” “Why are /you/ the mom?” Jungkook pouts. While that pout usually works on any other adult in Jungkook’s life, this boy remains unaffected. “Because I’m the pretty one,” he says matter-of-factly.
And well, Jungkook really cannot argue with that. Because as young and impressionable as he had been that time, that “Taehyung is the pretty one” is one of the many indisputable truths he has come to learn, something he has carried with him all his life.
This Taehyung now is still the most beautiful man he has ever seen, maybe even more so, for he has only aged gracefully. Time has been kind to him, it seems. But this Taehyung lacks the innocence of that boy Jungkook once knew, once loved. This Taehyung looks jaded,
but with that self-assurance that he wears as naturally as his own skin. There’s unmistakable entitlement in there, too, dancing in the smirk that tugs at his lips. “Well, hello there, dear husband,” Taehyung grins. Jungkook decides he doesn’t like this Kim Taehyung at all.
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#taekook #taekookau “So – uh – where do I sleep?” Taehyung stares, mischief dancing in his eyes as he languidly leans back on his own bed, supporting his weight with one arm behind him. He slowly crosses his legs, and something about the motion pulls Jungkook’s gaze in.
“What do you mean, ‘where do you sleep’?” Taehyung asks, and then he pats his thighs, smirking. “Here, of course. Where else?” “Taehyung.” Jungkook huffs, intending it to convey his frustration, but the laugh that follows it betrays his amusement. He can’t help it.
Just a week ago, Jungkook decided he dislikes this Taehyung. He didn’t like the attitude Taehyung had when he came in, as though he did not just inconvenience everybody in the room by coming in almost an hour late.
But. A catch. It seems he may have judged the model too quickly. You can’t really blame him, though, because Taehyung is the kind of person who is quite difficult to discern. He is a public persona, so it is never easy to know when he draws the curtains to reveal his true self.
During the meeting, Taehyung had been mostly serious when they were talking about the intricacies of their set-up – things about how they supposedly met, how long they’ve been together, who moves into whose house, non-disclosure agreements,
what constitutes a breach of this contract, among many others. But in between the monotony of the conversation were playful winks and flirty grins obviously directed towards Jungkook. And try as he might to ignore them,
they still had Jungkook’s face heating up so much that he had to excuse himself several times so he could step out and calm down. Everybody noticed, of course. Jimin – who turns out to be the head of Gloss Models, a subsidiary of Min Corp –
only became increasingly agitated at Taehyung’s antics, channeling Yoongi’s own frustration. Seokjin, on the other hand, had been thoroughly amused, so much so that he ended up wheezing when they headed back to the gym to recount the whole story to Hoseok and Namjoon.
Despite those hiccups, now that he can objectively look back on it, Jungkook can finally say that this entire agreement is not so bad at all. In a matter of days, all traces of photos of him and Yeongjae have been deleted, as if they never existed in the first place.
Sponsors came pouring in, courtesy of Yoongi’s company and much to Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s utter delight, and his name is finally being talked about in a more positive light. Though that might have been thanks to the public statement Taehyung issued to his fans,
telling them to accept “the man he decided to give his heart to.” So when he and Taehyung went on their first “public date,” a simple dinner at a lowkey restaurant in Itaewon, Jungkook felt himself breathing lighter despite the multitudes of cameras pointed towards them.
While he did freeze up at first, Taehyung’s hand in his had been grounding. And Taehyung had been a wonderful company. He’s candid about it all, despite the fact that it’s not only Jungkook’s life that’s been upturned by this supposed marriage, but also his.
Jungkook couldn’t exactly tell if Taehyung was just playing along, or if he was taking on a role he was supposed to play, but he laughed at the right moments, seemed keenly interested in what Jungkook had to say, had been open about his life as a model.
At the end of the night, Taehyung posted a selca of them together, and the public ate it up. All things considered, then, the only thing Jungkook really had to give up was his apartment. “It’s the closet space, darling,” is Taehyung’s only explanation,
which made sense because he had a fuck-ton of clothes. And while Jungkook’s own place is also a high-end condo, it might as well be a toilet when compared to Taehyung’s penthouse. But that’s okay. It’s not like Jungkook’s attached to his old apartment anyway.
For him, it’s only a place to go to after training, or a more private space when he and Yeongjae managed to align their schedules and felt the need for some release. Not that those mattered anymore, or maybe they never did, so saying goodbye to that condo hadn’t been hard.
That leads him here, now. He’s just finally finished moving his things, though they are still mostly unpacked in Taehyung’s living room. It had been a long couple of days of packing and hauling stuff,
often interrupted by a quick photo that are immediately uploaded to Taehyung’s Instagram. (“Now that it’s out, we can finally build our love nest together!” one caption reads. It’s annoying. Jungkook full-on laughed at Taehyung’s brashness.)
Now, Jungkook’s ready to go to bed and rest, but Taehyung is an annoying little shit who wouldn’t even tell him where his room is. “What?” Taehyung gasps, “are we going to be /that/ kind of couple?”
“What kind of couple?” Jungkook asks in turn, just about done with this conversation but still feeling oddly amused. “You know, that couple who can’t stand each other in private but has to pretend to be all lovey-dovey in public?” Taehyung slowly uncrosses his legs and stands,
then walks closer to Jungkook. It’s intentional, the way he swings his hips, an equal measure of seductive and playful. “What?” “Because that’s not exactly how I imagined my marriage would be like, Jungkookie,” he pouts, crossing his arms against his chest.
Jungkook chuckles at the display of petulance. The Taehyung he once knew might be gone, but then he thinks, maybe this one is okay, too. Because what he might have considered as entitlement when they first met is actually just a measured kind of playfulness,
that attitude that never really takes things seriously. Jungkook finds it easy to get along with, this lighthearted way that Taehyung goes about things. “Jesus Christ,” he mutters, still lightly laughing, deciding there’s really no harm in playing along.
“Sorry to disappoint you, dear husband, but I cannot give up my chastity until a real ceremony happens. I mean, we’re not even really married, if you think about it.”
“Eugh, didn’t expect you to be this pure and traditional, you know.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, taking Jungkook’s hand so he could hook their arms together. “But fine, what kind of ceremony do you want? Like, do you want a beach wedding? A garden wedding?”
Jungkook’s laugh is hearty as he goes along with Taehyung to the room next door. “A garden wedding would be nice.” “A garden wedding it is, then. Geez, I can’t believe I have to do this much just so I could get into your pants.”
“Taehyung!” Jungkook chokes at what he just heard, furiously blushing even though he knows they’re just joking around. His face heats up too quickly, and he becomes too aware of their interlinked arms, his skin on Taehyung’s.
It’s such a minimal contact, but it has Jungkook feeling like a teenager with a humungous crush. He really should have known better than to play along with Taehyung’s flirting. But then his breath leaves him when Taehyung leads him to his own room.
“Is this okay? You like it?” Taehyung asks, quietly, shy all of a sudden. “I did have to research a bit to figure out that you’re into black and darker colors, so I just went with that. And uh, the shelf for your trophies isn’t here yet, but when it arrives,
I think we should put it in the living room.” His room is simple, but it’s obvious that much thought has been put to it. There’s a huge bed with black and white sheets. The TV from his own apartment and his gaming console have been set up already,
and there’s also a new gaming PC. But what surprises him most are the photos on the wall – blown-up pictures of two of his most memorable wins: his debut fight and when he won the championship belt for his division. “I – Taehyung, this is –“ he’s feeling choked up.
Being reminded of the days when winning had been his constant isn’t easy because it’s also a reminder of what he’s lost due to a stupid misunderstanding. Yet somehow, as Taehyung gently wraps his arms around Jungkook’s waist, hugging him from behind,
he can’t help but feel settled, feel hopeful. “This is lovely, Taehyung.” “Tae,” Taehyung murmurs from behind him, chin hooked on his shoulder. “Call me, Tae. Or baby. Or darling. Or husband. Cause that’s what we are now.” His giggles lightly tickle Jungkook’s cheek.
Normally, Jungkook would feel uncomfortable at this touch because, in truth, they’re still practically strangers. But it’s so easy to get used to Taehyung’s touches like this. Because at the end of the day, they’re also just two people who were shoved into this situation,
and Taehyung is so, so kind to welcome him into his home like this. “Tae it is then,” Jungkook replies, then laughs when Taehyung huffs and immediately untangles his arms. “Knew you’d go for that, you boring fart. But I’ll take it. Anyway, I’ll leave you to it so you can rest.”
He steps back, biting his lips though an obvious grin is there. But then he doesn’t leave. He just stands there, hands on his hips like he’s waiting for something. “Well?” “Well what?” “No goodnight kiss for your husband?”
Jungkook snorts. “My purity, Tae. Have to wait for the wedding first, remember?” At that, Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Oh my – we got to see a doctor soon, have them pull that stick up your ass.” Then he grins again as he steps out.
Later, when Jungkook is ready for bed, he stares at the photos on the wall again with an awed kind of smile on his face. He thinks he’s gotten quite lucky. Maybe he should give Yoongi a call, maybe thank his older brother for this agreement.
Because it’s due to such agreement that his reputation is starting to get better, he’s starting to regain the trust of sponsors, and he’s motivated to train more than ever. Maybe he’ll even have a comeback match soon, who knows? Plus, he gets to live with his childhood crush,
who turns out to be not only the most beautiful person he’s ever known, but also a playful, funny guy who never fails to make Jungkook laugh and feel at ease. So, not bad, he thinks. Not bad at all.
#taekook #taekookau [tw// implied nsfw in the next two twts]
“Hyung, right there – fuck, don’t stop – I’m almost –“ Taehyung comes with a strangled scream, his mouth hanging open as Seojoon relentlessly fucks him from behind, chasing his own release. It doesn’t last long, and in no time, Seojoon comes as well.
He pulls out with a grunt, and Taehyung slumps on the bed right on where he spilled. It’s sticky against his skin, but he couldn’t care less. He’s sated, his muscles pleasantly aching. It’s been so fucking long. [tw ends here]
In a hazy daze, he watches as Seojoon walks over to the bathroom. When he returns, he has a wet towel that he throws towards Taehyung’s direction. Taehyung uses it to clean himself up.
“So,” Seojoon starts as he wipes his now flaccid cock, “you’re married now, huh? How did that even happen?” Taehyung huffs. He’s not exactly in the mood to talk about his /marriage/, not when he’s still not entirely out of the pleasant post-sex daze he’s in.
“Yoongi-hyung’s got the means for that. You know how that guy is. Besides, you’re way ahead of me in the ‘being-married department’, hyung. Got any advice?” “Hmm, don’t let them get too much time on their own. Who knows? They might just find some model to fuck.”
The tone is playful as Seojoon says it, but the implication is there. Somehow, the illicitness of it all has his stomach twisting in nervous excitement. He sits up, stares at Seojoon as he takes the towel from Taehyung and casually strides back to the bathroom.
They’re both too lazy to put on their clothes, so when Seojoon walks back into the bedroom, Taehyung takes in his naked form. He’s lean, well-built, sharp angles and soft curves in all the right places. And he’s gorgeous, maybe too gorgeous for his own good.
Too bad he’s such a pussy to let the world know he’s bisexual. Plus, he’s married, but that’s neither here nor there. That certainly did not stop him from hitting on Taehyung all those years back when they first started working together in one of the movies Taehyung starred in.
Now, in the public eye, they’re just the best of friends who hang out often. Maybe Taehyung should even introduce Seojoon to Jungkook, have some photo-op to show that his best friend and his husband get along just fine.
Because if there’s one thing that let him and Seojoon continue these secret “meetings,” it’s that Yuna – Seojoon’s wife – likes Taehyung. A lot.
So really, it’s thanks to Yuna and her fond “Tae! Keep him in check while I’m away, will you?” each time she leaves for business meetings overseas that Taehyung gets fucked good like this. “Has he fucked you yet? Your husband?” Seojoon asks as soon as he’s on the bed,
groaning as he stretches his arms. Briefly, his mind flits to Jungkook. Or more accurately, the photos of Jungkook that he had framed. Jungkook should really stop wearing all those baggy clothes. They don’t do him justice.
When Jimin handed Taehyung that dossier on Jungkook, he never really gave it much thought. Sure, Jungkook looked good in that almost-mug-shot-looking photo, but Taehyung would daresay he looked soft, pretty almost. So, not exactly Taehyung’s type.
It’s only when Taehyung saw Jungkook during their first meeting that he noticed what the picture failed to show. Jeon Jungkook is an athlete, alright. He might have been wearing loose clothing,
but it’s clear in the way that his chest and arms pressed through the fabric of his shirt that he’s definitely well-built. And then there were those photos. /God./ Taehyung almost drooled. He’d been wrong, so wrong, when he thought that Jungkook looked soft.
Underneath those baggy clothes were pure muscles, hard and toned to high definition. The photos showed all of it – the broad chest, the gentle curve of his waist, the rivulets of sweat tracing down the contours of his abs. Taehyung could almost taste that sweat-slicked skin.
Thinking about those pictures has his dick twitching again. He sniffs. “No, hyung. He doesn’t really like me that way. Besides, he’s too – how do I say this? – naïve?” Seojoon laughs. “Naïve? That guy? Huh. Never would have expected that. He’s a beast in the ring, you know.”
“I haven’t seen any of his matches. I’m not interested in those,” Taehyung retorts, dismissively waving a hand. “But he is really a bit naïve. He blushes easily, but when I tried hitting on him, he wouldn’t even budge.” There’s a pout starting to form on his lips,
revealing the annoyance that he has tried so hard to conceal. What Taehyung wants, Taehyung usually gets, and he wants Jeon Jungkook. Wants him so bad. But Jungkook is stubbornly stuck to his own made-up moral code, refusing to give in despite Taehyung’s many advances.
Taehyung’s starting to feel his annoyance and frustration itch under his skin. He has to do better, has to up his game because he might just lose his mind if he doesn’t get to taste that delectable piece of Jungkook pie.
No worries, though. Taehyung’s been good, and he’s sure Jungkook’s been happy in his company. It won’t take long before Taehyung will have him wrapped around his dainty fingers. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, Taehyungie,” Seojoon murmurs,
pulling Taehyung close and once again pressing kisses on his jaw. He’s harsher this time, a tad possessive. “I can keep you satisfied when it comes to that.” Taehyung lets out breathy giggles. He’s getting hard again, and Seojoon is relentless.
“Of course, you will, hyung. You always do.”
🥊🥊🥊 The gym is more crowded than usual. They’ve gotten more members lately, but the three of them know it has nothing to do with people wanting to get in shape. It’s obvious why, what with the cameras often pointed at Jungkook when people think he isn’t looking.
But it’s good for business, and while it does make him extremely uncomfortable, Jungkook is also used to a more negative and malicious kind of attention. These ones, he can manage. At least it’s free publicity.
None of them have dared to approach him yet, and he can only hope that it stays that way. Not that he minds, but he can be incredibly awkward, and any unpleasant interaction he might have with these strangers can only reflect negatively on Taehyung as well.
For now, he’s directing his focus on his training. It’s good to stay in shape like this, to keep his form in check, especially since he /might/ have a match soon – an up-and-coming boxer who wants to move up a weight class privately sent him a challenge a few days ago,
and word on the grapevine is that promoters are willing to bid on the fight. They’re just waiting for the final confirmation to give it a go, and Jungkook is thrumming with anticipation. Evidently, his team is also feeling the excitement. Namjoon, his coach,
a burly man who has had his time in the limelight before retiring due to an injury, is stricter than ever as they go through his routine. They just finished sparring a few moments ago, Jungkook relentless in his punches while Namjoon comments on his footwork.
Maybe he should really consider those dance lessons Hoseok had been hinting at. He’s spent, and it doesn’t help that most of the gymgoers are watching him train instead of focusing on their own workout. Some phones are pointed towards him again,
no doubt taking videos that would soon be floating online later. Maybe he’d ask for that video, too, just so he can check his form from another angle. At this moment, though, all he wants is a quick shower so he could go home,
maybe hang out with Taehyung for a while if he isn’t busy. But he has another round of sparring in a few minutes, and he knows Namjoon won’t let him slack off. True enough, Namjoon approaches him sooner than he expected. “Ready for ano – “ Namjoon abruptly pauses,
his gaze moving to somewhere behind Jungkook. “Look at you all sweaty. What a sight.” Jungkook turns, too quickly that he almost looses his footing.
The grin on Taehyung’s face as he looks up at Jungkook is dazzling. He’s wearing a simple shirt with the words “CELINE” printed on it, tucked in brown slacks. Despite the plainness of his outfit, he manages to look like he owns the place.
He can own the world, in Jungkook’s opinion, but he doesn’t voice it out loud because he knows he’d get a hell of a teasing if he does. “Taehyung,” he sputters, “what are doing here?” There’s a light chuckle out of Taehyung,
and it’s so pleasant that Jungkook feels his fatigue draining out of him. “What, I can’t visit my husband while he’s training?” Taehyung approaches the ring slowly, looking up at Namjoon while he holds the ropes asking for permission.
As soon as Namjoon nods, he pulls himself up, so now he’s just outside the ring, and Jungkook is all too aware of how sweaty and drained he looks. “Take ten,” Namjoon tells Jungkook,
patting him on the shoulders and giving him a knowing smile as he exits the ring and heads to Hoseok’s office. “Did I interrupt your training?” Taehyung asks as soon as Namjoon is gone, though he does not exactly look sorry about it.
There’s a smirk playing on his lips as he ignores the people blatantly ogling them now. He knows he’s drawing attention, but maybe he’s just so used to it that he drowns the unnecessary noise with ease. Not Jungkook, though.
His face feels hot, and he’s sure it isn’t because of his training. “Not – uhm. Geez, why’d you have to see me like this? I look gross.” “You look hot, darling,” Taehyung says, “come here.” He takes a handkerchief from his pocket, and when Jungkook is near enough,
he uses it to wipe the boxer’s sweat off his face. Jungkook stutters at the gesture, but Taehyung gently holds his chin to steady his head, and his hands are gentle as he pats pats pats Jungkook’s face. It’s so easy to melt against Taehyung like this. Jungkook wants to protest,
doesn’t want to soil Taehyung’s handkerchief with his sweat, but the fabric feels cool on his heated skin, and it smells of Taehyung, too – lavender with a hint of cotton. Jungkook eases into it. “Feels nice,” he murmurs. “It does?” “Yeah.”
Taehyung hums in response, seemingly glad that Jungkook likes what he’s doing. “I should do this more often, then – visit you here, wipe the sweat off your face, stuff like that. I’d be the best cheerleader, don’t you think?”
“I’m sure you will be, uhm. The best cheerleader, I mean. But you don’t have to, Tae,” Jungkook chuckles. “I don’t want to be a bother. And I got –“ Jungkook untangles himself, sees Namjoon heading back to the ring. “I got another sparring session now. It might take a while.”
“That’s fine. But can I watch though? See these guns in action?” He giggles as he firmly presses on Jungkook’s biceps, seeing how Jungkook sputters at what he’s done. “You – uhm – you can. Of course. Um. Hang on.”
He steps off the ring, finds a chair that Taehyung could sit on. He knows it’s hardly comfortable for his model husband, but Taehyung is not complaining because he’s so nice like that. He simply lets Jungkook go with a “you’re so kind, darling” and a tickle on Jungkook’s chin.
The sparring session is more intense. Jungkook does better than their previous round because now there’s an audience he actually cares about. His feet feel lighter somehow, and it’s effortless when he shifts his weight from one foot to another.
His combos are easily executed – jab, cross, straight, uppercut. Jab, hook, straight, block, evade. His punches are heavy, pushing Namjoon back with each hit. Jungkook resists the urge to look at Taehyung, but fails at one point.
The intense gaze Taehyung has on him drives him on, pushing him further – The bell rings. “Jesus, kid,” Namjoon wheezes right after, then turns to Taehyung. “Taehyung-ssi, make sure to visit more often. It seems Jungkookie here does better when he’s tryna impress someone.”
The news comes right when Jungkook steps into Hoseok’s office after he’s showered. As soon as he opens the door, three heads turn towards him. Namjoon looks serious, Hoseok looks excited, and Taehyung looks unsure but is grinning nonetheless.
“The promoters are willing to bid. Official announcement will be in a week,” Hoseok says. Jungkook trips, his knees feeling weak. “I – when?” “Four months from now.” Jungkook takes a deep breath. He has to calm his nerves. “This is it, then?”
“This is it, kid,” Namjoon agrees. “We’ll meet with the rest of the team tomorrow.” Finally. After being out of the game for over a year. Fucking finally. He whips his head towards Taehyung, unable to contain the magnitude of how he feels.
He’s been trudging through the thickest mud for so long, and simply by walking into his life, Taehyung managed to turn things around. “That’s good news, right, babe?” Taehyung asks, unsure. Jungkook dumbly nods, eyes wide.
It feels like getting a new lease in life, and he’s just so fucking grateful. “The best. And – fuck – it’s all thanks to you, in one way or another.” There’s a different smile on Taehyung’s face now – knowing and victorious,
and Jungkook could not help but think that those emotions are for him. So he doesn’t stop himself from reaching out, from grabbing Taehyung and embracing him in the biggest hug. “You’re my fucking lucky charm, Tae.”
“I am, aren’t I?” Jungkook agrees. Taehyung might just well be the best thing that’s happened to him.
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#taekook #taekookau Taehyung likes Jimin's office more than all the conference rooms they have in all of the Min Corp building. This one is a little less stuffy, with floor to ceiling windows that has a great view of the city, with a plush couch,
an endless supply of coffee and tea and fruit juices and chocolates. There's a particularly comfy loveseat that has a faux-fur seating. Taehyung has claimed this spot for himself. It's the best office there is in the building,
even better than the offices of other VPs and board members of Min Corp. This is the kind of office that you exactly get when you sleep with your boss. Jimin's so smart for that, Taehyung thinks. Who knew Yoongi would be so weak for some plump ass?
Apparently Jimin did, and look where that got him. Anyway, Taehyung likes this office, but something tells him Jimin isn't exactly pleased to have called him over. "How are things at home, Taehyung?"
Jimin is staring, in that way he has that is supposed to make Taehyung feel small and scrutinized. It had taken years for Taehyung to get used to it, to stop the urge to vomit each time he's being regarded like this. Now it barely affects him.
"They're fine," he answers, briefly glancing at Jimin before going back to mindlessly flipping the pages of the latest issue of Vogue International. He lingers for a moment on his own photo, a one-page editorial of the latest Alturazza Fall/Winter collection.
He looks good, but a single page? The audacity of those people. Ella Rattigan got a full spread, and she's a fucking kid. Really, Jimin should be doing shit about this atrocity, but here he is, interrogating Taehyung of his "home life."
"So, you had Seojoon and Jungkook meet, is that right?" Taehyung glances up. Jimin is staring right at him. It makes him feel like a little kid who got caught with his hands in a cookie jar, and he doesn't like it. "For lunch the other day, yep," he replies.
"Why? Is that so bad?" "No, not exactly," Jimin says, and then stays quiet for a moment. "Then what's wro-" "What's bad, however," Jimin continues, not letting Taehyung finish his question, "is that immediately after that lunch you had,
with your husband, Seojoon, and his /wife/, you let Jungkook and Yuna leave. And then for some reason, you thought it would be a good idea to get fucked in the same hotel you had lunch in. On the balcony of a random room, for fuck's sake.
Sometimes I honestly think all that pretty head of yours is just for display." Taehyung's blood runs cold. It hadn't been his idea, and to be honest, he hadn't been too enthusiastic about it. Sure, he might be a bit adventurous when it comes to sex,
but exhibitionism isn’t really his thing. But Seojoon insisted and Seojoon assured him it'd be safe. The balcony they were at overlooked the garden below, and they'd been too high up. Seojoon swore he checked. But then why-
"The amount of money, Taehyung, the amount of money that we had to shell out to get rid of your photos and to get that pap to shut his mouth. He was getting brave, and for good reason." Jimin is exasperated, obviously. He has his tells -
the clenched jaw, the repeated brushing up of his hair, the cracking of his neck. Taehyung has seen Jimin in various degrees of frustration, but it has never been this bad. Jimin has never brought up /money/ into the conversation.
And he had never stooped so low as to resort to insults. It's a mess, Taehyung admits. Fine. Maybe they had been careless. He has to talk to Seojoon about this. Maybe lie low for a while.
"It's -" he starts, a futile attempt at an explanation that is not necessary at this point. But Jimin isn’t having it. "Yoongi isn't happy. One more misstep, Taehyung, and I'm sure not even I can get you out of it. Yeonjun will debut soon, so will Danielle.
Their portfolios have been sent out, and major houses are showing interest." Jimin doesn't say anything more, but the threat is there, so loud and so clear it has Taehyung's ear ringing. His fingers itch, so he grabs his phone, types out a hasty text.
He can't let them do this. He's been the face of Gloss Models for so long, he has always been the first choice, and they can't just drop him like this in favor of nobodies because of some photos that have been dealt with already anyway.
But a part of him, buzzing and insistent, tells him that yes, the agency can do just that because at the end of the day, such is the reality of this industry. Models come and go, and he'd been lucky thus far that he was able to continue his career for this long.
[tw// mild depiction of beginnings of panic attack] His mind is starting to spin. Jimin looks like he's everywhere in the room even though he's just seated right across Taehyung and Jimin doesn't care. No one does and Taehyung feels alone always alone.
The ringing in Taehyung's ear gets louder and louder and louDER AND LOUDER. There's an instinct to curl up, to cover up his ears to block out the nasty sound
but he knows he knows it won't do anything because the ringing is inside him and it's a warning that somethings wrong so terribly wrongwrongwrong His phone vibrates. He visibly jolts and then chokes on the sudden rush of air that floods his lungs. [tw// ends]
[Husbun 💪🐰👅🥵🍆💦 Cutting training short. On my way, so hang tight, ok? Let's get those scones you like before going home.]
His hands shake but it's fine, everything's going to be fine. Jungkook is on his way. Taehyung knew he could count on Jungkook because Jungkook, somehow, acts as though he cares. He's naive, he easily gets excited, easily gets flustered.
He's already partly dancing on Taehyung's palm, out there to do Taehyung's bidding except when it comes to doing nasty stuff together, but no matter. And it's good because like this,
Taehyung can count on him to come running even with just a single, "hon, I dont feel good. Where r u?" "You okay?" "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah." He's choking on his own breath, his eyes sting, but he's okay. Jungkook is on his way. Jimin regards him for a moment,
and all those years Taehyung spent trying to get used to this kind of gaze go out the window. Once again he feels small, weak, a dirt under Jimin’s and Yoongi’s heels. "Okay then," Jimin nods. "We're done here. Please tell Heein to come in on your way out."
#taekook #taekookau "What happened back there?" It did not even take Jungkook an hour to come and pick Taehyung up from Min Corp. He really must have cut his training short because his hair was still a bit damp and he still looked a bit flushed.
His hands were red, maybe from the hand wraps he must have hastily removed. Taehyung sort of wanted to devour him as soon as he saw him. But he couldn’t because Jungkook’s also a prude and he's still worried,
puttering about the kitchen so he could prepare some tea for both of them. They did not get scones because Jungkook is on a strict diet and Taehyung, when worried about anything related to his career, usually goes for days without eating.
So now they settled on some tea and some fruits that Jungkook sliced. Taehyung takes a slice of strawberry, then another, but it tastes and feels like wet foam in his mouth so he stops eating.
"Nothing - just - Jimin-hyung wasn’t too happy that I introduced you to Seojoon-hyung," Taehyung shrugs. Jungkook's brows furrow. "Why? What's the big deal?" "I dunno, he said it was, uhm, unnecessary and stuff." "Unnecessary? And he had to call you into his office for that?"
Jungkook chews on a slice of melon and some of its juice trickles down to his chin. He quickly wipes it, mutters a /fuck, sorry/. He doesn’t have to be. Taehyung wonders what Jungkook's thoughts are on food porn, the literal kind.
"He could be intense like that, Jimin-hyung. Especially when it comes to me cause, I dunno, we've been working together for so long and my career's more important than my friends, apparently." Jungkook shifts in his seat. His confusion doesn’t leave his face as he leans back.
"Tae, that isn't right. That shit's so minor, he didn’t have to chew you out for that." "Whatever," Taehyung shrugs again, and then draws his shoulders in. The feeling of being small lingers, still there on his skin like grime that he has to scrub off. "I'm used to it."
"You shouldn't be," insists Jungkook, now visibly getting agitated. He looks hot like this, the way his jaw gets more defined, the way his eyes get sharper. "Do you want me to talk to him? Or to Yoongi?" At that, Taehyung had to laugh.
Jungkook is cute for thinking he has a say in any of this. Maybe he's just being protective, but it's not like the opinion of a charity case like him matters to Jimin, let alone to Yoongi, of all people. "No need, darling. I'm just happy you're here with me now."
"Of course, Tae. Anything for you." Jungkook's expression softens, an earnest smile forming on his face. "Anything? How about a kiss then?" Jungkook laughs. He still really thinks Taehyung is joking, but Taehyung couldn’t be more serious.
It's getting annoying and his self-esteem is starting to take a blow because what? Isn’t he hot enough for Jungkook? "Tae, I'm being serious here,” Jungkook says even though he's still lightly chuckling. "Want me to talk to them?" "It's fine, darling. Just, come he-"
They're interrupted by Jungkook's phone, which loudly vibrates over the counter. Jungkook quickly grabs it and answers, but not quick enough because Taehyung is sure that that's a girl on the contact photo that popped up the screen.
Jungkook excuses himself, but Taehyung can hear him clearly when he says, "no, I’m free now, what's up?" /Excuse me?/ Taehyung wants to grab the phone, maybe tell the other person on the line that Jungkook isn’t free, he's in the middle of comforting his own husband.
"Theres a presser tomorrow, but I can go after that," Taehyung hears Jungkook say to the other person. It doesn’t sit well with Tae because that's definitely a girl he's talking to and he sounds happy. Like, really happy.
"Who was that?" Taehyung asks as soon as Jungkook steps back into the kitchen. Jungkook pauses, clears his throat. "Oh, uhm, a friend." A friend? Huh. Who is Jungkook kidding? No one sounds /that/ happy to talk to a friend.
Suspicious. Taehyung doesn’t like it one bit. He's gotten used to Jungkook telling him his plans, or talking to him about the people in his life, like Namjoon, who is gorgeous but walks with a slight limp, or Hoseok, who is also gorgeous but is too loud for Taehyung’s taste.
A friend. Sure. Taehyung's got "friends," too. "Anyway, after the presscon tomorrow, how about a road trip? Or a gym date? You can work out while I watch?" He waggles his brows suggestively, but of course Jungkook doesn’t take the bait again. He chuckles as he shakes his head.
But this time, instead of just brushing Taehyung’s teasing off, Jungkook adds, "I cant tomorrow. Uhm. I have to meet that friend, so. Might not be here until late." Taehyung's stomach is slowly filling with acid. He definitely doesn’t like who that bitch is.
"Oh? How late?" He fiddles with the handle of his teacup. His tea has gone tepid so he will just throw it away anyway. What a waste. And Jungkook won't even look at him when he answers. "Not sure yet.
But definitely past midnight. Or I might spend that night. Is that - is that okay?" When he finally looks at Taehyung, there's a smile on his face. Something apologetic. Something sheepish. Taehyung hates it. The presscon ends at 4 pm at the latest.
That's what Jungkook said. What could this 'friend' and Jungkook possibly do that would take them hours and hours? Taehyung has a few ideas in mind. Things that he'd do if he were in that position too. "That's fine, darling," Taehyung answers.
"Can I come with? Meet this friend of yours?" "I don’t think that's a good idea, Tae,” Jungkook answers, much too quickly. “Uh - they're – uh – a very private person, so. Uhm. I don't think they’d be comfortable."
"Hmm. Okay then." Taehyung tugs at the sleeve of his robe, looks away. He said "okay then" but made sure the disappointment is there, heavy and evident in his voice. It works, of course it does. Jungkook rounds the table and crouches in front of Taehyung.
"Tae, cmon. I'm sorry." He takes Taehyung's hands in his. "Let me make it up to you? Please? Like, a cuddle? Or, uh, how about I draw you a bath?" Taehyung doesn’t look at Jungkook because if he does, Jungkook might notice the amusement in his eyes.
So he stares at their hands instead, at their intertwined fingers. "Hmm, not in the mood for a bath just yet." He really isn’t. That clammy feeling that he's had since leaving Jimin’s office is still there. He's not yet fully confident in his skin this time,
and he won’t let Jungkook see him naked when he's feeling this vulnerable. A cuddle, on the other hand. "A cuddle would be perfect." This time, it's Taehyung who leads Jungkook to their living room as tiny thoughts floated through his mind. A plan.
A nice plan because a faceless, nameless bitch is trying to hog Jungkook's attention even though the whole nation knows he's already married to Taehyung. It’s a marriage for show, but who cares? The public doesn’t know that. Good thing Jungkook is obviously attracted to him.
So despite the lack of any intimacy clause in their contract, Yoongi never said they couldn’t have a bit of skinship in the privacy of their home.
[TW// NSFW! 🔞 Minors do NOT interact] Taehyung lets Jungkook sit on the couch first, making sure that the smile on his face is neither too sultry nor too naive. He thinks back to photoshoots he's done. He thinks Guerlain, La Mer. He thinks Chanel, Saint Laurent.
Nothing too playful nor suggestive, just classic timeless attractiveness that doesn’t try to hard. And of course, as always, it fucking works.
Jungkook is all wide eyes and parted lips and stuttered breaths as he stares at Taehyung, who now puts one leg beside Jungkook’s, then another. When Taehyung is finally seated on his lap, straddling him, Jungkook is quick to put his hands on the model's waist.
His hands are firm, calloused. It's more to steady him than to suggest anything else. But Taehyung will take what he can. He puts his arms loosely on Jungkook's shoulders, giggles at the dumbfounded expression on his husband's face.
He looks adorable like this, like a lost little bunny. Taehyung feels feral. The thighs underneath him are hard, solid, and the faintest suggestion of Jungkook's cock under Tae's ass has his mind reeling. Because it isn’t even fully hard yet, but Taehyung just knows it's huge,
and fuck, this is what Jungkook has been depriving him of. "Tae -" Jungkook breathes, and his gaze is hooded and heavy. "What - Taehyung. What are you - what's this?" "What? You said we could cuddle," Taehyung murmurs as he presses their foreheads together.
They're so close like this, Taehyung could clearly see Jungkook's pretty lashes, could take in his breath that hits Tae, smelling nicely of mint and of jasmine tea. Jungkook grips his waist tighter, and the force of it is absolutely delicious. "So we cuddle. Like this."
"Jesus Fuck," is all Jungkook could groan out in response because Taehuung subtly grinds on top of him. Jungkook throws his head back, eyes closed as he pants in uneven breaths. Taehyung's mind is going haywire because Jungkook's cock stirs underneath him, and fucking hell,
he's grown even bigger. “You like that, baby?” Taehyung rasps. He’s crossing the line, he knows, but a thought fully forms in his head. This is all for Jungkook, to remind him what he has here at home as he goes to meet whoever that hag is. “Feel so good like this, Jungkookie.”
Evidently, Jungkook feels good, too, because finally, /finally/, he gives in, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s waist like his life depended on it. He’s wearing just a thin shirt and flimsy shorts, so when he ruts up, Taehyung could feel everything.
This is supposed to be for Jungkook, a reminder as to whom he belongs to, but it’s all so good, so heavenly. They aren’t even fully undressed. There are layers of clothes between them, but Taehyung’s mind is reeling. He’s hard, too, his cock pressed in between him and Jungkook.
There’s heat that builds in the pit of Taehyung’s belly as his thoughts dissolve, and it coils and coils until he couldn’t hold it back anymore and it snaps. Taehyung gasps as he climaxes, arms tightly wound around Jungkook’s shoulder.
It’s his name that spills out of Jungkook’s mouth as he finds his release, too, a sated and quivering mess underneath Taehyung. It’s the first time Taehyung’s felt like this, so fiercely embraced during and after sex.
Had he been more lucid, he would have thought of the implications of that. But Taehyung isn’t fully lucid now. He’s riding his high, his brain a mush after that very quick but mind-numbingly, insanely good dry humping. [TW// ends here]
There are so many things that he’d thought wrong of Jungkook, and the boxer being a prude might be one of those. When Taehyung untangles his arms from Jungkook’s shoulders, however, he realizes that Jungkook won’t let go of him.
His arms are still tight around Taehyung, and he refuses to meet Taehyung’s eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Jungkook only shakes his head, adamant in his refusal. “Hey,” Taehyung tries again, hands cupping Jungkook’s face to gently coax him to look up.
“What’s wrong? Did you not like it? Was – Was it disappointing?” Panic surges into Jungkook’s eyes. “No! I mean, it wasn’t disappointing at all, Tae. It was so good. It’s just –“ There are tears in Jungkook’s eyes now, wetting his lashes but refusing to fall.
He looks so good like this, his post-sex glow making him look softer yet also more raw. “Just –“ Jungkook tries again, and there’s determination slowly settling on his face. “Taehyung. I like you. I like you so much, I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I just – I don’t even know if I deserve you, Tae, and I’m so fucking scared that I’m being too much, because I am always being too much. It’s why no one stays with me. But you’re here, and –
and tell me if I’m wrong, I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” The more Taehyung listens to Jungkook, the more he feels it – something slithers around his chest, wounding around his lungs and his heart so tightly it’s getting difficult to breathe.
Jungkook should just shut up now, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but - “But I think you like me, too, Taehyung. Or we wouldn’t have done this if you didn’t, right? I mean, I know people fuck around with no feelings attached, I get that,
but there was something there, right?” No. No, there wasn’t. Taehyung doesn’t do feelings, and he wants to run away from here. “If – if I’m wrong, Tae,” Jungkook croaks as his voice is starting to break. His arms are still wrapped around Taehyung,
and Taehyung isn’t sure if he should pull away or of he should stay like this. It’s comfortable right here on Jungkook’s lap, but it also isn’t. “If I’m wrong, tell me now, okay? So that I can keep my distance and deal with these feelings on my own.
I won’t bother you with it, I promise.” Taehyung doesn’t like Jungkook. Not that way, at least. He’s hot, absolutely, and from what just happened a few minutes ago before Jungkook decided to run his mouth and ruin everything,
it would seem like he’s also insanely good when it comes to fucking. However. Taehyung doesn’t do feelings. That has been one of the biggest truths in his life. Feelings are unnecessary, they make him weak, they make him feel small.
But then, Taehyung remembers that there’s a nosy slut somewhere, bidding her time, waiting for the opportunity to jump on Jungkook. Taehyung doesn’t like that thought at all, so he says, “of course I like you, too, my darling.”
He smiles at Jungkook, who looks at him with open adoration, and it’s a smile that he has worn so many times in front of the camera. It’s easy even if he doesn’t mean it because he’s practiced it his entire life. “Of course I like you. So very much.”
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📸📸📸 #taekook #taekookau Taehyung is in a whole lot of trouble. Usually, he’d usually know how to get around it. Or more accurately, he’d know that Jimin or Yoongi would have it fixed for him, just like they did with that most recent paparazzi fiasco.
But now he can’t even ask for their help because this doesn’t have anything to do with his career, nor his public image. This has everything to do with the man sitting in front of the room, with several cameras trained towards him.
This is why Taehyung doesn’t do feelings or relationships in general. It requires him to pay attention to things that he does not really care about. To worry about someone other than himself.
But he’s supposed to be married to this man, to Jeon Jungkook, who actually likes him. And who thinks Taehyung likes him, too. And to make matters worse, Jungkook is, quite obviously, fuming. He doesn’t care to hide it, the way his jaw is clenched,
the way his fists are tightly curled. He’s been like that since this morning, his annoyance so palpable that Hoseok and Namjoon had to calm him down when he snapped at someone. Taehyung’s never seen him this way. Granted, it hasn’t been that long since they’ve known each other,
but in that short time, all he’s ever seen is a slightly awkward, always flustered, deeply smitten Jungkook who’s too hot and attractive for his own good. It was probably that phone call this morning. It turned Jungkook’s mood so quickly it was almost scary.
One moment he was all soft, waking Taehyung up with kisses on his face. He’d been that cheesy it’s ridiculous. He even made breakfast and then easily gave in when Taehyung pushed him against the kitchen counter.
That had been nice, especially when Jungkook reversed their position and then lifted Taehyung up to have him sit on the counter instead. Who knew morning make-out sessions could be that hot and heavy?
But then that phone call happened, and the next moment, Jungkook had his veins popping. Curse that person, really, whoever that was. Taehyung had been so ready to be taken right then and there, okay? After all, he “likes” Jungkook now.
If he knew that it would only take that silly little lie for Jungkook to give in, he would have said it a long time ago. Hopefully, it had been that bitch that got him this angry, so Jungkook might have to reconsider seeing whoever she is after this whole presser is done.
Taehyung flexes his fingers. Jungkook had held onto his hand so tightly earlier, and when they got here, had pulled Taehyung to his side with a fierce kind of possessiveness. Taehyung isn’t used to being a side character like this, but turns out,
being Jungkook’s arm candy can be an experience. The way everyone looked at him earlier – with something close to awe and disbelief – was something that he reveled in. He didn’t even have to try, he obviously got their attention.
This is an entirely different presser from what Taehyung is used to. The crowd of reporters are noisier, less… classy. And don’t even get Taehyung started on the other athletes on the table with Jungkook.
They’re boxers, all right; seeing their faces, it’s obvious that they get beaten up for a living. Not Jungkook, though. He’s pretty. He stands out over the rest of them, shining like a beacon, the sole saving grace of this presser.
He sits by Namjoon, a few of his team members that Taehyung had already met standing by.
“It’s all thanks to my husband, actually.” Taehyung startles, and then grins when he sees that Jungkook is looking right at him. He didn’t hear the question, but clearly, it had been something that involves him.
“He gave me the motivation to return to the ring,” Jungkook continues. There’s a rush of murmurs from the crowd at his answer, but Jungkook’s eyes are solely on Taehyung. “Aside from my team, it was him who pushed me to do better.
So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that when I win, it’s because of my husband, too.” The murmurs get louder. Namjoon looks amused. It’s clear this is going to be one of the things that Jungkook will get asked about later during the Q&A.
The moderator clears his throat. The murmurs quiet down. Whatever it was that Yoongi planned when he thought of announcing their marriage, it’s starting to work. People are hooked on Jungkook.
The questions move to other boxing-related topics, and Taehyung loses his train of thought again. Somehow, he can’t take his eyes off Jungkook, who also throws him a glance every now and then. There’s something unreadable about the way he looks, a bit agitated, a bit gritty.
Taehyung thinks he’d probably stop Jungkook from meeting that bitch later, just so he can ride his husband to oblivion. The thought alone has Taehyung nibbling on his lower lip.
“Look at you all smitten.” “Shut up, hyung,” Taehyung snaps. Why did Seojoon even insist on coming here? He just showed up out of nowhere earlier, and then proceeded to stick by Taehyung’s side the entire time
even though Taehyung told him earlier that they need to lie low for a while because Jimin’s pissed as hell. Apparently Yuna’s out of the country again, and this guy has got too much free time.
“What?” Seojoon chuckles, whispers, “Don’t deny it, Taehyungie. It’s too obvious. He fucked you already, didn’t he? You liked it that much? His cock that good?” It’s dangerous. This is all too dangerous. There are people all around them.
Not just regular people, but reporters, with cameras and recorders, and who knows what those mics near them might pic up? Seojoon is playing a nasty game. He’s never been this insufferable before, but lately, he’s gotten clingy.
He texts and calls every day, insists to fuck every chance they get even when Taehyung tells him he isn’t in the mood. It’s getting creepy, and now he’s here whispering all this filth to Taehyung’s ear.
Taehyung’s just about to respond when he hears it. “Why am I sure I’ll win? It’s because the great Jeon Jungkook has gotten soft,” says the other boxer, the one Jungkook is supposed to fight – a mousy-looking man with pebble-like eyes and huge nostrils.
“He’s gay, so. Honestly, it makes me uncomfortable knowing that he might touch me during the fight.” Taehyung freezes. Jungkook is glaring at the man while Namjoon is tightly gripping his arm, probably to hold Jungkook back.
For a moment, Namjoon is able to, but then the other boxer just had to open his mouth again. “If not him, it’s probably that other gay dude he’s sleeping with who might harass me. That’s why I got full security.” He laughs for a second.
A grin is still on his face when all of a sudden, Jungkook is on him, literally leaping over the table to get to him and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. The security of the event flood the stage trying to break the fight, and in the commotion,
a mic picks up Jungkook’s words, quiet but seething. “Say anything about my husband again, and we won’t even get to the ring before I bash your head in.” The presser ends abruptly as Jungkook is dragged backstage.
Seojoon in still laughing by Taehyung’s side, amused at the entire chaos, but Taehyung has no time for that now. He rushes backstage.
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#taekook #taekookau [enter-talk] Jeon Jungkook punched American boxer Peterson in the presscon earlier! [Top Comments] | [Please log in to join the conversation] KimSongSSIBAL98 (5 minutes ago): that guy dserved TBH
KimSongSSIBAL98 (5 minutes ago): *deserved KimSongSSIBAL98 (5 minutes ago): homophobe like were not in 202o shm Guest (5 minutes ago): ok but r we really talking about sports here what is this kkkkk Guest (5 minutes ago): Jungkook is a celeb too so…….
TheoTHKim (4 minutes ago): JK really fought for Tae!!!! Can’t believe that!!!! THVLover (4 minutes ago): IDK I think it was scripted TheoTHKim (3 minutes ago): Scripted???? Like JK got realy punched wtf how is that scripted
THVLover (3 minutes ago): wtv I don’t like jk for th I said wat I sed TaeTaeTae (2 minutes ago): tae alr said to respect his husband??? And he clearly loves tae since he litrally punches ppl for tae’s honor??? R U an anti or wat THVLover???
LunaLunaLuna (2 minutes ago): but the question issss… did yall see th and seojoon being loveylovey in some vids???? Guest (2 minutes ago): kkkkk omg yes! They looked so good together honestly I miss their interactions
Guest (2 minutes ago): they’re besties and Seojoon is married and th is married but LET ME BE DELUSIONAL FOR A BIT I WANT THEM TOGETHER THVLover (just now): ur not alone there kkkk they look sooo good together way betterthan that jk trash
This part of Busan is quiet this time of night. It’s ways away from the city center, so there’s not much traffic, just an occasional car passing through. There’s the playground that Jungkook used to play in when he was young,
as well as the sidewalk where he tripped and cut his cheek. Inside the car, the AC is in full blast. A popular track is playing on the car’s radio, some catchy beat that Jungkook follows by tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.
Beside him, Minji is scarfing down her food. It’s just a burger and fries from McDonald’s, but she’s eating it like it’s her last meal. It’s a bit gross, he really should have taught her some manners, but at least it manages to pull a laugh out of Jungkook.
That’s good because he’s still a bit pissed, the adrenaline from earlier not yet fully draining out of him. He’d woken up earlier in the morning in the best mood. To be honest, he still couldn’t wrap his head around what happened last night.
It was all too good to be true – Taehyung on top of him, grinding down, asking him if he likes it. It’s almost humiliating how fast he came, but then Taehyung did, too, so at least it worked out in the end. And then there was that – the confession.
Jungkook never really intended to spill out his feelings that time, but his head was spinning and he had been on a post-sex high and was overwhelmed by the sight of Taehyung sitting on his lap with his arms around his shoulders.
Taehyung has always been the most beautiful man Jungkook had ever seen, but that moment, with him on Jungkook’s lap, his silk robe partially falling off his shoulder, a bit sweaty, a pretty blush high on his cheeks, Jungkook felt his heart skip a beat.
It could have been bad. Jungkook has always had this tendency to fall too quickly, which is why he had fiercely guarded his heart. It was almost a miracle that he didn’t catch feelings for Yeongjae, but then again, Yeongjae’s always been a bit of a creep, to be honest.
But with Taehyung, well, Jungkook never really stood a chance. So it could have been bad, because he’s fallen too quickly again. He said he /likes/ Taehyung, but he knows for a fact that it’s a little bit more than that.
But then, it wasn’t bad at all, because Taehyung said he likes Jungkook, too. For a moment, Jungkook felt the world stop when he heard those words. It was probably unattractive the way he broke down after that, his tears falling down his face in a steady stream.
Taehyung didn’t mind though. And Taehyung also did not mind it when Jungkook asked him to sleep in his room. The only argument Taehyung really said was, “But my bed is more comfy.” Indeed it was, but that was mostly because they slept with Jungkook’s arms around Taehyung.
So Jungkook’s morning had been good. The best. He woke Taehyung up with kisses because he could. Because Taehyung liked him, too. Then Taehyung even made out with him during breakfast, and Jungkook could scream out that he’s the luckiest man in the entire world because he is.
He fucking is. It’s a dream, and Jungkook is living it. All it took, however, was a single phone call from Min Yoongi to ruin Jungkook’s mood.
Being in his position, Yoongi had never really been one to understand that not everyone works around his own timetable. As such, the most random of phone calls from him can come at any hour. And he just so happened to call just as Jungkook was feeling up Taehyung’s legs.
And it wasn’t even about anything important. Yoongi just wanted a follow up on how Jungkook’s doing. Of all times that Yoongi had decided to be a decent older brother, it had to be right then. Seriously, what’s wrong with that guy?
Just because he isn’t getting any doesn’t mean he has to spread his be-a-prude agenda. But there was something there, an off-handed remark near the end of the call, that had Jungkook’s mood turning from sour to absolutely shit.
“I heard you picked Taehyung up from the office yesterday,” Yoongi said. “I’m all for the lovey-dovey façade, Jungkook-ah, but careful what you do in private. Don’t go catching feelings because Taehyung isn’t the person you think he is.”
Jungkook couldn’t even get a word in. The call got cut off with Yoongi saying “anyway, good luck later. Don’t go making a mess.” So in all, Jungkook really didn’t know what to make of Yoongi’s words of caution.
It’s all too ominous, but Yoongi’s also a distrustful asshole who thinks everyone is out to get him. Yoongi doesn’t know shit, so he has no right spewing bullshit like that, not when it’s Jungkook who lives with Taehyung, who sees him in his most private and intimate moments.
“…ike their songs so much, y’know? Like, they’re the best.” “Huh?” Jungkook startles. When he turns to look beside him, there’s a grimace on Minji’s face. “What?” Minji scoffs and angrily eats a french fry.
“Are you being serious right now? You haven’t visited in months, and now you’re not even paying attention?” “I’m sorry, okay?” Jungkook sighs, leaning back on the backrest of his seat. “I’m just tired. And the presser earlier was hell.”
Minji turns on her seat so she now sits facing Jungkook. “Ooh! I saw that! Heh. You think you’re all cool, huh? And I’m still pissed at you, by the way.” “Huh? Why?” “You didn’t invite me to your wedding, duh!” Minji rolls her eyes,
but Jungkook can’t take her annoyance seriously when her cheeks are puffed up because of her burger. “And /The/ Kim Taehyung, huh? Got lucky there?” “There wasn’t even a wedding, Minji-yah,” Jungkook reasons. “It’s all Yoongi-hyung’s scheming or something.
He’s got this grand plan that’s supposed to help me fix my reputation.” A snort is what he gets in response. “And then you had to ruin it earlier by punching that homophobe. He got what he deserved, though. But Kim Taehyung, huh?” A pause.
Minji looks like she’s thinking. Who knows what goes on in her head. Jungkook has stopped trying to know that a long time ago. “I don’t like it.” “What?” Jungkook chokes. “Why?” “I dunno. I mean. There’s something fishy there. Besides,” she shrugs, “why him, of all people?
Did you know he used to get shipped with Park Seojoon a lot before?” Oh. Seojoon had been in the presser, too. Why he was there, Jungkook doesn’t know. Jungkook supposed that he was just being supportive, being Taehyung’s best friend and all. Jungkook even thanked him.
After all, Taehyung was out of his element, and Jungkook couldn’t be there for him while he was being interviewed. The only time that Jungkook didn’t see Seojoon was when he got sent to the waiting room after that brawl with Peterson, that homophobe fucker.
Taehyung was there, though, a worried mess as he cradled Jungkook’s face with his hands, a frantic “Are you okay? Did he hit you back?” rushing out of him in between kissing Jungkook senseless. It may have been why he insisted that Jungkook should stay at home tonight.
Jungkook can still see Taehyung’s disappointed pout when he told him he really needed to leave. Because as much as he didn’t want to go, it’s not often that he and Minji could get to hang out like this.
In between his messy public image and Minji’s school schedule, it’s been months since he’s driven all the way to Busan and spend some time with her. Though he isn’t really happy with what Minji’s trying to insinuate right now.
“They’re just really good friends, Minji-yah,” he tells her. “I’ve met Seojoon-hyung. He’s a good guy.” Minji snorts again. “Sure he is. Which is why people like shipping him with Taehyung. Have you seen what the fans are saying in online forums?”
Jungkook’s stomach is churning. He never really likes thinking about online forums because he’s only reminded of how people see him as – a failure, a whore, a bully, a reckless madman.
Minji should know this because she’s part of the reason why he had to stop fighting for a while, but she’s always been tactless, too, a little bit too careless with her words. It’s why she got in trouble in the first place,
why that series of shitty events that ultimately led to Jungkook's hiatus happened. But Jungkook can’t remind her that because that would be cruel, so he keeps his mouth shut. “I don’t like him though,” Minji continues. She crumples the McDonald’s paperbag.
“You know, there were rumors before that Park Seojoon cheats on his wife, like a lot. And if that were true, and if Taehyung-ssi’s okay with that, then I don’t like them both.” She opens the car door and goes out. There’s a trash bin near where they’re parked,
and Minji walks towards it because she knows Jungkook doesn’t like it when she leaves a mess in his car. But she doesn’t get to reach it. There’s a flash in the dark, from somewhere near the other end of the park where there are no street lights. Minji freezes in her tracks.
Jungkook’s just about to step out of the car when she comes running back. When she gets in again, she’s pale as a ghost, shivering and sweating at the same time. “Shit shit shit,” she mutters as she puts on her seatbelt. “We should go, oppa. Hurry.”
Jungkook doesn’t waste time. He drives away. It’s bad. He’s using a different car this time, one that he doesn’t always drive, but still, people know this, too. They’ve seen him driving this before, and if that was indeed a flash of a camera,
it won’t take long before photos of him leak out again. And Minji isn’t wearing any hat to cover her face. Shit. His stomach is in knots as he drives around, making sure that they aren’t tailed. Minji is still visibly trembling, her hands curled tightly into fists.
Jungkook thinks he should call Yoongi, who should still be awake because that guy doesn’t sleep anyway. But he’ll be pissed for sure, and Jungkook can’t risk that. He can only hope that wasn’t a pap. There’s no tail behind them fortunately,
but he still drives around a bit before turning a corner so he could drop Minji off in front of her house. “It’s the same guy, hyung. It’s the same fucking guy,” Minji grits. She’s regained a bit of color in her face, but she’s still visibly shaken.
Jungkook startles at that. “What? Are you sure?” “Fucking sure. He’s been following me around campus, too.” Apparently, a restraining order isn’t enough. And why is this guy even out of jail? He’s not supposed to be out for another year or so.
That’s it then, Jungkook decides. If there’s anyone who can do something about this, it’s Yoongi. It’s not going to be a pleasant conversation, that’s for sure, but he doesn’t care. Yoongi can berate him for all he cares,
because if they want to be sure that something gets done about this, he’s their only shot. “I’ll talk to Yoongi-hyung about this,” he tells Minji then. She looks surprised. “Are you sure? That guy hates me.” “He hates everyone.”
That, at least, makes her ease up a bit. “That’s fair. Oppa, you sure you don’t want to go up?” “Your dad there?” Jungkook asks, teasing. Minji only rolls her eyes. “He is.” “No chance in hell then.”
The drive back to Seoul is quiet, punctuated only by the rambling of a late-night radio host who’s currently on a drawn-out rant about a girl group Jungkook doesn’t really know. At least it keeps him awake. It’s past 1 in the morning, and he still has an hour to go.
His mind is churning, half-formed ideas flitting too quickly for him to catch. He dreads the call he has to make later, but it can’t be helped, not when Minji might be in danger again. It’s why he didn’t let Taehyung come with him.
Aside from Minji being uncomfortable around strangers, Taehyung is too well-known, and he can’t risk anybody spotting them. They’ve worked so hard to regain Minji’s anonymity after all. He’s too tired to think, exhaustion seeping into his bones.
He’s about to pass out when he makes a turn and drives into the basement parking of their building. He just wants to rest, cuddle with Taehyung a bit. Taehyung’s kisses do wonders, and he’s sure a couple of those could calm his nerves.
The elevator ride up to their penthouse takes forever. There’s a repetitive jingle playing overhead, and it only makes Jungkook’s annoyance flare. No matter. He’s almost home. Just a few minutes more and he can finally engulf Taehyung in the biggest hug.
Or Taehyung can hug him. Whichever works. The elevator dings. A few steps more, and then he’s in front of their door. He types in their keycode, and the door unlocks with a beep and a click. “Tae, I’m home…” he pauses, his words trailing off as his mouth runs dry.
Seojoon is chuckling as Taehyung lightly shoves him away. It’s subtle but Jungkook notices it, the way that Taehyung’s eyes widen, the way he pulls his robe up to cover his shoulders. All at once, Yoongi’s and Minji’s words come rushing back.
“Taehyung isn’t the person you think he is.” “Did you know he used to get shipped with Park Seojoon a lot before?” “There were rumors before that Park Seojoon cheats on his wife, like a lot.”
There’s a prickling sensation at the back of Jungkook’s neck, which worsens as Seojoon comes closer. “Jungkook-ah. I was just about to leave. Kept Tae here company while you’re away.” He pats Jungkook’s shoulder and waves at Taehyung as he walks out the door.
Meanwhile, Jungkook stays rooted on his spot. Did he imagine it when Taehyung said he likes Jungkook back? He didn’t, did he? Last night really happened, didn’t it? Jungkook’s sure it did. And they woke up together, made out right on their kitchen counter.
Taehyung said he liked Jungkook. Jungkook is sure of that because that had only been less than a day ago. And Jungkook believed him. So why is there a large hickey on Taehyung's neck?
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#taekook #taekookau Taehyung doesn’t know how it has come to this. Maybe it had been his vindictiveness pushing itself to the surface, or maybe it had been petty jealousy because after all those kisses he gave Jungkook,
after he and Jungkook practically humped each other in the car before heading back home after the presser, after Taehyung being genuinely worried about someone else other than himself for once,
Jungkook still had the audacity to tell him, “sorry, Tae, but I really can’t cancel on this one.” So technically, Jungkook’s partly to blame because it was he who left Taehyung high and dry. That’s really the main reason why Taehyung called Seojoon over, so he could sulk a bit,
maybe get a good fuck because Jungkook just left after turning him on so bad it actually started to hurt. Jeon Jungkook is both the best and the worst thing that’s happened to Taehyung’s self-esteem.
Jungkook should really just drop that side chick, whoever that is. No one else should get to take all of Jungkook’s attention with just a single phone call. Taehyung will make sure of that. At least, that had been the plan, until Seojoon just had to fuck everything up.
[tw// mentions of emotional manipulation, questionable consent] Taehyung told him repeatedly: “nothing close to midnight.” He’d been clear about that because Jungkook said he’d be back a little after 12 am.
But Seojoon had been insistent, wanting to fuck several times even though Taehyung already said he wasn’t in the mood anymore. So now Taehyung is sore all over, he’s walking with a limp, and it wasn’t even that good. Seojoon’s usually good in bed,
but lately he’d been rougher than usual, what with all the dirty talk and the manhandling and grabbing and the slapping. That last one’s totally new.
Should Taehyung worry? He thinks, maybe. But Seojoon’s always been rough, and Taehyung at some point told him that he liked it that way. So maybe he shouldn’t be too worried.
But it was clearly an asshole move for Seojoon to try to make out with Taehyung right when he heard the door open. That one’s foul. Now Jungkook is just standing there on the foyer, staring at Taehyung with a disconcerted look on his face.
Taehyung should really talk to Seojoon about this, maybe set some boundaries because he’s already in trouble with his agency, he can’t have Jungkook mad at him, too. Especially not when they’re supposed to like each other, like, romantically. Relationships are a pain in the ass.
Seojoon used to be the only person Taehyung could truly trust, especially when Jimin got particularly stern with him. Seojoon would listen to his endless rants, would let him hide away for a bit when he needed some respite. He understood Taehyung when no one else did.
Which was why sex had been easy. He could trust Seojoon, and Seojoon trusted him back. But now, Taehyung has another person he’s starting to trust.
Jungkook also listens. He also takes Taehyung’s side when it comes to it. He makes really good breakfasts and as it turns out, his cuddles are comfortable enough to give Taehyung the best sleep of his life.
And hell, no one has ever fought for Taehyung publicly like Jungkook did during the presser. That’d been hot, sure, but more than that, seeing Jungkook seething with rage because of what was said about Taehyung, something foreign surged inside him,
something so strong it propelled him to run back to the waiting area just so he could make sure Jungkook had been okay. No one has ever stood up for him like that before. Whether Jungkook’s just naïve, or he is really serious about liking Taehyung, it doesn’t matter.
This is someone clearly on Taehyung’s side, and Taehyung can’t afford to lose him. Jungkook was okay, thankfully. At least okay enough that he could go off galivanting with some other bitch that isn’t Taehyung.
At least he’s home now, but it doesn’t bode well that he’s looking like a lost little bunny. “Baby, you’re ho-“ “Taehyung. What’s going on? Why was Seojoon-hyung here this late?” There’s desperation seeping into Taehyung’s veins at Jungkook’s question.
Why does Jungkook sound so betrayed when he himself just came back from snoozing with some random whore? “What do you mean what’s going on, darling? Seojoon-hyung just kept me company. He told you.”
Jungkook openly stares, clenching his jaw so hard Taehyung fears it might lock. “Keeping you company? Is that what we call leaving gigantic hickeys on each other’s neck now?”
It’s almost instinctive how Taehyung’s hand fly towards his neck. Fucking Seojoon. How many times does Taehyung have to remind him that he shouldn’t leave marks? And on the neck of all places.
“This – uh” Taehyung stammers, struggling for a reasonable excuse because Seojoon just made his life more difficult. “Seojoon-hyung – he – when he’s a bit drunk, he tends to get – uhm – a little bit touchy.”
It’s not a lie at least. Seojoon does get friskier when alcohol is involved. Taehyung could barely count the times that he’d almost gotten into trouble because of people spotting them in some random bar with Seojoon’s face on his neck.
But those people don’t matter because they could easily be paid off. Not this one though. Not Jungkook. He still looks disappointed, tongue pressing against his cheek. “Touchy. Huh. And you just – you just let it happen? Just like that.”
“Jungkookie…” The desperation inside Taehyung flares, clouding his mind because Jungkook genuinely seems angry and Taehyung doesn’t like seeing him like that. He tugs his robe tightly, the silk in his hands providing him with a grounding feeling,
something to hold on to because the ground under him is swaying. There’s something urgent in him, telling him to go to Jungkook, to hold, to come clean –
to say ‘I’ve been sleeping with Seojoon-hyung for as long as I can remember but it’s really only that he doesn’t matter I’ll stop, tell me to stop.’ But another part of him, a bigger and louder part of him –
one that he’s always listened to because it’s the part of him that always made the right choices at the most critical moments – also protests. What’s the big deal? Why is Jungkook so mad about this when he himself had been warming someone else’s bed just a few hours ago?
He should know, then. Sex is fun, and if Jungkook can go around fucking other girls, then Taehyung can just continue opening himself up for someone he’s trusted all his life as well. “Taehyung,” Jungkook sighs, this time coming closer. But it isn’t close enough.
He still standing a few steps away from Taehyung and it isn’t near enough. “I’m genuinely asking so I would understand. Because if I remember it correctly, we did confess last night, didn’t we? That we like each other?”
Taehyung nods. He looks down at his feet because he can’t bear to look at Jungkook now. Jungkook looks the way Jimin does when he’s disappointed, and it’s a look that has Taehyung feeling unsure about himself.
“And if I remember it correctly," Jungkook continues, "I did tell you that if you didn’t feel the same about me, that you should just tell me. Did I miss something there?” This time, Taehyung shakes his head. There’s something bitter surging up his throat as his hackles rise,
his defensive tendencies staring to take over. But Jungkook doesn’t /sound/ the way Jimin does when he’s disappointed. He still speaks kindly, soft in the way he just asked his question, and that is what Taehyung holds on to.
“Just,” he begins. “He – I dunno if you would believe me, Jungkookie. But Seojoon-hyung, he’s not a bad person. It’s just. Sometimes, he does those things, you know? It’s not – it’s not that I like it, but –“ “But?” “But – he gets angry.” Taehyung trails off.
That much is true as well, to some extent. Seojoon has this particular way of showing his anger. It doesn’t just simmer away or disappear. Usually, it resurfaces the next time they’re together, and he’d remind Taehyung that he’d been disappointed last time.
So it shows in bed, that anger – a bite, a fistful of Taehyung’s hair, a position or a location Taehyung doesn’t like. Sex with Seojoon is fun, but there are moments when it isn’t. Taehyung wishes he could tell Jungkook that,
but Jungkook did just remind him now that they confessed their "feelings" to each other. So Jungkook might not be too happy when he knows what Seojoon and Taehyung usually do if they’re alone.
So instead of coming clean, Taehyung wraps his arms around himself, tightly so his shivers do not show. He’s not shaken about this or anything. He’s just so, so annoyed that Jungkook is pushing him into a corner like this when he has no right to do so.
When he himself got another person who keeps his cock wet. A hypocrite is what Jungkook is. But a hypocrite who, outside the bedroom, has proven that he’s on Taehyung’s side, so.
“Are you disappointed in me, Jungkookie?” Suddenly there’s a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, another hand on his chin urging him to look up. “Baby,” Jungkook breathes. There had been disappointment in Jungkook’s eyes earlier, but now there’s none of that.
Instead, what’s looking back at Taehyung is an expression full of worry. “You can’t – fuck, I’m so mad right now.” The hand on Taehyung’s shoulder is shaking, but he doesn’t get to feel that for long as he is pulled into an embrace.
It’s warm and solid and secure, and Taehyung easily sinks into it. “He can’t just do that,” Jungkook grits, “that’s not being a good friend, Taehyung. He’s taking advantage of you.” He pushes away, and Taehyung whines for a bit at the loss of contact,
but Jungkook is adamant as he stares into Taehyung’s eyes. It the eyes of someone determined, dead-set in whatever it is they’re thinking. “I know we haven’t been together long, but – and I know you think of him as your friend. But I’ll protect you, okay?
As long as I’m around, he won’t get his filthy hands on you.” Taehyung finally breathes easy. That’s more like it. “As long as he’s around,” Jungkook says. Does that mean he won’t go sleeping with his other girl? This is even better than what Taehyung have expected, then.
“He’s really not that bad, Jungkookie,” he says anyway. It’s nice like this, seeing Jungkook angry for him instead of at him. “He is, Taehyung. He fucking is.”
[tw// ends here]
This restaurant isn’t Jungkook’s typical scene. He’s a low-key guy, so he gets by with slightly-above-midrange food outlets. As long as they’ve got a great selection of high-protein, low calorie salad, that’s good enough for him.
This one is too high-end, too stuffy, but he isn’t here for himself so he doesn’t really have a choice. So he’s in his better clothes – a button down and a pair of slacks that Taehyung chose for him earlier.
Meanwhile, Yoongi in front of him is in a t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. Jungkook never really thought that Yoongi had other kinds of clothes aside from suits and leather shoes. Huh. Who would have thought?
Yoongi’s phone won’t stop pinging, but he ignores it in favor of meticulously cutting into his galbi. “Stop staring and eat your rabbit food, Jungkook-ah,” he says out of nowhere. Jungkook doesn’t eat his salad. His mouth feels dry.
He hadn’t really had much of an appetite since he got home that morning and found out what Seojoon had been doing to Taehyung. It’s been a couple of days, but man, Jungkook wants to rip someone to shreds, that someone being Park Seojoon.
Now he’s just a bundle of anxious and agitated mess. He’s got the second presser for their match in the US in a couple of weeks, which means he won’t be able to easily go to Minji when she needs him. Which also means being away from Taehyung for a while.
Just that thought of leaving Taehyung here where Seojoon can easily get to him has Jungkook’s stomach churning. For now, he makes do with constantly texting Taehyung, and they also agreed that Taehyung would drop by the gym whenever he’s free.
That’s good for now, but not nearly enough to have him really calm down. So he isn’t in the mood to eat. Besides, rich people food like this doesn’t sit well with him.
Why should he pay hundreds of thousands of won when he can get an equally decent salad from Avoh for less than half the price? It’s Yoongi’s money, but still, he’s never been comfortable in letting Yoongi pay for anything.
He moves his salad around just so he could pretend like he’s doing something. “Hyung,” he starts, but Yoongi holds a hand up. “No business or favor talks before 3 in the afternoon. That’s the rule.” Yoongi’s an asshole, alright.
As if he didn’t just barge into the gym at 5 in the morning to interrupt Jungkook’s workout once. As if he didn’t call out of nowhere at 6 in the morning at one point, interrupting Taehyung and Jungkook in the process. So Jungkook says, “that’s never been a rule, hyung.”
“Well now it is,” Yoongi retorts. “Let me enjoy this wonderful meat for a bit, for fuck’s sake.” “You can still enjoy your food while listening. You’re supposed to be good at multitasking.” Yoongi glares, leans back. “Getting mouthy, aren’t we? Taehyung’s rubbing off on you.”
“This isn’t about Taehyung. It’s about Minji.” There’s sudden interest there, but guarded. Yoongi’s eyebrow quirks up for a moment. “Is it about your rendezvous with her? The other night?” Fucking hell. Of course, Yoongi knows.
Jungkook groans. “Of course you already know about that. Are you tailing me or something?” “Nah,” says Yoongi. He’s eased back into his normal self, his interest gone as quickly as it had been there.
Yoongi’s never really liked Minji anyway, so it comes as no surprise that he’s so disinterested in this. “What made you think that it was a good idea to meet with her after that mess of a press conference?”
“We agreed to meet before the presser, hyung," Jungkook answers. "And it isn’t about me. That guy’s back.” “I know. He’s the one who sent us your photos.”
Jungkook drops his fork as he recoils. He really should have known the moment that Yoongi told him he’s aware of that trip he made to Busan. Of course he’d be in contact with that guy. There’s bile rising up his throat, betrayal making his nerves vibrate.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” “And I delt with those photos myself,” Yoongi says with a shrug. It’s almost amazing how casual he looks as he talks. Like all this is so insignificant to him. And maybe it is, because he never really cared enough about the people around him,
not when it doesn’t bring in any money. “You’re welcome, by the way.” “That’s not enough, hyung, and you know that,” Jungkook insists, clenching his fists as he tries to hold himself back. “I want that guy back in jail. He’s been harassing Minji again.
And he’s not supposed to be out yet!” “Calm down, will you?” This time, Yoongi finally gives Jungkook his full attention, carefully placing his knife and fork on the table as he does so. “You want to send him to jail? Okay then.
But that means you’d also have to be okay with exposing Minji’s identity. Last time had been messy enough, but at least it was you who took the brunt of it all. This time, there’s no contact between you and the guy.
All we have are photos, which are supposed to be non-existent by now, given the amount of money I paid for them. Are you okay with that?” Jungkook could only gape. The way Yoongi lays down all of this in front of Jungkook is cold, objective, calculating.
He doesn’t understand where Jungkook is coming from, why he’s so worried, because all their life, Yoongi had never been a good older brother. All that matters to Yoongi is his company and the money that gets into his bank account. He never cared about the people around him.
He never cared about Jungkook. Why would he care for Jungkook’s sister, then, especially since they’re not even related? Jungkook just wants to keep Minji safe because after what happened last time, she hadn’t been well. Is that too much to ask?
“Second,” Yoongi continues. “You have an upcoming match. And filing a case would only derail that. It would also throw Taehyung into the mix because you’re married to him, and it doesn’t take long for people to connect the dots. You should know that by now.
Do you really want a repeat of what happened before?” “No.” Jungkook slumps in his seat, feeling powerless, feeling helpless. The only person he thought he could turn to has dealt with the situation, but not in the way Jungkook would have liked.
Not in the way that would make Minji safe from that fucking stalker who once had the guts to actually accost her when she had just been minding her own business. “Very well then,” says Yoongi with a sense of finality. “There you go.
But I also know that you won’t be able to focus on your training as long as you’re worried about her, so I sent some people to keep watch. Once again, you’re welcome.” Yoongi takes his phone and scrolls through it for a bit before sliding it over to Jungkook.
On the screen are photos of Minji. One shows her on her way to uni, another shows her in a coffee shop with her friends. There’s another photo of her entering her home. It all feels dirty, feels so invasive. Jungkook wants to vomit.
But Jungkook doesn’t have a choice but to accept what Yoongi is doing because it’s either this or the stalker who has a history of harming her. Choose the lesser evil, so they say. At least this way, Minji is safe.
“Thank you, hyung,” Jungkook finally lets out, even though all he wants to do is curl up into a ball and cry. There’s a message from Taehyung telling him he just woke up from his morning nap, and at least that makes Jungkook smile a bit.
Taehyung never fails to make him feel better whenever he feels shitty. In front of him, Yoongi nods in response, and they don’t say anything more as Yoongi finishes his breakfast.
With Minji’s stalker being dealt with, Jungkook only has one other concern to settle before he can train in peace. It’s why he’s back in the Min Corp headquarters. At least this time, it’s in a much nicer office.
Jimin raises an eyebrow at what Jungkook just told him, and it’s eerily similar to Yoongi’s expression. Now that he’s thinking about it, Yoongi and Jimin are really alike, two peas in a pod. He recalls their first meeting, where Jimin basically had been Yoongi’s extension.
He’s also just noticing Jimin’s ring, which is also similar to the one Yoongi wore earlier during lunch. Now, Jungkook’s not one to be nosy, he’s not really much into gossip, but Taehyung loves those. And this could be interesting.
Maybe he could bring this up with Taehyung later just so they could disparage Jimin and Yoongi at home. That’s always been fun to do. “You want to take Taehyung with you?” Jimin asks after a briefly considering what Jungkook just asked.
Jungkook nods. “If he’s okay with it, of course. I’m just – I’m not exactly comfortable being away from him right now. For – uhm – personal reasons.”
He says it’s personal because it is. Seojoon is a creep who thinks it’s fine for him to put his filthy hands on Taehyung whenever he feels like it. But Jungkook won’t let that happen. Not anymore. Taehyung’s got him now, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his husband.
Jimin studies him for a bit, long enough to make Jungkook a bit uncomfortable. “Hmm. Jungkook-ah. You know Yoongi cares for you, right?” Okay, that came out of nowhere. Jungkook tilts his head, confused.
He just wanted to ask Jimin’s permission to let Taehyung travel to the US with him for the press conference. What does Yoongi have to do with any of this? So he asks, “what does hyung have to do with this?”
Jimin waves a dismissive hand. “I believe he’s already reminded you to be careful? That Taehyung isn’t who he seems?” Where is this all coming from? Jungkook’s massively unsure about what his request has to do with Yoongi’s meddling with this marital set-up with Taehyung.
Jimin and Yoongi may very well be a couple. They’re both nosy, dipping their fingers where they shouldn’t. “Anyway, I’m sure you have good reason to ask this, and since Taehyung doesn’t really have anything lined up for now, off season and all,
he can go with you if he wants to. However,” Jimin leans back, resting his chin on his interlaced fingers. His ring that matches Yoongi's glints when the light hits it. “We care about you, Jungkook-ah, so I’m doing this for your own good.
Because I’m worried that you’re getting in too deep. Remember that this marriage of yours is all for show.” “Jimin-ssi,” Jungkook replies. There’s an uneasy feeling that's finding its home at the bottom of his chest, clawing at him from inside out.
Jimin’s being cryptic, and Jungkook really doesn’t have time for this. He still has to train, and he’s wasted enough time as it is because apparently people in the fashion industry likes drawn out mindless conversations.
“I don’t have all day. I really just came here to ask for your permission before I talk to Taehyung about the presser in the US. So if you want to tell me anything else, please, cut to the chase.” Jimin doesn’t say anything else.
Instead, he throws a folder to Jungkook’s direction. It’s like breakfast with Yoongi is repeating itself. Jungkook’s cautious as he opens the folder, but there really isn't that much for him to browse through. Just a few photos – three to be exact.
They’re just a few photos but Jungkook’s mind is reeling. “Do with those as you please,” Jimin says. The photos have timestamps at the bottom. One was taken a few days back, on the day of the press conference.
It shows Taehyung leaning against Seojoon in what seems to be a bar. The second photo shows Seojoon nuzzling against Taehyung’s neck. The last one is older. Jungkook remembers that day, remembers what Taehyung had worn – from his dress shirt to his slacks.
But the photo doesn’t show those slacks because Taehyung isn’t wearing them as he’s bent over a balcony railing, face twisted in a sick display of pleasure while Seojoon stands behind him naked.
There’s something vile that takes over Jungkook, a thousand pinpricks running all over his skin because how dare Jimin show him this. And in the guise of caring at that. Clearly, they don’t know what’s been going on.
That last photo was taken before he confessed to Taehyung, way before they made things truly official between themselves. So it should hardly matter. Jimin is Taehyung’s boss, so what he should be doing instead of throwing Taehyung under the bus like this is to protect him.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Jungkook seethes. “Do you have any idea about what that asshole’s been doing to Taehyung? He’s taking advantage of him, Jimin-ssi, yet here you are, ready to just put all the blame on Taehyung. Ready to paint him as a, what? A cheater?”
“Watch your mouth, Jungkook,” Jimin warns. He really thinks he can pull that tone, but no. Jungkook’s done with this shit. He really couldn’t count on anyone, after all. Everyone’s just out to get him, out to get Taehyung, but he won’t let them.
He throws the folder back to Jimin as he stands. “What you should have done a long time ago is to protect him from predators like Seojoon. Which is exactly what I’m doing right now. You’re fucking welcome, by the way. If you’re not willing to do that,
then don’t comment on what Taehyung and I do in private. We’re holding our end of the bargain in public anyway. Tell Yoongi-hyung that, too, because obviously you’re fucking him as well, right? Think I didn’t notice? You’re a bunch of hypocrites, seriously.”
He doesn’t wait for any response from Jimin as he walks out and slams the door behind him. He’s sure he’d get a stern warning from Yoongi much later, but he doesn’t care. He’s never been this angry before.
He just wants to get to Taehyung as soon as he can. Fuck training. That can wait.
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A/N cont.: but the thing is, in people who 1) have been down in the dumps before the relationship & 2) are easily manipulated emotionally, it takes waaaay more than that. Also, note that these are two highly unreliable narrators. So just remember that as you read. hehe.
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Taehyung never really liked the Las Vegas weather. It’s too arid, too dry. At least he gets the chance to wear flimsier clothing, which he knows Jungkook really likes, going by the way he stares. He’s been doing that a lot lately, staring at Taehyung.
There’s nothing uncomfortable about it, and it’s very much unlike the way others stare at Taehyung. Then again, Jungkook is very much unlike others before him. It’s only here in the US that Taehyung is really seeing how big of a deal Jungkook is. Back at home,
Jungkook had taken on a more unassuming personality. Jimin did tell Taehyung that the media and the general public did not like Jungkook a lot, but never did it occur to Taehyung that they’d been downplaying his fame as well.
Here, Jungkook thrives. Here, he doesn’t hide his face when he goes out, and when people call out to him, it’s often because they’re his fans. His name is usually uttered with admiration instead of disdain, and he’s plastered on several billboards,
posed in a fighting stance with a fierce, fierce expression on his face. The only thing Taehyung doesn’t like about it is that the billboards show his abs, and Taehyung is feeling particularly possessive of those.
Here, people /know/ Jungkook not just as a regular subject of online gossip, not as Kim Taehyung’s husband, but as the undefeated and reigning middleweight boxing champion.
Even in the gym where Peterson (that homophobe asshole, at least he’d been ordered to issue a public apology) trains, gymgoers approached Jungkook and expressed their support. They ask for his autograph, they ask to take photos with him, some have even dared to spar with him.
He’s so loved here, and Taehyung feels like a bubble around him just burst. “He is a world champion, after all,” Hoseok says beside him. They’re on the sidelines now, watching as Jungkook provides a demo to a few amateur boxers in the middle of the gym.
Surprisingly, a few of them recognize Taehyung, too, whispering “shit, it’s that model husband” and “I don’t know who’s luckier, him or Jungkook” and “of course people like them go together, look at them.” One even asked for Taehyung’s autograph,
a teenage boy who confessed to Taehyung he liked boys, too. “You and Jungkook are such an inspiration,” the boy said. Taehyung doesn’t remember what he told the boy, overwhelmed as he was knowing that he inspired someone – not because of how he looks but because of who he is.
Whatever it was that he said, it was enough to get the boy tearing up. Taehyung called Jungkook “a charity case” before, and once again, he’s proven wrong. It’s a wonder why Jungkook just didn’t move here when his name was being dragged all over the local news back home.
At least here, he could train in peace, he would have had people who supported him. But he stayed in Korea, where people called him names, where people questioned his track record. “But you know, Taehyung-ah,” Hoseok continued.
He’s been using that more informal name ever since they first met, and Taehyung never minded it. He likes it, in fact, because it’s not often that his name is usually uttered in such a friendly and adoring way. “I don’t know if I’ve already said this, but thank you, really.”
Taehyung startles. When he turns to look, he sees Hoseok watching Jungkook sparring with someone. There’s a smile on his face, warm and fond. “What? What for?” Hoseok waves a dismissive hand. It’s something Jimin does, too, often to show disinterest.
This one isn’t like that, though. The way Hoseok does it, it’s as though he’s pushing through his embarrassment. “Just, you know – you really turned him around,” he says. “Jungkookie’s a great kid. He’s driven, he’s weird. He’s affectionate, too. Very protective.
But after everything that happened, he just – I don’t know – it’s like he shut down. He turned down matches, we lost sponsors. For him, it was just boxing, Busan, an occasional night out that never really did him any good
because that guy he used to go out with was not really the type to hide from the media. Then you came along, and it’s like –“ Hoseok looks at Taehyung then, and his smile is blinding.
But Taehyung cannot fully take in the gratitude that Hoseok radiates because there are too many questions running through his mind. Who’s that guy Jungkook used to go out with? Does Jungkook have more than one fuckbuddy? And what’s with Busan?
“It’s like he’s gotten a new lease in life, you know? Like he’s found his drive and purpose again. Remember what he said during the presser? That it’s all thanks to you?” Taehyung nods. Of course he does. Hoseok chuckles.
“A few of my colleagues actually asked me why we weren’t offended by it. After all, we’re his team, but Jungkook chose to thank you instead. But Namjoon and I agree with Jungkook though. It’s really thanks to you that he’s getting this opportunity again.”
Taehyung’s head is about to burst, so does his chest, which slowly fills with something unknown, something unfamiliar. It isn’t something he’s felt before, mainly because no one’s ever told him something like this before.
No one’s ever told him he’s affected someone this way, to be someone’s second chance. At the start of it all, he only ever thought of Jungkook as someone to play with, someone whose reputation he can help fix, but also someone who’d help him retain his relevance.
He never expected for things to turn out this way, for people around Jungkook to be so different from the people he’s used to, and now he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what to do because they’re all so kind and truth be told, he isn’t sure if he deserves it.
It’s a heavy burden to bear, especially for someone like him. Jungkook is looking at him now, something like worry flitting through his face, but it’s gone as soon as Taehyung flashes him a grin. “You okay? Was what I said too much?” Hoseok asks from beside him.
Taehyung shakes his head. “No, I’m fine. Let me ask though. What exactly happened?” At that, Hoseok grimaces, crossing his arms across his chest. “I don’t think it’s for me to say, but you can ask Jungkookie if you get the chance.
He’d tell you for sure cause that dude trusts you and is like, crazy in love with you.” Taehyung’s heart stutters. There’s something choking him and he wants to get out of here because breathing is getting difficult.
No one said anything about being in love. Surely Jungkook couldn’t be in love with him. He’s got a fuckbuddy on the side, someone he’d leave Taehyung for with only a single phone call. Apparently he has another dude he used to sleep with. Is that still a thing?
Does Jungkook’s team know that their marriage is a sham? Surely they do? They’re included in the contract. He takes a couple of deep breaths to steady his heart.
As he usually does, he doesn’t dwell on the heavier things for now because they’re in public and he doesn’t want to have a mental breakdown. Jungkook’s looking at him again, as if he has some radar that can easily detect Taehyung’s discomfort. Taehyung always feels seen,
feels bare, when it comes to Jungkook, and for someone who thrives in attention, Taehyung isn’t sure if he likes it. “Ah,” he says with a light laugh. He’s feeling lightheaded, and he almost feels relief when his phone vibrates in his pocket.
At least it provides him an excuse to veer away from this conversation that’s getting a bit too deep for him. But then he sees the message, and he sort of wants to bang his head against the wall.
[PSJ] How’s vegas It’s late here Yuna says hi btw She wants us to have another double date soon lol how funny is that She’s tryna start something now but all I can think of are your pretty pretty legs, Taehyungie Thinking of you makes me fucking hard
Taehyung locks his phone. He’s considering flushing it down the toilet later. When he turns to Hoseok, he’s wearing that smile again, one he uses in front of cameras, the practiced one. “Well, I’m crazy in love with him, too, so I guess that makes the two of us.”
#taekook #taekookau “Hyejin-noona, I don’t think this works.” Taehyung turns sideways, carefully inspecting his outfit in front of the mirror. It’s too shiny, and to be honest, he isn’t really a fan of the latest Balmain collection.
He has to keep his mouth shut about that, though, because they also just asked for his updated portfolio, as did a few other major houses. Looks like he got his work cut out for him, then. Hopefully Jungkook won’t have matches by February, Taehyung thinks.
He wants to return the favor and show Jungkook around New York when he’s at work. That thought is a respite, something to look forward to. Right now, he’s just tired, and the things lined up seem endless. Just for today, he’s got an ad shoot, a brand meeting,
a cameo appearance in a music video. It’s only been a week since they’ve gotten back from the US. As soon as he got back to work, a handful of projects were dumped on his lap. Soobin was almost on the verge of tears when he saw the amount of work they have to get through.
It seems petty, especially since Jimin knows that Taehyung is also set to leave for Japan the following week so that he could watch Jungkook’s match live. As such, Taehyung has to finish everything within a very short period of time.
He wants to cry, but he holds his tears back. Jungkook promised he’d be making salad for dinner, and thinking about that keeps Taehyung going at least. Hyejin steps beside him. “You don’t like it? We got a Chanel blazer that could work, but you don’t like tweed.”
Taehyung snickers. Hyejin is the best stylist he’s ever worked with. “Rather silk than tweed, but let’s try it anyway.” “Rather silk than tweed,” Hyejin laughs as she tells Soobin to get the blazer in the backroom of the studio. “By the way, how was that trip, huh? You had fun?”
“I did!” Taehyung says immediately. Stifling weather aside, it had been one of the most fun trips Taehyung’s ever had. “The presser was really just a few hours, and Jungkookie doesn’t really have to train for the entire day.
So we got to spend a lot of time just walking around and shopping. And then he took me to this really nice bar with /the best/ strawberry daiquiris.” Hyejin snorts. “I know. You posted that one on Insta.” “Oh I did?” He turns when Hyejin gives him a nudge.
“Well, anyway, we got drunk and then I told him we should get married again, just for fun, you know? Like in one of those chapels in Vegas? But then we got lost and ended up in this dive bar that only had old people in it.” “Wow,” Hyejin says with an amused grin on her face.
“You’re really whipped, aren’t you?” “Huh?” He’s not. It was just really fun because most of the time, he only gets to travel for work. He doesn’t have many close friends to go on vacation with because this industry is mostly made up of jealous bitches.
That trip to Vegas was a breath of fresh air, and Jungkook is really fun to be with. That’s partly why, when Jungkook asked him if he’d like to go to Vegas with him, Taehyung did not hesitate to say yes.
Jungkook had been kind enough to ask for Jimin’s permission in advance because Taehyung never really liked talking to Jimin about those kinds of things. Another reason, however, was that he really just wants to get away from Seojoon, just for a bit.
He’s still not over that stunt Seojoon pulled last time. And Seojoon hasn’t apologized for that yet; instead, he had the audacity to brush it off as a funny prank. That had almost gotten Taehyung in trouble.
But Taehyung should really have known that there’s no getting away from Seojoon, because even when they were in Vegas, the lewd text and video messages he got were enough to keep him jumpy.
There had been times when Jungkook almost got a look at the screen of Taehyung’s phone, but no matter. If there’s one thing Taehyung’s good at, it’s keeping things to himself. Which is good, he really needs to reel his emotions in
because there’s no forgetting what Jung Hoseok said. /cause that dude trusts you and is like, crazy in love with you./ Fuck, what had he gotten himself into? “Oh, Taehyungie’s whipped, alright,” someone pipes in from behind. Taehyung stops his groan. Now, of all times?
When he said “later,” as in, maybe wait for his text. Then again, when did this guy ever listen to him. “Shit,” Hyejin mutters lowly, and Taehyung doesn’t miss how her face twists into a frown. Taehyung flashes her a grimace. She briefly glares at him in response,
but then only rolls her eyes and packs her things. She adores Taehyung, after all. “How long do you need?” “Half an hour max.” “Fuck you, Tae. Seriously.” Taehyung chuckles. “You love me.” “Starting not to.”
[TW// 🔞NSFW | Minors DNI] As soon as Hyejin’s out the door, Seojoon tugs at Taehyung’s belt loops and pulls him close. “Hmm,” he hums when Taehyung’s chest is pressed against his own. “Missed this. You smell nice, Taehyung-ah.”
“It’s Jungkook’s perfume,” Taehyung chuckles as he wraps his arms around Seojoon’s shoulders. He cranes his neck to the side to let Seojoon press wet kisses there. He hears Seojoon click his tongue. “No talk about that guy. Or are you trying to make me jealous?”
There’s a sneer on Seojoon’s face now, and Taehyung would like to think that it’s teasing, but it feels off, as though it isn’t, as though there is an undercurrent of something vicious that runs through his voice, his words. Taehyung swallows. “Kay.”
“Good.” No, it’s not. At least it doesn’t feel like it. There’s something off about this whole thing. Taehyung’s hands feel clammy, and there’s something bitter that creeps into him. When Seojoon pulls him onto a nearby couch and has him sitting on his lap, it feels wrong.
“Like that, Taehyungie?” Seojoon breathes after he digs his teeth into Taehyung’s shoulder and then rolls his hips up. “Bet Jungkookie doesn’t do shit like this. Bet he does you soft and slow. But you like this better right?”
Another bite, harder this time, and Taehyung wonders if it might bleed. Hyejin’s going to kill him if it does. For the life of him, Taehyung can’t stop the onslaught of fragmented memories that rush to his mind: Jungkook on their couch at home, Jungkook’s wide eyes.
The firmness of his thighs, the way he has his arms wrapped around Taehyung’s waist – possessive, bordering on obsessed but still with a hint of gentleness. “Tell me, Tae. You like this better, don’t you?
You don’t like that vanilla shit that you probably get when Jungkookie fucks you, right? You like it rough, don’t you, my little slut?” “Yeahyeah, better much better,” Taehyung grits out
because Seojoon usually loses his marbles when Taehyung doesn’t play along and they don’t have time for that. “Like – like it like this.” Now Taehyung can’t even moan out because his lungs feel like they’re collapsing into themselves,
and he tells himself “it’s good this is supposed to be good.” Jungkook hadn’t tried touched him again after that brief affair, and god, what would Taehyung give to have that again? But without any clothes to keep their skins from touching?
Seojoon is also built, lean, toned, but not as defined as Jungkook, and maybe that’s the problem here. Taehyung’s gotten a taste of how Jungkook feels and now he wants more of that. This, whatever this is,
isn’t enough because /fuck,/ he remembers sitting on Jungkook’s hardness and that had almost driven him mad with want. This, he doesn’t want this, he thinks. It feels dirty, somehow, but not in a good way, which is weird because he’s supposed to like it rough and dirty.
Something’s really off. Maybe he should call Jungkook? Hear his voice for a bit? That’s it. That’s what he should do. Something clatters from somewhere, and that’s enough to jolt Taehyung out of his own head.
It’s with that thought in mind that Taehyung scrambles off Seojoon’s lap. There’s something akin to relief that washes over him as he does so. “Wait here, hyung,” he mutters, walking over to the other side of the fitting room to check what had caused that noise.
He rounds a partition and - Oh. Fucking hell, how did he forget? “Soobin-ah.” Taehyung’s assistant is curled into himself, fear in his eyes while the Chanel blazer he had been asked to get is clutched tightly to his chest. “I – Taehyung-nim, I didn’t –“
“You didn’t see anything, right?” Taehyung asks. He isn’t sure, but Soobin, for all his awkwardness, is probably the most competent assistant he’s ever had. He can’t afford to get this kid fired. “Right?” Soobin rapidly nods.
“Okay,” Taehyung sighs in mock relief. Soobin definitely saw something. He wouldn’t be this rattled if he didn’t, but Taehyung will let him off this once because it’s also because of him that Taehyung got off Seojoon’s lap without having to make any excuse.
Seojoon looks irritated, though, throwing a nasty glare at Soobin. Soobin scoots further back into the wall. “Scram, kid.” Soobin doesn’t waste time as he runs out the door. Frankly, Taehyung would have preferred having Soobin stay,
because there’s discomfort that’s creeping up his skin, and having someone else here other than him and Seojoon keeps that sensation at bay. “You should leave,” Taehyung tells Seojoon anyway. Usually, when Seojoon drops by, they’d be done in less than 15 minutes,
but now Taehyung didn’t even get turned on and their half an hour is almost up. Hyejin should be back soon, and he doesn’t want to push his luck, seeing how irritated she had been earlier. But Seojoon only scoffs in disbelief. “Seriously? You’re sending me away?”
[TW// Assault] “Uh, yeah? Hyejin-noona will be back soon, and – “ “Fuck that woman. You know what? Fuck all this shit.” There’s acid in Seojoon’s voice as he pushes Taehyung against the wall and tightly grips the model’s cheeks with his fingers.
They dig deep into Taehyung’s face, Seojoon’s nails cutting into his skin. “You don’t get to order me around, Tae. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, and frankly, I’m starting to get annoyed by your attitude.”
Teahyung whimpers, a heavy feeling sinking into the pit of his belly. This is way out of their normal routine, and he doesn’t like it one bit. He doesn’t know what to do, too, because Seojoon’s never been this mean. Sure, he gets rough in bed,
but that’s because he gets off on it. He’s never been this physical for the sake of just doing it. “Hyung,” Taehyung manages to say, “hurts.” He frantically grasps at Seojoon’s wrist to try to pull his arm off, but Seojoon is way too strong for him. “Hurts – let go. Please.”
That must have been what Seojoon had been waiting for - for Taehyung to beg. As soon as the word “please” is out of Taehyung’s mouth, Seojoon pushes him. Seojoon scoffs. “See you around,” he says as he fixes the cuffs of his dress shirt.
“Answer my calls next time. Learn some manners, for fuck’s sake.” And as soon as the door slams shut behind Seojoon, Taehyung crumples to the floor, feeling, for the first time, truly afraid of the man he’s considered his best friend.
#taekook #taekookau Japan is nice this time of year. It would have been the perfect time for a little vacation, maybe some sight-seeing even though he’s been here so many times before that it’s practically his second home, but Jungkook can’t focus on that right now.
His match is about to start, and the tension in the dressing room is so palpable it’s making the air around him vibrate. Hoseok is pacing. Namjoon is muttering reminders to him, his corner men are preparing their equipment – the ice box, the Vaseline, the first aid kit.
He sees them all but he can’t fucking focus because all his mind is processing right now are the nail indentations on Taehyung’s face. It’s been a week, and Jungkook can't find it in himself to let the matter go.
Taehyung even tried covering it with concealer, but he’d been unsuccessful in doing so because Jungkook always notices these things. How could he not? In between training and talking with Minji, looking at Taehyung’s face probably takes up most of his time.
He’s also noticed some things about Taehyung, how he’s gotten more subdued, jumpier, how he’s been clinging to Jungkook more insistently. Not that Jungkook complaining, but he would have liked it better if Taehyung’s clinginess would be because of something else other than…
whatever this is that’s bothering him. And if there’s something that Jungkook has come to loathe with all his being, as of late, it’s seeing his baby being bothered. Of course, Jungkook isn’t stupid. It may have been by accident,
but he did see the lewd photo that Seojoon sent Taehyung when they were still in Vegas for the second presser of this match. He did see how that rattled Taehyung, too. That Seojoon - what a fucking asshole. Jungkook would like nothing more than to tear that bastard to pieces.
He supposes he can just take it out on Peterson later in the ring. It’s his comeback match, and he really shouldn’t count this as a win even before stepping into the ring. But he knows he’s got the advantage.
Peterson’s nothing but a homophobe who felt like he got the chance to move up the boxing game just because he thought Jungkook had gone soft. Just because he married another guy. Jungkook will show him.
He’s burning with anger right now, his rage just waiting for the right moment to be unleashed. His blood is boiling and its rush is all he can ever hear. This isn’t the right mindset before a match, he knows this, too. But he’s so fucking angry,
and if he doesn’t get to destroy someone soon, he’ll probably lose it. “You got that?” Namjoon grips his shoulders. “Remember the strategy, kid. And for fuck’s sake, calm down.” Fuck the strategy, Jungkook thinks. He just wants to see blood.
“Yeah, yeah. Got it. The strategy,” he says anyway. He takes a deep breath to refocus. Peterson isn’t very light on his feet. He prefers his left over his right. His combos are a fucking joke. He’d be on the floor by the second round, but the promoters want ten rounds at least.
Okay, then. He’ll give them a show. The walk in between the dressing room and the ring is a blur. Jungkook hears the rabid cheers, sees the blinding lights, feels the energy of the crowd, but his mind is there, in one of the seats near the ring.
It had been the only request he had for this match – to give Taehyung a particular seat, one which will give him the optimal view of the match. Because this comeback isn’t exactly Jungkook’s. If there’s blood to be drawn inside the ring today,
it’s the blood of Jungkook’s opponent, and it will all be for Taehyung. The bell rings. The match starts tentatively. Jungkook knows Peterson is trying to measure him up, throwing some weak-ass straights to test the waters. Jungkook lets him.
He opts to pull back only by a little bit, just far enough so he won’t get hit. Peterson gives it another go, another straight, a jab. They don’t land. Jungkook decides he’s had enough of testing it out and he also knows that at this point, the crowd should be getting impatient.
Time to take control then. He starts with a light combo – a straight then a cross before pulling back. They both land cleanly on Peterson’s nose and jaw, but it seems Peterson is hardier than he thought. Barely a cut. Doesn’t matter. Jungkook’s just warming up.
He advances as Peterson steps back, goes into defensive. His face is fully covered now, and Jungkook wants to chuckle because that should have been the most basic thing. If Peterson tried to watch Jungkook’s previous matches, as what a good boxer should do,
he should know that Jungkook always goes for the face. But clearly Peterson didn’t, because if he did, he should also know that if Jungkook’s opponent’s face is no longer open for hitting, then he goes for the ribs.
Jungkook lands a hook, doesn’t miss how Peterson flinches when his right side is hit. The commentator is starting to rile up the crowd, so Jungkook pushes on, maintains the momentum. Another aim at the ribs, but he misses this time,
but Jungkook easily lets that go as Peterson lowers his defenses. Jungkook goes on full offensive, majority of his punches hitting, and he’s just about to throw an uppercut when the bell rings. The rest of the match goes like this, and the crowd is starting to feel uneasy.
The promoters want a ten-round match, and Jungkook had planned to give them that, but this match is clearly uneven. It’s only the third round. Why isn’t the ref calling it? Why is this fucker still pushing when his face is already a bloody pulp?
It’s annoying. Jungkook throws another jab, another straight. Peterson can barely lift his arms so the punches land. Jungkook sees red. Literally. Peterson’s face is barely discernible underneath all that blood. Should he hold back?
No. It’s annoying. Peterson thought Jungkook had gotten soft, so this is what he gets for running his mouth, for insulting Taehyung. Jungkook’s never gotten over that. The promoters wanted a ten-round match,
but it’s just halfway through the third round and Peterson is lying on the floor unconscious. Jungkook heaves a breath. Shit. He’s done it. Is the guy dead? There’s chaos all around him, but he doesn’t know what’s going on because did he really kill this fucker?
His ears are ringing. The ref calls the match, and slowly, everything around Jungkook hits him like a wave. He won. He’s still the undefeated champion. He defended his title. At some point, his arm is raised. Peterson’s back on his feet now
but he doesn’t talk to Jungkook because apparently he’s a sore loser, too. The belt is handed to Jungkook. There’s confetti. There’s screaming. There are banners showing his name, but none of those matter.
The only thing that matters is that his husband is now climbing into the ring and rushing to him. Taehyung jumps into his arms and in front of thousands of people, kisses him. There’s booing and there’s screaming, there’s music, there’s confetti, but Jungkook doesn’t see,
doesn’t hear, doesn’t feel any of that because there’s a rush of emotion within him, begging to get out. It has taken him so long to keep this in, but the adrenaline is draining out of him and he can barely control himself with Taehyung so light in his arms, so -
“I love you. Taehyung. I love you. This – fuck – this, everything. This is because of you. For you.” Taehyung nods, breathes, “I know, baby. I know,” before kissing him again. “I’m so proud of you.” Jungkook feels like soaring.
Ah, fuck. Jungkook should have known. Nothing good ever happens to him. They’re at a restaurant now, a celebratory dinner because Jungkook just won, his belt snug to his side. The entire place reserved for them because Yoongi’s feeling like being a good brother for once.
Jimin’s here, too, supposedly for Taehyung, but really, who’s he kidding? It’s so fucking obvious. Taehyung’s off to one corner talking to Hoseok. They’re laughing about something, but they’re too far from Jungkook for him to hear. Must be hilarious, Jungkook thinks.
It’s probably about him because those two have nothing in common. Jungkook’s phone feels heavy in his hands. He flips it in his hand once, twice. Puts it on the table. Picks it up again. He thinks about unlocking it, thinks about whether he should stare at the screen again.
Seriously. He should be happy. He should be celebrating. It’s his comeback match and he won. He taps the screen so it lights up and the lock screen wallpaper stares back at him. It’s a picture of him and Taehyung,
a selca taken one morning when they just woke up and decided to have breakfast in bed. That had been nice. A lot of things had been nice since Taehyung came into his life. This match for example. Taehyung’s company, too, and the way he flirts, the way he shows affection.
It honestly feels like a dream, and sometimes it still does. But maybe it is a dream because Jungkook doesn’t know what’s real anymore. From across the room, he sees Taehyung grin at him. Fuck. Taehyung’s just so gorgeous, isn’t he? Makes sense then,
that he’s got all these people lusting after him. Jungkook can’t and won’t blame them. Taehyung’s got this allure, this magnetism, a force so strong you can’t help but be drawn in. Jungkook knows that because he’s been drawn in even before he knew it.
So he just confessed his feelings in front of thousands of people, and he’d been too ecstatic, too high on his victory, that he barely registered what Taehyung told him in response. What was it? “I know”? Huh. Really, Jungkook should have known.
Not that he’s expecting Taehyung to return his feelings. If anything, he’s already aware that there’s an imbalance that exists between them because he tends to fall too quickly while Taehyung takes everything in a stride.
Then again, didn’t Taehyung also tell him that he liked him? Or was that a lie, too, something said in the heat of the moment? Jungkook can’t tell. He’s never been good at reading these kinds of cues anyway, never been good at reading people. It’s one of his many, many faults,
and now he feels like an idiot. Groaning, he gets up and pockets his phone. He’s starting to get a headache, his head swimming with vile images that he can’t drive away. “Where to?” Jungkook hears Namjoon asks. What does he care? This dude’s all about training anyway.
Surely, here, outside the ring, where Jungkook decides to go is none of his business. “To smoke,” Jungkook replies casually. Namjoon chuckles at his words. “You don’t smoke, Kook-ah.” He doesn’t, but he’s also feeling hilarious, feeling like the butt of a joke.
God, he needs some air, the filthy kind more preferably. He scoffs before walking away. “Never too late to try.”
“You smell awful, darling. Ugh. Did you smoke?” Meanwhile, Taehyung smells of cotton and lavender, both scents Jungkook adores. Jungkook sees the way Taehyung scrunches his nose, though the smell doesn’t seem to stop him from nuzzling into Jungkook’s neck.
Taehyung’s wearing a robe with nothing but some silk boxers underneath, and Jungkook can feel the gentle curve of his waist as he pulls him closer. They’re on their bed in their hotel room now, a high-rise in the middle of Shiba that provides a nice view of the Tokyo Tower.
It’s late into the night, or maybe it’s past midnight now, Jungkook isn’t sure. What he’s sure of is that he smells awful despite taking his time in the bathroom earlier. Since he was young, Jungkook’s told himself he’d never try smoking.
It’s a nasty and costly habit that’s only going to ruin his stamina in the long run. Then again, he did tell Namjoon earlier that it’s never too late to try, so he did. He didn’t exactly know how to do it,
but at least when he got out of the convenience store after buying a pack of cigarettes, there’d been a guy, who turned out to be a fan, and he was cool enough to show Jungkook the ropes. So Jungkook ended up smoking half the pack.
Now the stale smell of cigarettes won’t leave his skin even after furiously scrubbing it in the bathroom earlier. Of course, Taehyung notices, but Jungkook doesn’t care. He can’t bring himself to care. He turns to his side and faces Taehyung,
draws him closer so now they’re lying face to face. “Tae,” he murmurs. “Got something to say.” Taehyung lets out a quiet hum. The sound lingers momentarily, hanging over them. Jungkook takes it as affirmation. “I don’t know if you remember,” Jungkook starts slowly,
dusting the cobwebs away from some old memory, “but we met once, when we were kids. It was back in the Min mansion in Daegu. There was a party and we hid under this table.” “Oh?” Taehyung giggles. “I don’t remember this. What happened then?”
Figures, Jungkook thinks. Of course Taehyung won’t remember. Looking back, he can’t help but realize how insignificant that part of their childhood had been. Now he doesn’t understand why he’s tried to hold on to that memory. Yoongi had been right, after all.
Does Yoongi know about that video, too? Maybe. There’s not a lot that Yoongi doesn’t know, that much Jungkook is sure of. It’s likely that Jimin knows about it as well. Maybe it’s only Jungkook who’s been blind this whole time, and largely it’s his fault anyway.
“Hmm. We played house,” says Jungkook, “you said you’re prettier so you get to be the mom.” At that, Taehyung fully laughs, this time pressing his face into Jungkook’s chest, and Jungkook can’t help but tighten his arms around Taehyung,
feeling his husband’s laughter reverberate through his own body as though here, in the darkness of their room, they’re one and the same person. Jungkook won’t let go, he thinks. Even if there may be others who get to hold Taehyung like this, at the end of the day,
Taehyung goes home to him. Shares the bed with him. They haven’t really done anything past that one night when they confessed to each other, mostly because they had been pretty busy,
but also because Jungkook didn’t want to cross any line that might have made Taehyung uncomfortable. But it seems like there are only a few things that Taehyung isn’t comfortable with. Jungkook feels a boulder sit atop his chest. It makes inhaling difficult.
“Now look at us, being actually married,” Taehyung breathes. Jungkook chuckles at that. No, they’re not actually married. Jungkook knows that, though he got carried away in the bliss of it all. This is nothing but an agreement.
This relationship is built on a lie meant to deceive the public, but somewhere along the way, Jungkook got himself believing the lie, too. Now he lies here, with Taehyung in his arms, but he can’t help but let his mind stray elsewhere. Stray to his phone, to be precise.
To a video sent to him by an unknown number hours ago. “That we are,” Jungkook murmurs. “Are you happy with me, Taehyung?” Jungkook doesn’t miss the way Taehyung briefly recoils at the question, the way his shoulders tense up, the way he further hides his face.
But Jungkook has to ask. He needs to know what could set him apart from Seojoon, from anyone else that Taehyung might be sleeping with. “Of course, darling. I’m the happiest with you.” Somehow Jungkook can’t bring himself to believe that. Not this time.
Jungkook believed Taehyung when he said that he never liked it when Seojoon touched him. That’s why he vowed to protect Taehyung from that man. That’s why Jungkook opted to not heed Yoongi’s and Jimin’s warnings, despite the photos they showed him.
He really should have listened. Turns out, Yoongi can be a good brother at times. Given what he saw in that video, Jungkook can’t help but wonder if Taehyung even needs his protection. He doesn’t even know if Taehyung genuinely likes being here, being with him.
After all, what was it that Taehyung said in the video? Ah. He said he likes it better when Seojoon fucks him instead of Jungkook. Because apparently Jungkook’s too vanilla and Taehyung likes it rough and filthy.
Jungkook doesn’t even know that because they’ve never actually slept with each other anyway. And maybe he’s vanilla, sure, but that’s only because he knows himself well enough, knows that at times,
he loses control of his strength that he ends up hurting people even when he never means to do so. There’s enough violence in his life, it’s what his career is hinged on, so could you blame him for seeking solace in softer and gentler kinds of intimate acts?
But Taehyung likes it rough, likes it filthy, apparently. Jungkook doesn’t know if he can do that without hurting Taehyung in the process. He’s just feeling desperate. If he can’t give Taehyung this, then could he really blame Taehyung for seeking pleasure elsewhere?
From Seojoon, for example? Outside, the Tokyo Tower stands as a beacon. Standing tall, looking phallic. Jungkook inhales, breathes out slowly. Jungkook thinks, ‘fuck it.’ If he can’t give Taehyung the kind of physical intimacy that he wants, then he’d let Taehyung set the pace.
“Tae.” He says again. “I wanna do something.” “What you wanna do?” Taehyung slurs, voice soft with oncoming sleep, but Jungkook can’t let him do that just yet because he doesn’t know if he can do this at any other time. It’s his misery manifesting, his anguish made physical,
because he doesn’t know what in this relationship is real and what isn’t. He’s never given this part of himself this way before, but for Taehyung he thinks he can. This way, Taehyung can set the pace;
this way, he can do with Jungkook as he pleases so he doesn’t have to go around sitting on another man’s lap like he did just a week ago. Gently, Jungkook untangles his arms around Taehyung and cups his cheeks. “I want you to fuck me, Tae.” He hears Taehyung’s quiet gasp,
sees how wide his eyes get. “Are you – Jungkook-ah. We – I – my darling.” Jungkook lets him when he moves to tuck the boxer’s hair to his ear. “Darling, are you sure?” “It’s okay if you don’t want to, Tae –“ “Of course I want to, Jungkook,” Taehyung cuts in,
urgent in the way he does so. “It’s just – I don’t have that much experience when it comes to that. I usually take, and after what happened between us last time, I just sort of assumed that you preferred, you know, giving. Do you prefer it like this?
I’m just realizing that we’ve never talked about this before. We should have done this a long time ago.” Jungkook has never let anyone top him before. Yeongjae has tried, though, that’s they usually settle for just getting each other off with their hands or their mouths.
But this time, he thinks he can. Or rather, he should, if he wants a chance to have Taehyung for himself. “I don’t mind it.” “Okay,” Taehyung nods, still wide-eyed. “Okay, darling.”
[TW// 🔞 NSWF | Minors DNI] And so Jungkook surrenders himself this way, with Taehyung taking control of everything, his thrusts harsh and powerful yet slow and deliberate. This is how Jungkook surrenders himself,
by letting go of the reins even though his mind protests against it. It’s mostly pleasurable anyway, especially seeing how good Taehyung feels, how Taehyung loses himself as he takes Jungkook. Jungkook grasps at Taehyung’s pleasure and takes it for his own,
drinks it in so that he may feel it as well, and he does, eventually. He feels that pressure at the base of his belly, feels it coil tighter and tighter. Above him, Taehyung is sweaty as his pace builds, as his thrusts become more forceful, become harsher and more insistent.
And maybe it’s the bliss of it all, the physical pleasure that this intimacy brings. Or maybe Taehyung has truly lost his mind because as he chases his climax, he doesn’t seem to notice what he’s muttering. Jungkook does though, still fully aware of everything,
and he sobs and he chokes, feels his mind fracture and split into two. Jungkook is used to violence. He knows when a hit is meant to be just a hit, or when things get an underlying cruelty in them. He’s experienced many kinds of violence in his life –
in the ring, that guy who stalked Minji, from his mom abandoning him, from his dad who thinks he is a useless son, from Yoongi and Jimin who think nothing of him but as a tool in all their scheming, from some other boxers who still doubt him,
from the faceless public who believed rumors and took pleasure at dragging his name through the mud. But he thinks, Taehyung might just be the cruelest of them all. Jungkook did vomit out his heart earlier, spit it out and handed it to Taehyung in front of thousands of people.
Isn’t this humiliation enough? Because why does Taehyung have to lie to him now? Why does he have to say “I love you, my darling, my Jungkook, you’re mine, you’re fucking mine” over and over, when clearly he doesn’t mean any of that shit?
If he did, he wouldn’t have let Seojoon fuck him just a week ago. It’s all a fucking lie, but as he reaches his peak, a few seconds before Taehyung does, Jungkook thinks, maybe living that lie isn’t too bad. Live it long enough, and maybe it becomes real.
It’s the last thing that flits through Jungkook’s mind before he comes and everything goes white.
[enter-talk] Jeon Jungkook and hubby Kim Taehyung spotted in Shiba earlier after the boxer’s victorious comeback match! [Top Comments] | [Please log in to join the conversation] Guest (5 minutes ago): did anyone catch what he said when he won omomo
Guest (5 minutes ago): shouldn’t we at least focus on the victory instead of this shit lol THVLover (4 minutes ago): ugh jk was too much that poor guy JK_Champion (3 minutes ago): shut ur trap h8tr
TaeTaeTae (3 minutes ago): JK was awesome and when Taetae got into the ring? Did yall hear? JK said ILY WTF theyre so inlove??? THVLover (3 minutes ago): ew no JK using him for clout only uughghghgh Guest (2 minutes ago): Kim Taehyung is done. You’ll see. Give it a month.
Guest (1 minute ago): The world will see what kind of filth that man is. TaeTaeTae (1 minute ago): ??? LunaLuna (1 minute ago): uhm well that sounds like a threat lol screenshotting this lololol THVLover (just now): wtf? THVLover (just now): who’s that
TaeTaeTae (just now): hello what are u saying stranger THVLover (just now): ??? - End of Part 2 -
A/N: Hah. Those who got to the end of this mess, hello hello how are you doing? I'd like to note that I do not necessarily agree with JK's views on sexual preferences here, but that frame of mind is integral to his character. Anyway, LMK what you think?
A/N: Also, this au is much more challenging to write compared to my other aus, so give me around 3 days for the next update. For now, lemme see your qrts I love reading them 💜
#taekook #taekookau Sleep doesn’t come easy as of late, so much so that Taehyung can barely tell if it’s deep into the night or if it’s the earliest part of a new day. It’s been like this since Japan, since that night after Jungkook’s match, in their hotel room,
when Taehyung’s world tilted on its axis. So now, in his disorientation, Taehyung makes do. He tells himself that at least, this way, he gets to be more productive. He gets more time to himself, to do things, to think. This morning, he does just that.
As the pale morning light starts creeping into their room, Taehyung curls to his side, pillows his head on his hands, and takes his time carefully observing his husband. /I love you. Taehyung. I love you./ That was what Jungkook said when he won his comeback match.
That had been a different kind of rush altogether, to be surrounded by screams and jeers that were eventually drowned out by Jungkook’s confession. But what does that really mean? Taehyung can’t help but wonder. He closes his eyes for a moment, digs deep into himself,
searches every little nook and cranny for any bit of clue, for a hint of an answer to that question. His previous relationships, if you could call them that, had been… transactional, for the lack of a better word. He and his partner get a release,
they both get to maintain anonymity, and sometimes, he even gets deals out of it. But to be fair, those men also got to spend time with someone like him, and that should have been enough to even things out. At least that was how Taehyung saw it back then.
But then Jungkook comes along. /This – fuck – this, everything./ Is this how it feels to have the world offered to you? All his life, he thought that he had the world in his hands.
Standing near the top of the fashion industry, to be rubbing shoulders with influential people, sometimes even getting to bed them, to have a name that’s always uttered with admiration, Taehyung always felt this certain degree of power, of control that he can do with as he liked.
But seeing Jungkook there in the ring, easily demolishing someone who’d said a few silly words against Taehyung (words that he’s used to hearing anyway), Taehyung felt like imploding. Seojoon once called Jungkook a beast, and Taehyung saw then just how inadequate that was.
Jungkook was a fucking god. So for Taehyung to hear that all that power, all that raw force, had been exerted because of him, /for him/, it was enough to have his world turning into itself. /This is because of you. For you./
Taehyung has no doubt that Jungkook can do that for him, and at this point, he doesn’t know what to do with all this that’s being laid down at his feet. He revels in it, but at the same time, a part of him is terrified. Because what does this all really mean?
This is all a bit too overwhelming, to be worshiped this way. Because if Jungkook is a god, what does that make Taehyung then? He’s not used to feeling all these heavy things. But he supposes he should get used to it now.
Maybe this is what causes people to fall, all this weight they bear in their chests. Taehyung breathes out. ‘Look at you’, he tells himself, ‘being all philosophical and shit. This isn’t you, Taetae. You’re an idiot, remember?’
So he sets the heaviness aside for now and focuses on what he’s used to. That is, pretty things. Taehyung can’t help but sigh. Jungkook is so pretty. So, so pretty, with his long lashes and perfect nose, his slightly parted mouth that somehow forms a tiny pout.
Taehyung doesn’t fight it when he gets the urge to tickle the tip of Jungkook’s nose, laughing quietly when Jungkook scrunches and wiggles it like a cute little bunny. Taehyung’s eyes wander down. There’s Jungkook’s jaw, his clavicles.
His chest, the gentle rise and fall of it with each breath. His arms, one entirely covered with tattoos that never fail to mesmerize Taehyung. Each time Jungkook flexes his bicep, each time he so much as moves his arm,
his tattoos look as though they’re alive, moving and breathing entities inked on a lover’s arm. He’s yet to ask what they mean, but he thinks maybe he should, soon. Maybe he could organize a date night, one where they focus only on Jungkook because all this time,
their date nights are almost always about Taehyung. Not tonight though; he’s got a few things to keep him busy. “Tae, you’re staring,” Jungkook suddenly says, his voice still scratchy with sleep. Eyes closed, he mindlessly reaches out and finds Taehyung, pulls him closer.
Taehyung easily obliges. For someone chiseled to perfection, a god created by fellow gods, Jungkook has stunning softness to him. “Can’t help it,” Taehyung murmurs into Jungkook’s skin,
pressing his face into the crook of his husband’s neck and inhaling the sweet scent of cotton and wildflowers. “Baby’s so pretty. Could stare at you forever, Jungkookie.” Taehyung really could.
It’s calming to be able to just bask in how soft and delicate Jungkook looks in the pale morning light. But Jungkook huffs out a disbelieving chortle. “Too early for flattery, Tae.” “Am serious, you little shit,” Taehyung retorts,
pulling away from his husband and playfully swatting his tattooed arm. It makes Jungkook laugh out loud. Jungkook’s always been so terrible at taking compliments, and Taehyung just wishes that Jungkook would believe him because it’s true. Jungkook’s the prettiest thing ever.
But Jungkook doesn’t believe him anyway. He pulls Taehyung again and pins him down the bed. Slips one hand underneath Taehyung’s shirt. It’s technically Jungkook’s, but they’re more comfortable than Taehyung’s silk ones.
Besides, ‘what’s yours is mine’. Isn’t that how the line goes? So this shirt is also technically Taehyung’s now. Jungkook’s hand trails up to the curve of Taehyung’s waist. “I’m a little shit, huh?” There’s a smile on Jungkook’s face,
some playful glint in his eyes as he gently rubs Taehyung’s side. His hand is calloused, rough as it brushes over Taehyung’s skin. Still, the motion is too gentle, too soft, and Taehyung easily finds himself giving in, his breathing slowing down. “Jungkookie, what –“
[TW// 🔞NSFW | Minors DNI!!!] But he doesn’t get to finish the question as a gasp escapes him instead. Jungkook leans down, suckles on the skin on Taehyung’s neck. It should be alarming how fast Taehyung feels himself harden.
Just a few touches and his skin is already heating up. “Love,” he lightly chuckles, moving to wrap his arms around Jungkook’s shoulder. But Jungkook, it seems, is a man on a mission this morning. His lips trail down Taehyung’s neck, his chest.
A light brush of Jungkook’s tongue over a nipple has Taehyung groaning and arching his back. Jungkook takes delight in it, taking his time licking and sucking one nipple while playing with the other with his deft fingers. It’s too early for this,
but Taehyung couldn’t find it in himself to care, not when his quiet moans are starting to fill the room. Taehyung’s feeling pleasantly bruised. He doesn’t even notice that he’s already grinding his hips, finding pleasure in rubbing his hardness against Jungkook’s thigh.
Jungkook notices, though. At least that’s how it feels because he detaches himself from Taehyung’s chest and trails down, down, down. He noses against Taehyung’s clothed cock and groans and mutters a dazed out “fuck.” Despite Jungkook’s apparent eagerness,
he takes his time in pulling down Taehyung’s boxers. He lightly tosses it aside and then stares for a moment. “So pretty,” Jungkook breathes before taking a tentative lick. “So good like this.” Jungkook’s patience shows in moments like this,
in the way he takes his time in making Taehyung feel good. He’s slow and gentle with his ministrations, taking heed of the noises that spill out of Taehyung’s tongue, savoring each lick, each playful nibble. Taehyung finds he likes it. Slow as it is, gentle as it is,
there’s something deep and intense in the way Jungkook takes him. And when Jungkook finally decides it’s time, when he finally sinks Taehyung’s entire cock into his mouth, Taehyung throws his head back, his eyes fluttering shut while his mouth opens in a silent scream.
He’s losing his mind, his veins are on fire, and there’s something electric that’s running all over his body. His hands find purchase in Jungkook’s hair as he grips it,
unsure if it’s to keep Jungkook’s face in between his legs or if it’s to pull him away because this is too overwhelming, all-consuming. There are tears wetting Taehyung’s lashes, ones he never expected
because he’s never felt pleasure like this from having his cock in someone’s mouth. The blowjobs he’s used to are quick, efficient, just a hasty alternative when there’s not much time but a release is needed. This is not at all like those.
With the way Jungkook also groans and moans, it seems like he’s drowning in this as well, like he intends to make Taehyung feel good, and by doing so, he feels good, too. When Taehyung feels that familiar pressure at the base of his belly,
he scrambles to say “Jungkookie, love – wait –“ He intends to pull Jungkook off him because he’s about to reach his peak, but instead of pulling off, Jungkook sinks further down until Taehyung comes with his entire cock still in Jungkook’s mouth.
That release is intense, as good as the one Taehyung’s felt in Japan, but in a different way. His mind blanks out for a moment, feels it at he empties himself out. [TW// ends here.]
When Jungkook finally pulls off Taehyung’s cock, he trails kisses again, to Taehyung’s soft belly to his chest. Then he buries his face on the crook of Taehyung’s neck this time, a reverse of where they started out earlier.
There’s a giggle that comes out of Jungkook’s mouth when he whispers, “fucking good breakfast.” “Ew!” Taehyung cackles. “Don’t ruin it, you dork!” But nothing’s exactly ruined, Taehyung thinks. Their mingled laughter fills the room, bounce off their walls,
and it has Taehyung feeling spent yet full at the same time. Who knew sex could feel this light? “But I’m serious,” Jungkook says once their laughs even out. He rolls off Taehyung and breathes out, his gaze directed towards their ceiling. “Between the two of us,
you’re the pretty one, Tae. Not me. I’m just a – hmm – how do I say this? At the best of times, I’m just – hmm – normal? But mostly I’m just a nobody. Or a monster. You take your –“ “Hey,” Taehyung interrupts. He’s getting whiplash at how quickly the mood turns somber.
He would have liked to stay in that nice little bubble that they had just a few moments ago. But now there’s desperation crawling out of him because why does Jungkook even see himself this way? “None of that, Jungkookie. You’re not a nobody. You’re a fucking world champion,
and you’re kind, and – and – “ what can he even say at this point? His tongue feels heavy with the compliments that sit there, but he also feels like they’re not enough. Like they’d all fall flat at the magnitude of what he’s really feeling right now.
“You’re perfect, okay?” he says instead. He clears his throat to dispel the roughness that starts building in it. “So perfect, and – and – Jungkook-ah.” At that, Jungkook turns to look at him, and there’s a quiet and resigned smile on his face. “Hmm?”
“Jungkook-ah, you’re the best person I’ve ever had the fortune to meet, okay? And maybe that doesn’t mean much, because – because, well, I haven’t really met a lot of good people. There’s – maybe Jimin-hyung?
And then there’s your Hoseok-hyung, and Hyejin-noona, Soobinie, Seojoon-hyung –“ “Nope,” Jungkook cuts in this time. “Not that guy.” “He is,” Taehyung insists. Sure, Seojoon has moments when he can be an asshole, but he’s also Taehyung’s oldest friend.
Taehyung doesn’t expect Jungkook to understand the dynamics of their friendship, but he just wants Jungkook to understand that whatever it is that he’s come to know about Seojoon, that isn’t all there is to it to that guy.
After all, it was Seojoon who was there for Taehyung when he felt caving in from all the pressure around him, when not even Jimin would listen to him. And sure, Seojoon might have been a little bit rough lately, a bit too insistent in getting Taehyung’s attention,
but Taehyung believes it’s just his way of adjusting to all these changes that’s been happening around them. Taehyung does admit that he hasn’t been spending much time with his hyung lately, and that’s truly his fault.
But Jungkook, again, doesn’t believe him. He scoffs. “There’s nothing you can say that would convince he isn’t an asshole, Taehyung. Not when he –“ he trails off, rubbing his face aggressively with his hands. “Anyway, breakfast? A real one this time.”
Taehyung doesn’t get to answer. Jungkook is off the bed in an instant, taking giant strides towards the bathroom and then slamming the door behind him. Taehyung has no idea how things turned to something so sour.
“See?” he murmurs to himself as he looks at the space on the bed that Jungkook just left. It's as empty as he's feeling right now. He really should have kept his mouth shut. “You’re an idiot, Taetae.”
#taekook #taekookau “You okay?” “Huh?” Taehyung startles at the question that comes out of nowhere. He’s still feeling out of sorts given the way the morning turned out, but he’s got things to do. That’s why he’s here, in Jimin’s office.
He’s just taking a little breather before he gets on with the things that he needs to do. “You’re spacing out,” is what Jimin says. He’s looking at Taehyung this time, but instead of that stern gaze he usually has, there’s something that’s akin to concern in his eyes.
It’s been so long since Taehyung’s seen that in Jimin. “What’s bothering you?” Taehyung stares at his hands. They haven’t stopped shaking since this morning, perhaps due to whiplash that he’s been getting. When Jungkook stepped out of their bathroom and made breakfast,
there was already a smile on his face, a big one, startlingly in contrast with the dour expression he’s had when he got off the bed. Jungkook was amicable even as he made pancakes, even as they got dressed for the day. He even joked around,
but Taehyung couldn’t help but notice how superficial it all was. He’d like to think that he already knows how to read Jungkook at this point. They had been married for almost half a year now after all.
So Taehyung can honestly say that that hadn’t been the kind of smile Jungkook usually wore when he was genuinely happy. It has Taehyung deeply troubled for some reason, and he supposes his trembling hands is a manifestation of that. He’d make it up to Jungkook somehow.
There’s a checklist that he has in his bag, the first page of a thick binder, and by the time every item in that list is crossed out, he’d like to wish that Jungkook would be proud of him.
“Nothing, just – do I have a lot of things scheduled for the day?” Taehyung asks instead of answering Jimin. “Cause if I don’t – “ “There’s not much,” Jimin answers. “Just an ad shoot this morning actually.” “How about tomorrow?” Jimin stares at him for a while,
and it’s back to the discerning kind. “Why? Somewhere you’d like to be?” Taehyung shrugs. Should he tell Jimin about his plan? He’s not sure if he could trust Jimin with this, not when he’s likely to tattle to Yoongi,
and then it’d be just a litany of stern warnings and various iterations of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing, leave it to the adults’. He decides it would be better if he keeps this to himself for now, so instead he says, “Just – you know. I’m meeting Seojoon-hyung for lunch.”
“Taehyung.” And that tone is back – the frustration is heavy in Jimin’s voice, and it makes Taehyung feel as though he’s seen as a good-for-nothing kid who’s always getting into trouble. Maybe that has been his fault, too.
Maybe he really has been an insufferable person who’s always been up to no good. For some reason his mind flits to that time in Vegas, to that conversation he had with Hoseok while they watched Jungkook train. There’s something in the way that Hoseok talked about Jungkook,
the way his team holds him to such high regard despite how his reputation had been through so much shit. Taehyung’s the opposite of that, he admits. Jungkook got people who truly root for him despite how horrible the public perceives him to be;
Taehyung, on the other hand, while adored by the public, is actually surrounded by people who feel nothing but frustration and judgment towards him. There’s something that can be said about what people really think about you in private,
and Taehyung doesn’t know what to do with this piece of information. It’s a tough pill to swallow, and though he’s eager to make amends, Jimin isn’t making it easy. At least he still has Jungkook on his side, and he supposes that’s all that matters.
He’s still got someone who’s still truly rooting for him, someone who’s willing to set aside his own rage just for Taehyung. “Can you just –“Jimin snaps, “you’re supposed to be a married man now. At least have some decency to hold your horniness back, for fuck’s sake.”
Taehyung reels at Jimin’s statement. “What?” he chokes out. “It’s just lunch –“ “Sure,” Jimin scoffs. “Cause that’s what really happens when you and Seojoon go out.” Taehyung can almost taste the vitriol in Jimin’s voice, the venom that drips out of his mouth.
There had been a time when Jimin truly believed him, rooted for him, but in the chaos of their lives, that got lost somewhere along the way. Now all that fondness Jimin used to hold for him had been replaced by deep-seated exhaustion, and Taehyung’s feeling choked up.
He knows he must deserve it because after all, it’s Jimin who’s been cleaning up his mess all this time. Still, he didn’t have to be too crass about it. Even Jungkook’s anger towards him earlier had been nothing compared to the mockery that Jimin’s throwing at him.
He just wanted a breather, for fuck’s sake. Jungkook should be in the gym now, right? He should be training now. Taehyung feels a desperate need to see his husband because Jungkook never fails to make him feel better about himself.
Maybe he should just ask for the shoot to be rescheduled so he can drop by Jungkook’s gym instead. But then again, it’s Jimin’s approval that’s needed for that reschedule, and something tells Taehyung that Jimin won’t be too pleased with that request.
“Never mind, then,” he says as he stands. His hands are still shaking, goddamnit, why won’t they stop? Now even his knees are starting to buckle. “I’ll get ready for the shoot.” “Taehyung –“ Jimin says,
sounding apologetic all of a sudden as though he didn’t mean what he just said. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I’m just – there’s too much going on and – “ “What time’s the shoot again?” Taehyung cuts in, trying to keep his voice from shaking.
He veers away from Jimin’s apology because it’s a load of bullshit, and he just wants to get out of here, wants to get the shoot over with so he has enough time to get to Jungkook before his day truly begins. “Taetae –“ “I’ll figure it out. Soobinie knows, right?
Thanks for your time, Jimin-ssi.” With that, Taehyung gives Jimin a curt bow. It’s only when he’s already outside that he wipes his tears. He just wanted a fucking breather. He really didn’t need all that shit.
The shoot takes longer than usual, mostly because Taehyung keeps messing up his angles. By the time that it’s done, it’s almost lunch, there’s already a text from Seojoon saying he’s at the restaurant where they’re supposed to meet, and Taehyung wants to cry.
He thinks about cancelling on Seojoon so he could just hang out in Jungkook’s gym the rest of the afternoon. That’s be nice. A sweaty Jungkook is always a sight to behold, plus he also promised Hoseok that he’d be giving him a bunch of luxury skincare products.
He’s got a lot of them at home, and it’s the first time that he’s actually got someone to rave about them with. That’d be a perfect afternoon. Then he and Jungkook could get home together, and maybe he could reciprocate what Jungkook had given him this morning.
But then he remembers his checklist, about this being the first time that he’s doing something outside work that’s truly worthwhile. So he pushes through. The restaurant isn’t too crowded, and Taehyung thinks this is perfect.
It’s public enough so that Seojoon won’t be able to do anything to him if it comes down to it, but they have enough space around them to be able to talk freely without being overheard. His stomach is in knots as he enters the restaurant, but he also knows he has to do this.
Their table is near the window, and it’s a little bit too exposed, but Taehyung doesn’t have time to make a fuss. He greets a couple of people he knows before making his way to Seojoon. “Been a while,” is what Seojoon says in lieu of a greeting.
“I already ordered. They have that pasta that you like so I got that for you.” Taehyung gapes. Shit. Taehyung forgot to tell Seojoon. “Ah, hyung,” Taehyung starts tentatively. “You didn’t have to. I won’t be staying long.” “Huh?” “I just –“
“You said lunch, Taehyung.” Again, there’s a steely quality to how Seojoon says it, stern, like he’s reprimanding a little kid. “So that’s what we will do.” “No. Hyung – just – listen. I have to go somewhere after this. But I also need tell you something, okay?
And I respect you enough to not do it over the phone or over text.” At that, Seojoon leans back and stares at Taehyung. He’s got an eyebrow raised, a visible show of his surprise at Taehyung’s insistence. It’s another change that Seojoon needs to adjust to –
Taehyung being able to say no to him. “Let’s have it then. What is it?” Taehyung takes a deep breath. There are things that must be done. It’s not as though this would be the last time that they will see each other, but given how things have been going for some time now,
given how hard Taehyung’s tried to give order to the mess that is his mind, he’s decided that some things must come to an end, that boundaries have to be laid. So. “We should stop. What ever it was that we’ve been doing. We should – um – we shouldn’t to do those anymore.”
When he looks at Seojoon, he isn’t surprised to see the disbelief written all over his hyung’s face. But for some reason, there’s also a hint of amusement there. “Huh,” is the only thing that comes out of Seojoon’s mouth. “Huh. You’re serious.” “Yes.”
“Cause of your husband, isn’t it?” “It’s not just Jungk –“ But he doesn’t get to finish his explanation because Seojoon puts a hand up to stop him. “Doesn’t matter. Sure, if that’s what you want.” He shrugs, nonchalant, and okay, Taehyung did not expect this to be this easy.
Maybe it’s because they’re in public, but it doesn’t matter. This is, obviously, the best outcome for Taehyung. He’d been prepared for the worst. Relief washes over him. He’s always known Seojoon is a good friend, and this just proves it. “Thank you, hyung.”
“Sure,” Seojoon says again. “You’re leaving now, right? You have somewhere to be, you said.” The waiter comes around this time and offers Taehyung a glass of wine, which he politely declines. The waiter leaves with a bow. “Yes, ah – I feel so relieved, hyung,” Taehyung grins.
Finally, something good that he can latch on to after that disaster of a conversation with Jimin. Underneath all that rough persona that Seojoon’s been wearing lately, there’s still his hyung who understands him. “Thank you. I’ve – I’ll go now, okay?
And – uhm – we should do this again. Like, just hang out like this. As friends. I kind of missed this.” Seojoon scoffs, but Taehyung thinks it’s just to dispel the awkwardness between them now. “Don’t be dramatic. Go.” “Okay. Bye, hyung. See you around.”
And he will, just not any time soon. That’s one item off Taehyung’s checklist. He still has a lot of things to do and Busan is hours away.
Taehyung’s a fucking good liar, Jungkook will give him that. Maybe it’s his acting background. Or maybe he’s just so used to it that it comes so naturally to him. He’s so good at lying, in fact, that Jungkook found himself believing him at times.
Like this morning, when all those pretty little untruths came out of Taehyung’s mouth unbidden. Fuck, why is Taehyung even trying too hard? He didn’t have to do all that soft shit this morning. Can’t he see he’s already got Jungkook wrapped around his fingers?
And of course, Jungkook got carried away. Again. Offered himself up and sucked on that liar’s cock unprompted. What was he trying to prove again? It’s cruel, Jungkook thinks. He really shouldn’t have confessed. It’s pointless.
What even gave him the idea that he could keep Taehyung for himself? When he’s just… this? An inexperienced nobody. He stares at his phone again, and the title of the gossip site’s article glares back at him:
"Best buds Kim Taehyung and Park Seojoon spotted on a lunch date!" The photo shows Taehyung grinning. Of course. Of course he’d be happy. He’s probably just excited to get fucked after that /lunch date/. What was it that he called Seojoon just this morning?
‘A good person’ was it? Jungkook scoffs as he blows out a puff of smoke. He lets the cigarette fall on the ground and crushes it with the heel of his shoe. Whatever it is that Taehyung tells him later, he’ll probably eat it up again.
Turn a blind eye because it’s easier that way. For now, it’s back to training. Jungkook just wants to destroy something.
A/N: Welcome to JK's villain arc! as always interactions are super appreciated! LMK your thoughts?
Hello, loves! Please read before we begin:
#taekook #taekookau “So? What do you think?” Jungkook pops the gum in his mouth and leans back. It’s fucking hot despite the AC in Hoseok’s office being in full blast. “Who’s this kid again?” “Johnson,” Hoseok replies as he hands Jungkook the tablet.
The screen shows a photo and the record of the person he’s supposed to have a match with. “Specializes in Jiu-jitsu but he’s got some boxing background.” Jungkook stares at the profile. Johnson huh? Seems like solid fighter.
32 wins under his belt with only a few years in the game. Not bad. Jungkook’s still not sure about this match though. It’s not often that he does exhibition matches because he never really sees the point in doing so. To him it’s just a glorified pissing contest.
But then again, why not? There hasn’t been a match in months now, and he’s already feeling a little bit on edge, what with all that’s happening. “Where’s this again?” “Vegas. In six months.” “Huh. Just for this match? What’s the catch?”
Hoseok shrugs. “Nothing. Promoters tell me you might just want a grand welcome after your break, but I’m thinking this Johnson just wants a solid footing into boxing.” That’s fair, Jungkook thinks. Moves like this are common in his field anyway.
This Johnson kid looks too lean, though, and after that last match with Peterson, Jungkook’s not that eager to send another poor chap to the hospital again. Fuck, he’s getting a headache. He’s been thinking too much lately, and that really isn’t his forte.
That’s why he has Hoseok to make these decisions for him anyway. There’s an ache in his shoulder, too, which intensifies each time he tries rotating it. Namjoon’s been telling him to hold back on the power when hitting the bag because he ruined another one, but he can’t help it.
It’s the only release he ever gets. He's just tired, is all. It’s draining to be regularly oscillating between living the dream and being in a waking nightmare, and he’s starting to feel that ball of unease within him.
The last time he felt this, he sent Minji’s stalker to the hospital. But it’s fine. Jungkook feels like he can still take it, all this pretend shit. As long as there are no other photos, no other proof of Taehyung’s infidelity, then he’d be fine.
It’s easier to forget about Taehyung’s betrayal this way. Out of sight, out of mind, so they say. At least Taehyung’s been perfect lately, so Jungkook thinks he can still deal with things without seriously imploding. Like this weekend. That had been too fucking perfect.
Saturday was spent on the couch, with wine and some cheesy movie that Taehyung’s been wanting to see. Then come Sunday, they slept in, and Taehyung woke him up by sucking him off. Jungkook won’t deny just how good Taehyung is at it,
with the way he just found his place in between Jungkook's legs like he belonged there. Then those eyes, the way the flutter like Taehyung’s having a blast. There were those sinful sounds he made, too. That filthy mouth on Taehyung, seriously.
Must have gotten a lot of practice, what with all the men he sleeps with. How many cocks had been on there, Jungkook wonders. Jungkook chuckles at the thought that he gets something good out of Taehyung’s sleeping around. Jesus. The headache is getting worse.
He needs another smoke. “Sure,” Jungkook tells Hoseok, mostly just so he could finally step out for a cigarette break. “Why not? Give me the details later.” “Are you sure?” Namjoon pipes in this time.
“You’re going to have to seriously train again if we agree to this, Jungkook-ah.” And okay, what is this guy’s problem? It’s not like Jungkook’s an amateur. Of course he knows he’d be training seriously. That’s all he’s been doing all this time, so why this unnecessary reminder?
Joon’s been breathing down his neck like this since Japan, and it’s starting to get on his nerves. Thus, he doesn’t stop the scoff that escapes him. “I’ve been training – “
“You’re going to have to quit that nasty habit, is what I’m saying,” Namjoon interrupts before Jungkook could even finish. Another scoff. Namjoon should learn to mind his own business. He should know that he’s the expendable one here. “Whatever.” Jungkook says.
“It’s not that bad. Mayorga’s a fucking chimney and he still did well. Pretty sure Lomachenko does, too. And don’t forget Locche.” He could chuckle at that, but it’s also at that moment that he hears Namjoon groan. “Locche – fucking hell – seriously, Jungkook-ah,
where’s all this cockiness coming from?” “Cockiness?” Jungkook lets out a disbelieving huff. It’s not cockiness when it’s backed by his track record. “You think I’m being cocky here?” “Honestly? I do.” Namjoon crosses his arms.
“All those you mentioned. They’re defensive players, Jungkook-ah. You, on the other hand, are pure offense, so you can’t just fuck your stamina like this. What, so you think there’s no way you’d get beat? You think you’re as good as fucking Locche?”
“I might as well be!” Jungkook snaps. The pain in his head is staring to spread, and his vision’s going hazy. It’s just now that it’s sinking in, his team’s lack of confidence in him. After all his wins, Namjoon still doesn’t believe in him.
Of all people, his trainer, for fuck’s sake. “Need I remind you that I am still the belt holder for my weight class. Un-fucking-defeated world champion.” He needs to emphasize that because he knows he’s good at what he does. It’s probably the only thing he’s good at,
and he won’t let Namjoon doubt that for a second. There’s already a daily reminder of the things he’s failing at, like keeping Taehyung happy and satisfied in this godforsaken relationship, so he’s not about to let anyone take away the things that he actually thrives in.
“And also don’t forget that I can fucking fire you and find another trainer, so you better watch your mouth, Namjoon.” At that, he storms out. He’d rather be anywhere else than here, where he’s surrounded by ungrateful pricks.
He thinks he should head home, but then he remembers it’s a fucking Monday, and it’s the day of the week that Taehyung goes home late. Probably still got Seojoon’s cock buried in his ass at this point. Something nasty lodges in Jungkook’s throat at the thought of that.
There’s that familiar ball of unease inside him again. His chest is starting to heave and his hands are shaking but he can’t fucking cry. He just needs a fucking release, but Taehyung’s still out there, seeking something that apparently Jungkook’s not good enough to give.
Well then, Jungkook thinks. Two can play at this game. He lets out a drawn-out breath and dials Yeongjae’s number.
Who knew turning over a new leaf would be this easy? Right now, Taehyung is sprawled on Minji’s bed, mindlessly scrolling through online catalogues. He’s thinking of revamping his wardrobe, and it won’t be too bad if he also buys some stuff for Minji and her mom.
“Minji-yah,” he calls out when he sees a cute bag that matches her usual style. He groans as he pulls himself up and joins Minji and Soobin on the floor. They’re currently in the middle of some game that Taehyung can never find himself interested in.
“You like?” He shows Minji the photo. Minji, on the other hand, barely looks at it. “Hang-on, oppa, I’m about to win.” “Like hell you are,” Soobin retorts, just as focused on the game. /These kids/, Taehyung chuckles to himself. He buys the bag anyway.
It’s his third time visiting Minji here in Busan, and he’s having the time of his life. He calls these ‘Mondays at Minji’s’ and he’s really enjoying these now. They’re starting to feel like a real escape. It also helps that Minji is such an amazing girl.
She’s got a ready smile, a loud laugh, a witty mind. In a way, she’s very much like her brother, and Taehyung feels a bit silly for even thinking that she was one of Jungkook’s hook-ups. She actually gagged when he told her that on his first visit here.
It turns out, there were no hook-ups at all. The binder in Taehyung's car attests to that. It’s a thorough file, showing even the most intimate details of Jungkook’s past – his connection with Yoongi, what made Jungkook quit boxing for a while, how it all ties back to Minji,
the scandals that are mostly unfounded, the sort-of-ex who, in Taehyung’s opinion, really just latched on to Jungkook because he also wanted clout. Truth be told, Taehyung did not want to even resort to hiring a private investigator to know all these,
but he’s also noticed just how guarded Jungkook gets when it comes to his past. It’s mostly why Taehyung had doubts in the first place. Taehyung just wanted to feel sure before accepting certain things that have been boggling his mind as of late.
Things would have been easier if there were no secrets between them. Then again, he feels like a hypocrite for even thinking that. He’s got skeletons in his own closet, a lot of them, and he’d rather jump off a cliff before coming clean to Jungkook about a lot of those.
But Taehyung’s just ready to move on from those. He and Jungkook are just starting out as a couple, and they have a lot of time ahead of them. In the future, when they’re more stable in their relationship, maybe they can really start talking about those.
For now, he just wants to focus on this task. When Taehyung started this, he mostly just wanted this to be a surprise for Jungkook, but lately, he’s realizing that maybe that’s no longer the case. He seriously adores Minji after all.
Hanging out with her feels like spending time with a little sister he never had, and seeing how jumpy she gets when there are any suspicious people around annoys Taehyung a lot. He gets it. He’s been there. Stalkers are a lot to deal with,
more so when they’re willing to cross lines just to get to you. Minji is such a sweet girl, and a private individual. She doesn’t deserve all this shit that’s been handed to her. “I don’t want to sound paranoid, oppa, but I think things are getting worse lately?”
That was what Minji told him earlier when they just got here, and Taehyung is bound to agree because he noticed them, too. It’s not just one man now, but there seems to be several of them, and they’re not even trying to be discreet when taking photos.
It’s why he’s insisting on this – he knows Minji will be safer if she agrees because in the US, she’s bound to be anonymous. Taehyung’s got a lot of contacts in New York. He can easily get her settled there, and even if her parents want to come with her, it won’t be a problem.
Minji says she’ll think about it, but Taehyung thinks it won’t take long before she agrees. It’s a reasonable offer anyway, and once she gives her go signal, it’s just a matter of talking to Yoongi about it. Given that he’s Jungkook’s older brother,
it won’t be difficult to convince him anyway. “Argh! What – you’re a cheat!” There’s a chuckle from Soobin. It’s good to know that he’s enjoying these as well. “I’m not, noona. You’re just really bad at this.”
At that, Taehyung tuts at them both. “Give me attention, or I will take that away.” And he can, because he’s the one who bought that console for Minji anyway. “Anyway, I bought this for you. And this one’s for your mom.”
“Oppa! You’re the best!” Minji giggles. “It’s so cute! When does it get here?” Later, they have an early dinner courtesy of Jeon Mirae, Jungkook’s and Minji’s mother. They can't afford to wait for Minji's dad this time because he'll be staying a bit later at work,
but Taehyung's met him, too. He's a bit taciturn, but Taehyung can hell he's just looking out for his daughter. On the table now, there’s some simple stew and a large serving of jajangmyeon because “you’ve been craving, Minji told me.” “You didn’t have to, Mirae-ssi –“
“Taehyung-ah, how many times to I have to – “ “Ah! Sorry,” Taehyung chuckles, blushes too, because he’s still not used to this. “Thank you, eomma.” He’s been told to call Mirae that since the first time he visited.
“You’re my son’s husband, after all, so that means you’re my son now, too,” is what she told him. Taehyung spent the entire drive back to Seoul that time quietly sobbing in the passenger’s seat of his car. Jungkook has given him too much, even unknowingly.
It’s like having a family, a real one, one that he hasn’t had since he was young because at this age, he can barely remember what his parents were like when they were alive. He supposes they were busy with work, which was to be expected anyway.
It’s how Taehyung ended up with a hefty trust fund but with barely any memory of his childhood. Now, he can just bask in this. Mirae ruffles his hair. “You’re welcome. Now dig in. You’ve got a long drive ahead of you.”
📸📸📸 It's a long drive indeed, but Taehyung doesn't mind. It’s a quiet here at the express way. There are only a few cars on the road at this time, maybe because it’s late, or maybe because it’s a weekday evening. Regardless, Taehyung welcomes the stress-free travel.
There’s an upbeat track playing on the car’s radio, something from a Japanese artist. Taehyung’s head bobs to it, a finger tap-tap-tapping on the steering wheel as he hums along. It’s a good song, one from the playlist that Jungkook made for him a while ago.
These days, Taehyung’s realizing just how easy it had been for Jungkook to figure out the things he really likes. Like this song, it’s upbeat but it has a jazzy beat that Taehyung really vibes with. It lifts up his mood, makes a good day even better.
Beside Taehyung now, on the passenger’s seat, there’s Soobin. Taehyung gave him a break earlier and offered to drive back to Seoul, so now Soobin’s just sleeping, his mouth hanging open. Poor kid must be tired.
Taehyung’s honestly thankful for Soobin. He couldn’t have asked for a better assistant. As far as Taehyung can tell, his assistant hasn’t told anyone about these not-so-random trips that they’ve taken.
That’s a day well spent, and Taehyung’s patting himself on the back. Beside him, Soobin is jolted awake by his own snore, and it makes Taehyung chuckle. “Yah, Soobin-ah, right on time. We’re almost at your apartment.”
“Oh.” Soobin sits up, rubs his eyes. “Shit, I was asleep the entire time. You heading home after this, Taehyung-ssi?” “Hyung.” “Huh?” Taehyung chuckles again. “I told you to call me ‘hyung’, remember?” “Ah. Yeah. You heading home after this, hyung?”
Taehyung wants to, but he also promised Seojoon that he’d meet him for a while. It’s almost been a month since they last saw each other, and Taehyung did tell Seojoon that time that they should hang out more often as friends. He won’t stay long though because he’s also tired.
This is what Taehyung tells Soobin as he parks in front of the younger’s apartment. He doesn’t expect for Soobin to appear obviously uneasy about this, though. “Do you have to, hyung? I mean, it’s late? Or do you want me to go with you?” Soobin asks,
and there’s something insistent in his tone. However, he’s obviously tired, so Taehyung won’t push the kid further. He’s been doing more than his job really entails, what with all these trips to Busan. Besides, it’s just with Seojoon and it’s a public place anyway.
“It’s fine, Soobin-ah. I won’t stay long. I won’t even drink anything,” he assures, but Soobin remains planted on his seat, his hands gripping the seatbelt. There’s something suspicious there, but he won’t have this conversation now.
It’s late, they’re both tired, and the sooner Taehyung meets Seojoon, the sooner he can go home to Jungkook, too. Eventually, Soobin relents with a sigh. “But – hyung – tell me if anything feels off, okay? I’ll – I dunno – I’ll go pick you up or anything. Okay?”
Taehyung chuckles. “Where’s this coming from? I’ll really be fine.”
And things were supposed to be fine. The bar in Hongdae isn’t as crowded as Taehyung expected it to be. There’s some pap hanging outside the bar, but that’s to be expected since a lot of celebs visit this place. Inside, there are a few familiar faces, too,
and Taehyung makes sure to say hi to them before heading to the booth where Seojoon is. Once he gets there, he sees Seojoon casually drinking. Despite the lackadaisical appearance, Taehyung can clearly see Seojoon looks tired. A bit on edge, a bit fidgety.
There’s that telltale tightening of his jaw, the tapping of a finger on the table, the bouncing of the leg. “You okay?” he asks without preamble as he slides into the seat across Seojoon. “You look stressed.” Seojoon doesn’t answer for a moment.
Instead, he just presses a tongue against his cheek as he swirls his drink in its glass. Taehyung doesn’t press further even though he’d much rather just head home and sleep. Eventually, Seojoon does speak up, and when he does, there’s a certain grittiness to his voice.
“You haven’t told Yuna anything, have you?” “Huh?” The question startles Taehyung. It comes out of nowhere. When he got here, he honestly just expected for them to catch up. But the accusation now hangs heavy in the space between them,
pointed and vile and all directed towards Taehyung. “What are you – huh?” “Don’t play dumb, Taehyung-ah. Yuna’s starting to ask about cheating and shit.” The glare that Seojoon directs at him is vicious, and it’s like he’s made up his mind about this before even bringing it up.
But Taehyung hasn’t told Yuna anything. He hasn’t told anyone. Why would he? It was he who cut things off with Seojoon, and telling someone about all the shit they did together would only compromise his career, too.
“My entire agency probably knows about us, hyung,” Taehyung nervously chuckles. “Why pin this all on me?” “Because you’re an idiot, that’s why.” At that, Taehyung can only gape at Seojoon. Did he seriously just say that?
Under the dim light of the bar, it’s like watching someone he knows morph into a total stranger. He isn’t sure if this is still the Seojoon he once knew. Things are happening so fast, and he wonders if he’s just seeing this now, Seojoon’s true colors,
or if Seojoon really just changed that quickly. But he doesn’t have any answer to that now because his blood is boiling. It had been such a good day, only for things to end like this. He should have listened to Soobin after all. He quickly grabs his bag.
“You know what, I can’t have this conversation right now. Call me once you’ve cleared your head.” He quickly walks out of the bar, desperate to just get this day over with. He still can’t believe Seojoon would have the audacity to accuse him like that.
Seojoon of all people. It’s like having his fabric of reality being ripped from under his feet, and his mind is reeling. But just as he’s about to enter his car, someone grabs him by the arm. Of course. Seojoon stands there, seething,
and Taehyung, for the second time, feels absolute fear towards this man he thought he knew. “Let go!” he struggles to pull his arm free, but Seojoon’s grip is tight. “You’re getting mouthy now, aren’t you?” Seojoon grits. “You don’t know what I can do to you,
Taehyung-ah, so you better be careful. I can fucking ruin you.” Taehyung knows. Of course he does. Seojoon is married to someone who belongs to an untouchable family, which is probably why he’s desperate to keep Yuna with him. Seojoon could very much ruin Taehyung in an instant.
Taehyung has seen that happen to others. Still, he’s not about to take this shit. It’s been a perfect day, and just before he got to this bar, he got a message from Jungkook asking where he is and what time he’d get home.
It’s a reminder of who he has by him. He’s got a family now, one here in Seoul, an extended one in Busan, and that thought alone gives him the courage to stand his ground. “Go ahead,” he sneers. “Do it then.” [⚠️TW// next twt contains depiction of assault]
But that courage does not give him the foresight to anticipate what Seojoon does next. Suddenly he’s pinned against his car with Seojoon’s mouth in his. It takes all of him to push back, and when he finally manages to do so, he sees the smirk that Seojoon wears.
[TW ends] “Fuck you, Taehyung. You don’t know what’s coming.” With that, Taehyung is left starting dumbfounded while Seojoon walks away with the kind of ease that only someone with a plan can have.
Taehyung is still shaking by the time he gets home. Though he’s tired, his mind is still reeling from all that’s happened within the last hour. It’s dark in their penthouse, so Jungkook must already be asleep. Taehyung quietly makes his way to the kitchen,
pours himself a glass of water. It takes several tries to pour water into his glass because of how much his hands are trembling. Then, he heads to the bath. He takes his time. He scrubs his arm specifically, rubs it until its red and raw,
but the feeling of Seojoon’s grip won’t go away. He spends much longer brushing his teeth, and by the time he’s done, his gums are red and bleeding. Still, Seojoon’s mouth is there. Taehyung lets out a sigh.
Maybe the nasty sensation that lingers on his lips would go away with sleep. He steps out of the bathroom, changes into his nightwear, and crawls into bed. It wakes Jungkook up because he’s a light sleeper, and immediately, there are open arms waiting for Taehyung.
Taehyung eases into it. Jungkook smells divine. He smells of Taehyung’s body wash, and somehow it makes Taehyung feel all choked up because it really feels like home here, like he’s safe. “Where were you?” Jungkook murmurs after kissing Taehyung’s forehead.
“Around,” is Taehyung’s simple reply. It pains him that he can’t talk about his day. The first half is meant to be a surprise for Jungkook. The second half is a pure shitshow, and Taehyung doesn’t want to see just what Jungkook can do to Seojoon if he knew what happened.
So he keeps his mouth shut and tries his best to let his breathing even out. “Jungkook-ah,” he says instead. “I missed you today.” At that, Jungkook lets out a light chuckle. There’s softness in the way he sounds, and Taehyung lets that calm him down.
He tries closing his eyes, but as soon as he does, it’s Seojoon’s face that he sees. “Jungkook-ah,” Taehyung says again because he knows at this point that sleep won’t come. “Tomorrow, can we have pancakes?”
“Pancakes?” “Hm. For breakfast. Can we?” Jungkook lets out a quiet breath and tightens his arms around Taehyung. “Of course. With strawberries?” Taehyung only hums because there’s a lump forming in his throat and it’s starting to choke him.
There’s desperation that’s grasping at him, clawing at his insides. He just wants normalcy. He just wants a fresh start, turn over a new leaf because he’s in love. He’s so fucking in love with this man whose arms are around him,
and for Jungkook’s sake, he just wants to be a better person. Is that too much to ask? “Tae, you okay?” Jungkook asks out of nowhere. “You’re shaking.” “I’m fine, my darling. Go back to sleep. I’m okay.”
Fortunately, Jungkook believes him. By the time Taehyung’s tears start falling, Jungkook’s already lightly snoring.
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Hi, my loves let's geddit uwu
#taekook #taekookau “So,” Taehyung breathes. He’s been talking for quite a while, without any kind of interruption that it almost felt like he was talking to himself the entire time.
“So – uhm – that’s really it.” He fidgets in his seat, feeling cold sweat trickle down his nape. He hasn’t been this anxious since forever, but the absence of any response to his confession makes his stomach churn.
He lets a few seconds more tick by, but the silence in the rather bright dining area is getting quite oppressive. There’s a prickly sensation on his palms that’s slowly intensifying, so he rubs them on his pants. “Say something. Please.”
“You’re an idiot, is what Minji says after a sigh. She doesn’t sound angry, just resigned. Truth be told, this reaction is much more tame than what Taehyung anticipated, especially after he comes clean with everything.
Right across him, Minji takes a careful sip of her cold barley tea. She regards him for a moment, and the stare she directs towards Taehyung is familiar – it’s one he sees on Jungkook as well, especially during moments when he thinks Taehyung isn’t looking.
It’s scrutinizing, one that makes Taehyung feel bare and powerless, and really, how he’s gotten away with all that sleeping around is almost a miracle given how perceptive Jungkook can be sometimes.
“Is that – is that it?” Minji shrugs. She seems too casual about all this, and much to Taehyung’s surprise, she even sends him a slight smile. “I know,” she says simply. "I've known about all of that for a while now."
“You – what?” Taehyung chokes, eyes going wide as he feels a shiver down his spine. She knows? About everything? How? For how long? If she knows, then why does she keep on welcoming Taehyung to her home? Is this all an act, too? “Minji-yah.”
“Relax, oppa.” Minji lets out a huff, looking down so she’s staring absently at her glass of tea. “I’m not mad. At least not anymore. I suspected it before, back when Jungkook-oppa first told me about your marriage.”
Taehyung swallows a lump in his throat, but it’s a stubborn one. It stays lodged there no matter how hard Taehyung tries to push it down or cough it out. His eyes sting somehow.
“So.. so why…” The thought that this has all been an act, that Minji has been faking this friendship between them, makes Taehyung’s stomach drop. Then again, he knows he’s a hypocrite for feeling this way,
given that he did that very same thing at the beginning of his marriage with Jungkook. But it’s all different now, one side of his mind argues. He’s different now – he’s sure about how he feels, for Jungkook, for his family, as foreign as that feeling used to be for him.
For months now, he’s considered them, truly, as his own family. A part of himself wants to desperately cling to that, to them. He knows he’s being greedy, but he thinks, who can blame him?
He hasn’t had this kind of bond for as long as he can remember, and he wants it more than anything. So just thinking about how none of this was true, at least on Minji’s side – Taehyung wants to hurl.
But Minji, ever the sweetest Minji, moves to sit beside him and places a hand on his back. Taehyung knows he doesn’t deserve this kindness that Minji extends to him, but then again, he’s being greedy, he knows that.
This is his family now, and he will do whatever it takes to keep them in his life. He’ll grovel if it comes down to it. He’ll kiss the ground they walk on if they ask him to. But Minji doesn’t ask any of that. Instead, she just tells him, “Oppa. Breathe. Stay with me.”
“Minji-yah…” and Taehyung’s just noticing now that he’s hyperventilating. That he’s crying. He hasn’t cried this openly for as long as he can remember, and it feels like a burden as much as it feels freeing. “Minji-yah. I’m sorry. I’m fucking sorry.”
“You’re fine, oppa. You’re fine,” Minji soothes him, pulling him closer to let him lay his head on her shoulder. “You and Jungkook-oppa will both be fine.”
“How’d you know?” Taehyung asks. It’s after dinner, and he and Minji are both on dishwashing duty. They both agreed not to tell Minji’s parents about what happened, so when a worried Mirae pestered them earlier about why Taehyung was crying,
they simply told her that they watched a sad movie. In a way, that holds a kernel of truth to it. Taehyung’s life feels like a sad movie, one where he’s the antihero whose bad decisions are sure to bring about his ruin.
Beside him, Minji heaves a breath as she wipes a plate. “Been talking to Soobin. For a while now actually. He worries about you a lot, you know?” “Ah.” So, Soobin finally reached his limit then. It’s bound to happen with the number of secrets that he knows.
Taehyung can’t really blame the kid. And at least it’s to Minji that he opened up. Since Minji’s name never really comes up when he stops by the agency, he knows that Soobin hasn’t told anyone about these little excursions to Busan.
“Don’t fire him, okay?” Minji nudges him then. “Seriously, oppa, that kid adores you. And he worries a lot.” “I wouldn’t even dream of firing Soobinie. I might even give him more vacation days, like today,” replies Taehyung, and he means it.
Soobin might have had a rough start, but he’s by far the most competent assistant that Taehyung’s ever had. Besides, he’s grown fond of Soobin, too. With this new information about how much Soobin worries, Taehyung just knows he can trust him.
And if there’s one thing that Taehyung’s learned in all his years as a public figure, it’s that people he can truly trust are hard to come by.
It’s half past 10 in the evening, and Taehyung finds himself on the couch in Minji’s family’s house, dressed in Minji’s oversized ratty shirt and, surprisingly, one of Jungkook’s very old sweatpants.
He puts down his phone after sending Jungkook a message, telling him he won’t be able to make it home tonight. Apparently, he’s staying over for an impromptu sleep-over.
It’s because Minji insists that he’s in no condition to drive. Maybe she’s right. Taehyung finds himself randomly bursting into tears every now and then, still overwhelmed by finally being able to tell someone about what he’s done behind Jungkook’s back.
“I don’t get it, oppa,” Minji muses out loud. “Why didn’t you just tell Jungkookie-oppa everything? If all that shit bothered you too much, why come all the way here just to confide?” Taehyung barely manages to hold back the gasp that almost escapes him.
“Are you serious? I can’t just do that, Minji-yah! He’ll hate me! I need some – hm – guidance?” “Guidance?” Taehyung nods, leaning back on the couch and closing his eyes. He feels lighter now. “Believe it or not, I really want to tell him everything, you know?
But – hm – but all this is new for me, so I’m really not sure about this honesty thing. And I don’t really have anyone that I could confide in and ask for help. So. Here I am.” “Huh,” Minji breathes. “You’re really serious about telling him the truth, huh?” “I am.”
“And you’re literally friendless.” Taehyung pouts. “I’ve got Jungkookie, okay?” “And you’re whipped for my brother. I don’t know which is worse.” At that, Taehyung throws a pillow at Minji before letting out a dreamy sigh. “What’s not to like about him? He’s perfect.”
“Ew, can you not?” Minji makes a display of shivering and gagging, which helps fully dispelling the last tendrils of discomfort in Taehyung’s chest. “Anyway, let’s plan how you can tell him, okay?”
Taehyung nods, eager. It feels like a step forward in the right direction. Minji’s reaction to all this gives him hope that things will also turn out fine when he tells Jungkook, so he’s feeling hopeful.
The only thing that would have made this night better is if Jungkook replied to any of his messages. Oh well, Taehyung thinks. His darling husband might be busy training, especially since he has an upcoming match.
Jungkook is such a hard worker, and Taehyung reminds himself to give his husband the best massage when he gets home tomorrow.
At this point, Jungkook doesn’t really give a shit anymore. It’s Monday, after all – the day when Taehyung spreads his legs for Seojoon. It’s been consistent for months now, no Mondays missed.
Is Seojoon’s game that good that Taehyung still craves to get fucked by him despite doing it with Jungkook daily? If Taehyung can stay out and whore around one day a week, then Jungkook thinks he can, too. Thank goodness Yeongjae’s such an easy pull.
It’s why he’s here. It’s been a while, so the club feels unfamiliar. The alcohol is acrid, the music irritating, and it smells mildly of smoke and piss. Still, Jungkook’s decided he’ll have fun tonight.
A few people definitely noticed him, judging by the way they openly stared. It’s the Jeon Jungkook after all, husband of the nation’s beloved darling, yet currently he’s got someone else griding against him on the dance floor.
Oh well, people used to see him as a slut before he married Taehyung anyway; might as well live up to their expectations, right? So even though the club takes its patron’s privacy seriously, Jungkook won’t be surprised if he sees his name in some sleazy gossip sites tomorrow.
But he truly doesn’t give a shit because apparently just a whole Monday isn’t enough for Taehyung to have his brains fucked out of his body. Or is it that he’s too tired, too sore to move that he just had to stay over?
Whatever. Jungkook is too fucking tired, too fucking done to really give a shit. He closes his eyes. The music is grating to the ears – some retro synth pop that wasn’t good when it was released and still isn’t good even now.
At least the alcohol helps, despite how horrible it tastes. Somehow his mind wanders to the cocktails he and Taehyung had in Vegas, how those are way better than what he’s having now.
He thinks, too, of the way Taehyung danced against him that night, all giggly yet sultry and teasing at the same time. So far, Yeongjae’s tried several times to have Jungkook’s arms wrapped around his waist, but each time, Jungkook pulls back.
He knows he looks like an idiot, dancing in the middle of a club with one hand always holding a cocktail glass and the other buried deep in his pocket. He himself doesn’t know why he’s doing this.
It’s so easy to just wrap his arms around Yeongjae’s waist and lose himself in the sensation. But for some reason, Jungkook’s mind and body rejects the idea of feeling a strangers curves and under his fingertips.
Really, he doesn’t give a shit. It’s just that he’s gotten used to holding Taehyung and only Taehyung, so touching another man now feels all kinds of off. He wonders how Taehyung does it.
How does Taehyung find it so easy to lose himself in another man and go home like nothing happened? Maybe the schedule helps in compartmentalizing things?
Jungkook really needs to know how because he’s slowly losing it. Or maybe he’s truly lost it because when he turns to look at the direction of the bar, he’s sure that it’s Seojoon he’s seeing. Jungkook blinks.
Isn’t he supposed to be with Taehyung right now? Does this mean Taehyung’s also here? Jesus fuck, he just needs one night of peace. One night where he’s not tortured by his own inadequacy, yet here he is, feeling his muscles shake and his brain melt.
He shakes his head. No. Taehyung isn’t here. Jungkook would have seen him if he is because there’s no way Jungkook would not notice his own husband, in this or any other crowd. So where is he? Does this mean he has more than one lover on the side?
Or did he actually go meet a friend this time? What about all those other times, then? Jungkook’s about to vomit and pass out with all the questions swimming in his head. He needs to make sense of this.
He pushes Yeongjae off of him, pulls out his phone from his pocket, and types “where are you?” Then, he makes his way to the bar. Seojoon’s still there, in deep conversation with the bartender. Jungkook promises to himself he’ll keep his cool. One step, another.
He shoves a stranger aside, squeezes through another group. Somehow it feels like he’s not getting any closer to the bar. When he finally does, he takes his time in steadying his breathing. He’s calm, he thinks. Zen. Chill. It feels like he’s about to step into the ring.
He reminds himself to keep his manners in check. “Park Seojoon.” Slowly, Seojoon turns. Initially, there’s a look of confusion on his face, but it is easily replaced by an easy grin. There’s something sly about it, something vile. “Jungkook-ah. Fancy seeing you here.”
“Where’s Taehyung?” Jungkook asks. He has no patience for small talk right now. There’s heat building up in his chest, and it’s familiar. Too familiar. He clenches his fist when he sees Seojoon fake a pout. “He isn’t with you?” Seojoon asks with a light laugh.
“Obviously. I wouldn’t be asking if he is.” “Ah,” says Seojoon, still with that mocking smile on his face, though his eyes are trained towards his cocktail. “Bit difficult, isn’t it, Jungkook-ah?”
“Huh?” Jungkook has no patience for small talk, but there’s something gripping about what Seojoon is saying, how he’s saying it. Vaguely, he’s aware that he won’t like the things that will come out of Seojoon’s mouth, but he can’t help it. “What’s difficult?”
Slowly, Seojoon pushes himself off the bar and walks closer to Jungkook. Closer and closer until he can whisper right next to Jungkook’s ear: “bit difficult to tame, Taehyung, isn’t it? Especially cause he’s such a whore.”
#taekook #taekookau “What did you say?” It’s like someone’s lit a fire at the back of Jungkook’s neck. Its heat spreads throughout his head, his body, and then he’s seeing red.
But Jungkook also sees the way fear flits through Seojoon’s eyes, especially when he steps forward and tries grabbing Seojoon by the collar. The weasel of a man steps back, chortling, but there’s a tell-tale edge to it. “Nothing, nothing,” Seojoon says.
“Just. You /should/ know about Tae’s… proclivity for attention.” He tries to be casual, but it’s clear that he’s scared. And he should be. Jungkook clenches his fist. Vaguely, he could tell someone is holding him back. Maybe it’s Yeongjae.
Jungkook can hear him say “Kook-ah, it’s not worth it,” but here’s the thing: Yeongjae doesn’t understand. It’s not in Yeongjae’s place to say that it’s not worth it when for Jungkook, Taehyung has always been worth everything –
whether Jungkook takes a beating, or if he throws some punches, Taehyung will be worth the blood on his skin. Or at least that’s what Jungkook used to believe in. Right now, a part of him screams to believe the filthy words that spilled out of Seojoon’s mouth.
Maybe he believes them already. There were the pictures, after all, videos even. Maybe he should have believed Minji when she said that Taehyung cannot be trusted. He’s a fool, he knows this quite well. An idiot who’s only ever good at fighting.
No wonder Taehyung found it too easy to use him as a plaything. Yoongi gave him a chance to be with his childhood crush, and he took to it like a starving dog to a bone with scraps of meat.
Now here he is, torn in between fighting for his husband’s non-existent honor and walking away knowing that what Seojoon just said is true. Still, he’s never been good at walking away from fights. So he steps forward, crowds Seojoon against the bar.
“Keep Taehyung’s name out of your filthy mouth,” he sneers. This close, he could smell the alcohol in Seojoon’s breath. “Or I swear that’ll be the last thing you say before I rip your jaw off.” They say a cornered animal is almost as dangerous as a wounded one, and this time,
it’s like Jungkook’s seeing Seojoon’s self-preservation instincts flare. He tries pushing Jungkook off, saying “now, now, s’ all good fun, Jungkook-ssi.” So, okay, maybe it should have ended at that.
Jungkook stares at Seojoon for a moment as he tries to assess the next most logical move. He thinks it’s better to let things go for now. It’s a public place, after all, and despite this club’s privacy policies, who’s to say rumors won’t spread?
He takes a step back. It takes a bit of effort to calm his breathing down, but it’s starting to be manageable. He turns, takes a step, another. But just then, Seojoon just had to open his mouth. “As good fun as seeing Tae sucking cock, that’s for sure.”
Jungkook spins, and in a second his hand is connected to someone’s jaw. It isn’t Seojoon’s but on a stranger who instinctively punches back. Things after that happen too quickly. With Jungkook much too focused on Seojoon, the stranger's punch lands squarely on his face.
All of a sudden, Seojoon and the stranger he hid behind are gone, Jungkook’s being pulled away by two bulky men and shoved into a van. Next thing he knows, he’s here.
The office remains as Jungkook remembers it, for the most part anyway. It has the same oak wood panels on its walls, the same floor to ceiling bookshelf on one end, the same dark gray marble floors.
The imposing dark wood table still stands where it used to, and on the wall behind it is the same abstract art that’s been hanging there for decades. It’s been years since he’s stepping into this office – the last time was when he was eight, stared down by his own father,
and was asked to choose if he would rather go to the US and cut off contact with his mother, or lose the Min name and all that comes with it altogether. And while it’s now Yoongi who’s sitting behind the chairman’s desk,
he still holds the same cold glare that Min Il-hee used to send towards Jungkook’s direction. “And what, pray tell, were you doing in a club with a man who isn’t your husband?” Yoongi looks as well-put-together as always,
in another tailored suit despite it being 3 in the morning. But there are tells that Jungkook could see, habits that Yoongi has never been able to shake off since they were kids – he’s chewing on his lip again. He’s picking on a hangnail on his left thumb,
and his right leg won’t stop bouncing. Yoongi is evidently stressed. Jungkook scoffs as he presses the cold compress to his face. “None of your business.”
His face hurts so fucking much, and he isn’t sure how he’s supposed to hide the black eye that he’ll definitely have from Taehyung. Good thing the bar’s big on privacy; it would have been hell if word got out that he, /The Jeon Jungkook/, boxing world champion,
got punched by a literal nobody. But he did get punched right in the face, all because Seojoon’s too much of a wimp to reap the repercussions of his filthy mouth. And sure, there may be truth to what Seojoon said – Taehyung does sleep around after all.
But it would not have mattered if it’s all just this shitty agreement that they signed. It isn’t just that agreement anymore, though. This thing between them had been so much more than that for quite some time now. Or at least that’s what Jungkook thought.
So sure, Taehyung might be a fucking whore. But there’s something so vile about hearing that truth from Seojoon. “Why’s it matter to you?,” Jungkook grits. “How’d you know I’d be there anyway? Got me followed, too? Were those your men?”
Jungkook feels a tight knot forming in his stomach because he knows he’s being disrespectful. He’s never spoken to Yoongi this way. Everything’s getting a bit too much though, so politeness be damned,
Jungkook just needs some time away from all of the shitty things that’s been going on in his life. Yoongi won’t understand because he’s too much of a workaholic who doesn’t understand how human emotions work.
Yoongi sighs. “It might not seem like it, but I care for you, Jungkook-ah. I’m your older brother, and it’s my duty to protect you. I’m doing my best here.” Well, Jungkook thinks, this is all just a little bit too late, isn’t it?
That is, if Yoongi even means half of the bullshit he’s spewing right now. Frankly, he finds it hard to believe because where was all this care and protection when Jungkook got dragged through the mud when all he did was protect Minji from a filthy stalker?
So, no, Jungkook doesn’t believe it one bit. “Well, it’s really none of your business, hyung.” Cautiously, Jungkook looks at Yoongi, expecting at least some hint of surprise on his hyung’s face. However, it’s neither surprise nor frustration that he sees there.
Even the subtle tells of stress that he saw on Yoongi earlier are now gone, replaced only by cold detachment. Yoongi leans back in his chair, hands interlaced atop his stomach. Like this, he looks like an exact replica of Il-hee, their father,
except instead of the harshness that usually lined Il-hee’s face, Yoongi wears his apathy like it’s second skin. Honestly, Jungkook doesn’t know which is worse. “Is that what you think?” Yoongi asks, now not even looking at Jungkook.
“Hate to break it to you kid, but it /is/ actually my business.” Jungkook stares at Yoongi this time. He looks bored as he checks his nails, a clear picture of someone who’s given up on the conversation. Well, that caring façade was dropped too quickly.
“Need I remind you, I have vested interest in your public persona now. If you don’t believe me when I say that I care for you, fine. But remember, Jungkook-ah,” Yoongi drawls, leaning forward and resting his chin on his interlaced fingers,
“that all those sponsors, this upcoming match and all the future ones, basically your entire career. They’re all thanks to that contract you signed with Taehyung. So if you want to fuck around, at least do it like your husband and learn how to cover your mess. Do you understand?”
Like his, Jungkook thinks there’s no one else more threatening than his hyung. Suddenly, Jungkook’s tongue feels heavy, his jaw tense. It always ends like this, with him feeling small and Yoongi knowing exactly how to stomp on him even more.
Jungkook nods because there’s nothing else he could do. “Do you understand?” “Yes, hyung.”
It’s almost 6 in the morning when Jungkook gets home. The problem with their penthouse apartment is that the flimsy curtains barely do anything to block the sunlight that streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room.
It exposes everything, so when Jungkook steps in, he immediately sees the mess on their living room. He just wants to head to his own room, pass out on his bed. But then he had to see this: Taehyung is sleeping on their couch,
still wearing the clothes he wore when he left yesterday. He looks so soft with the way his curls cascade down his face, the way his lips are lightly parted, letting out light puffs of air.
But there are dark circles under his eyes. On their coffee table are several cans of coffee and energy drinks. Taehyung isn’t supposed to be here yet. Jungkook isn’t ready to deal with this.
It’s just then that he remembers to check his phone, and when he does, he sees the 20 missed calls and the 108 messages Taehyung sent. It seemed he worried since Jungkook asked him where he is and rushed home, and Jungkook doesn’t know how to interpret that.
Did he rush home because he felt he might get caught sleeping around? Or did he actually worry when Jungkook did not reply at all? Or is he really just concerned about the “married couple” image that they’re building, just like Yoongi was?
No answers come. He’s got a mild headache to deal with, and he’s desperate for some sleep. But it also feels like it’s been foreve since he’s seen Taehyung like this – vulnerable and open.
And regardless of Taehyung’s reason for rushing home, the fact remains that he tried waiting up. That has got to count for something, right? Jungkook doesn’t even know why he’s trying to justify Taehyung’s actions.
All he knows is that in the early morning light that spills into their home, Taehyung looks soft, especially when his eyebrows scrunch and his pout. He squirms in his sleep, and out of nowhere, he murmurs, “darling, darl – hgn – Kook-ah,” and that just tears Jungkook to pieces.
He wants to ask Taehyung if he calls his other lovers by that name, too, or if he has different terms of endearment for them. He wants to ask if Taehyung is having fun doing this, if he’s happy taking Jungkook’s heart and stomping on it repeatedly.
Jungkook just wants to know why Taehyung felt the need to lie like this. Jungkook would not have minded a more casual set-up if only Taehyung were more honest at the beginning.
Yet here they are, a few months shy of their first anniversary, and Jungkook is slowly losing grip of what’s real and what’s not. He doesn’t ask any of the questions he has, though, because it’s only when it comes to Taehyung that he turns into a coward.
So instead, he murmurs, “Tae baby.” He gives in to the urge to kiss Taehyung’s forehead. Somehow, there’s a scent that’s sticking on Taehyung’s skin, and it’s one that’s eerily familiar. He swears he’s smelled that somewhere, but he can’t exactly place it.
Somehow, for some odd reason, it reminds him of home. He ignores it for now. “Tae, baby.” “Hng. “Tae, wake up. Gotta move you to our room.” Taehyung groans. His eyes are barely open, but there’s a ghost of a smile on his face. “Husband dearest?” “Hmm.”
“I missed you.” He reaches out, and when he grasps Jungkook’s hand, he plants a tiny kiss on it. “I missed you, too,” Jungkook replies, but this time, he doesn’t mean it as much.
[A/N]: That's it for now. Will try to update when I can. Thanks :)
#taekook #taekookau “What do you mean, ‘what should you do’?” “Just,” Taehyung shrugs, slumping down on the couch in the fitting room after trying on some of Hyejin’s personal designs.
As much as he’d like to be more supportive now that Hyejin is in the process of launching her own works, especially because Hyejin has been the best stylist he’s worked with, there are more pressing matters that have been bothering him for quite some time.
“Just – agh! Noona! Help me!” He makes a show of pouting and whining as he tries to appear candid. Meanwhile, his stomach has not untangled itself from when it formed knots some weeks ago. God, he wants to puke. Again.
“Why don’t we start at the beginning, hm?” Hyejin kindly asks as she returns a one-piece jumpsuit onto a rack. She sits on the couch, body angled towards him to give him her full attention. On any other day, Taehyung would have appreciated this, but not today.
Today, he’s feeling a bit out of his depth. Truthfully, it’s just that he doesn’t know how to explain the shit he’s in. He doesn’t know where to begin because it feels like it’s divulging too much. In a way it’s like showing his weakness, and he isn’t used to doing that.
Then again, he’s been doing and experiencing a lot of things he’s never been used to since meeting Jungkook – especially since Taehyung admitted to himself that he actually loves his husband.
See, Taehyung was just 13 when he was scouted by Kim Soo-hyun, founder of Gloss Models, also Min Yoongi’s mother – a woman who had so much free time because her husband let her do anything she wanted just so he could get her off his back.
And perhaps it was because he was her agency’s first model, or perhaps because she could not exert control over her own son, she turned her attention to Taehyung. It was she who decided what Taehyung should wear, what and when he should eat, who he could be friends with.
Taehyung did not mind because Kim Jinyong, his uncle and supposed legal guardian, was often overseas, and Soo-hyun was the closest thing to a parental figure that he ever had. So when Soo-hyun asked him to drop out of school so he can be a model full time, he never questioned it.
Taehyung was 15 when he met Hidefumi, a fellow model around his age, who kissed him after a photoshoot and held his hands as they walked around the streets of New York. Taehyung sort of liked Hidefumi.
He was a pretty boy with a silly laugh and a goofy personality and when he told Taehyung that he liked him, it sounded like he meant it. But Hidefumi is a boy, just like Taehyung, and he comes from a relatively small agency. Those things are not good enough for Soo-hyun.
“Disgusting. You have no time for silly little crushes, Taehyung-ah. And that boy is just using you.” This is what she said before forbidding him to see Hidefumi again. Without telling Taehyung anything, Hidefumi flew back to Japan before their campaign ended.
The last thing Taehyung heard about Hidefumi was that his agency went bankrupt. Taehyung was 19 when he met Jimin. The agency had more models by then, and Soo-hyun was off to her new venture. Jimin was to take care of Taehyung as his manager.
Even though they are of the same age, and even though Taehyung had been in the industry for far longer, Soo-hyun trusted Jimin more because “he’s not an idiot drop out.” Taehyung did not mind.
He liked Jimin instantly, and he agreed with Soo-hyun that Jimin was infinitely smarter than him. He further proved that a year after they met.
They were in an afterparty when an up-and-coming designer that Taehyung had been secretly dating for a few weeks finally told Taehyung he loved him. Jimin noticed this, of course, and at the end of the night, he calmly told Taehyung,
“Don’t believe whatever he told you. There’s no such thing as love in this industry. Not for people like us, anyway.” And Jimin had been right. A week after Taehyung ended things with the designer, he found out that he had a wife.
After that, it was just a string of casual fucks. He met Seojoon and after a few days of flirting, they sleep together. As much as Taehyung liked Seojoon, them sleeping together only proved to him that there's no such thing as a serious relationship when it comes to him.
So, often, it's him and Seojoon. At times, it's with random men Seojoon introduces him to. All this to say, Taehyung doesn’t really know much about relationships, or how serious relationships work anyway.
Then Jungkook came along, with his insanely gorgeous build. With his wide, trusting eyes. With his silly little confession about liking Taehyung since they were kids. With his promise of giving Taehyung everything he has, with him following through with this promise.
Jungkook was supposed to be this fun little plaything, a means to get some positive buzz about him going. But now things have gotten too serious, especially since Taehyung realized that Jungkook is different from all the men he has been with before.
He’s straightforward about his intentions, sincere about his feelings. Most of all, he is, perhaps, the first man to make Taehyung feel truly wanted – with no reservations, with no conditions. There’s a simplicity to Jungkook’s love –
a steady and quiet yet persistent kind of affection that Taehyung is still getting used to. It’s somewhat overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time, being in a serious relationship for once. And when it’s good, it’s good, but when things go south,
Taehyung finds himself fumbling. Occasionally, he finds himself wanting to run. Or maybe go back to how things were before, when things were simpler and he can still see everything as a fun little game.
Or maybe hide from Jungkook for a bit because he knows deep down that he does not deserve the kind of love Jungkook feels for him. At times, it makes him feel too aware of how dirty he had been.
It’s mostly why he’s having such a hard time lately, so he’s partly blaming Yoongi and Jimin for indirectly putting him in this situation. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s almost at the end of his rope because his darling husband has been acting off lately.
Jungkook’s been leaving the house too early, often before Taehyung wakes up, and he now usually comes home after midnight. He barely answers Taehyung’s calls and text messages, and even at home, he opts to sleep in his own room than in the one they’ve been sharing.
Somehow, a tiny part of him keeps on saying that all he really wants is just a few minutes of attention from his husband. He misses Jungkook, is all.
Taehyung tried reading about it, and all the articles he’s read tell him the same thing: misunderstandings and arguments are best resolved through communication and understanding. But the thing is, he doesn’t think there’s a misunderstanding or an argument. How could there be?
They’ve barely talked, so there’s nothing to misunderstand or argue about. Their last decent conversation had been weeks ago, and back then they were both sporting their post-sex haze. Jungkook hasn’t touched him for weeks now, and Taehyung feels like he’s slowly going insane.
Did Jungkook find out about his affairs before? Just the thought of that has bile rising up his throat. He admits that that thought has kept him up several nights. Then again, he’s too scared to ask because what if Jungkook confirms his suspicion? What then?
On the other hand, as far as Taehyung knows, people who get cheated on usually lose their shit, right? People who find out they’ve been cheated usually go on a rampage, don’t they? Jungkook, with his temper, seems far too calm to know about Taehyung’s previous affairs.
So, maybe he doesn’t know, which would be ideal. All Taehyung knows is that things started to go awry when Jungkook sent that “where are you” message, which, Taehyung admits, made him freak out. Rightfully so.
He’s pretty sure something happened because, for one, Jungkook never responded after that, and two, Jungkook wasn’t even in their apartment when Taehyung got home after driving from Busan like a madman in the middle of the night. So, Taehyung knows he might be stupid,
but he still can put two and two together. He just needs to figure out what happened, but for some reason, no one wants to tell him. The rumor that’s been floating around gossip sites is that Jungkook got into a fight at a bar, but Taehyung thinks that can’t be right.
Jungkook hasn’t been going to bars or clubs on his own since the announcement of their marriage. Besides, Jungkook isn’t even supposed to drink. He’s very strict with his diet during training, and with how rigorous his training usually is before a match,
even just one glass of beer would be too much for him. So, he’s back to square one, and it’s so frustrating that he wants to pull his hair out. He wants a bit of distraction, which is why he’s hanging out here with Hyejin.
Then again, being here just reminds him that there hasn’t been any callback for the upcoming fashion week, so now he’s even more stressed. “I just – I think he’s mad at me or something,” he tells Hyejin. “And that’s bad because I really like the pancakes he makes for breakfast.”
Taehyung pouts because that always works. He’s starting to feel petulant because he thrives on attention, and this silly little stunt that Jungkook is pulling is depriving him of that. “I mean. Just – noona, what do I even do?”
At least Hyejin pretends to think about it before throwing Taehyung an exasperated look. “Have you tried talking to him?” “I did!” “Like, really talking to him?” “I tried, okay?” Taehyung hums and pouts some more.
He knows Hyejin would probably just reprimand him when she knows how he tried talking to Jungkook. It mostly involved him staring at the door to Jungkook’s room and then chickening out the last minute.
Eventually, as Taehyung expected, his pout works. Hyejin lets out an exasperated sigh and plops herself beside him, and he leans into it when she ruffles his hair. “Well, if you want to make your marriage work, you’ve got to try harder, Tae. I know it’s hard for you because –
okay, this is going to sound mean, but don’t get me fired for this, kay? – I know you’re used to easily getting what you want, but believe me, most good things need effort and persistence. I can tell you really like Jungkook-ssi, and that he makes you happy,
so I hope that you guys settle whatever this is, okay?” “Kay,” Taehyung mumbles, feeling fragile all of a sudden. He didn’t know it was that obvious how happy he is with Jungkook, but it seems like people do notice.
As they should, he thinks, because Jungkook does make him happy, so much so that it overwhelms and scares him sometimes. But maybe this is a good thing, so maybe Hyejin has a point. He’ll try harder, although he has to add, “but noona, I dunno know how.
He’s barely home anyway, he’s always at the gym.” Hyejin gives it a thought. “Then go visit him there.”
It turns out, Soobin agrees with Hyejin’s idea. So today, his kitchen is a mess, he’s covered in flour, and some stick substance won’t come off his cheek. On the kitchen island are some misshapen cookies, some unevenly sliced fruits. It looks like a grade-schooler's work.
Taehyung’s a bit dizzy, but that doesn’t really matter. He’s so damn proud because he and Soobin prepared most of these. “Hyung, I made you a sandwich,” Soobin offers once they’re done packing everything into a small picnic basket.
The sandwich looks good, with some layers of cream and fruits in between, but Taehyung’s too jittery to eat. “Maybe later? We should go soon so we can get there by lunchtime, don’t you think?” At this, Soobin almost glares at him. “Hyung.” “What?”
“When was the last time you ate?” Taehyung rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Doesn’t matter. And I’m not really hungry,” he tells Soobin because that sounds better than /I don’t remember./
He’s not deliberately skipping meals. It’s just that when he’s stressed, food doesn’t really stay in his stomach. He’d only end up puking everything out, so might as well not eat anything at all. At least, he remembers nibbling on a piece of biscuit Hyejin gave him yesterday.
Soobin still seems worried, however, so Taehyung groans and gives in. “Fine,” he mutters, and then he takes a tiny bite of the sandwich. Immediately, his throat tightens as it rejects the food and he also feels his stomach roiling. He pushes the food down with effort. “Happy?”
Soobin tuts. “Not quite, hyung, but I’ll make sure that you eat later when we get to Jungkook-nim’s gym.” The ride to the gym is tense. Soobin tries to dispel some of the tension by saying whatever comes to his mind,
and so far, he’s told Taehyung about the show he’s been watching on Netflix, that weird food he tried last weekend, that even weirder newbie model in the agency. Taehyung barely registers any of this because all he hears is the rush of blood in his ears,
the hammering of his heart against his chest. He tries breathing in and out slowly to calm down, but so far, all it does is make his throat feel even more dry. Every now and then, he feels some kind of shiver that runs up and down his whole body.
The last time he felt this nervous, he was preparing to walk his first runway. When the gym comes into view, he seriously considers jumping off the car. He’s never been good at confrontations, even more so at confronting any problem that needs to be solved.
This could go a number of ways, and he can only hope that Jungkook would appreciate this gesture and maybe open up a little bit. One thing he learned from all his years of modeling is that “fake it till you make it” is a legitimate piece of advice.
So when they finally park the car, he doesn’t get out immediately. He spends a few minutes perfecting the smile he needs to wear – it should be a smile that looks easy, looks effortless.
It should be one that does not look like he forced himself to be here and that he’s about to shit his pants. After a couple of tries, he finally finds a smile that does not strain his facial muscles too much. “Ready?” “I’m not the one trying to woo their husband, hyung.
I’m just here to watch,” Soobin laughs. His voice comes out shaky, and it tells Taehyung his assistant is just as nervous.
The gym isn’t as crowded as Taehyung expected it to be, but there’s some sort of tension in the air. There are few regulars that Taehyung’s familiar with milling about outside, and when he greets them, they look uneasy.
He doesn’t give it much thought because he’s got more important matters to focus on. He lets Soobin open the door as he steps inside. It’s Hoseok that they find behind the reception desk, and he looks too surprised and rattled when he sees him. “Taehyung-ah!” he exclaims,
and it sounds more panicked than pleased. “What brings you here?” “Uh – “ Taehyung tries looking inside, hoping to catch a glimpse of his husband, but within seconds, Hoseok is blocking his way. “Uhm – is Jungkook in there? I bought lunch for all of us.”
“Oh,” Hoseok breathes out, and now his surprise is mixed with something unfamiliar. He chews on his lower lip and scratches his nape. “Oh. I – Tae, I don’t think this is a good time.” He looks down, and it’s clear that he’s trying to avoid Taehyung’s eyes.
It only makes Taehyung’s worries flare. Is Jungkook okay? Did something happen? Did he injure himself? Taehyung wants Hoseok to look him in the eye so that he could get some answers. “Is – hyung, is everything okay? What happened? Is Jungkookie okay?”
He feels his panic rising, and a ball of worry starts forming in his chest. He feels like an idiot. A selfish fool. He’s been too wrapped up in his own worries without even considering how stressed Jungkook must be for his upcoming match.
Now Hoseok won’t even meet his eyes, and Taehyung feels terribly betrayed. “Where is he, Hoseok-ssi?” “He’s inside, but – “ “I’ll go see him.” “Tae –“ Hoseok tries grabbing his arm, but Taehyung easily pries off his grip.
“I’m going to see my husband now, Hoseok-ssi, and I better see him uninjured or I will burn this place to the ground.” He walks away before Hoseok can even say another word. He’s running on adrenaline now, his hands shaking as he pushes the door to the training area open.
The place feels familiar, though he doesn’t know when he started seeing it that way. Freestanding heavy bags are lined up on one side and on the other are speed balls. In the middle are two boxing rings. One of them is empty. In the other one, there’s Namjoon and Jungkook.
Fortunately, Jungkook doesn’t seem to be injured, but judging how Namjoon and Jungkook glare at each other, it’s also clear that there’s something going on here. Taehyung walks towards the ring slowly. Both Namjoon and Jungkook don’t notice him yet,
and even though Jungkook has his back towards him, Taehyung can feel the waves of anger radiating off him. “You sure?” Taehyung hears Namjoon ask Jungkook. The trainer has his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants, relaxed,
a stark contrast to the tension that coils itself around the entire floor. “Cause I’m not on the losing end here.” “I’m fucking sure, Joon,” Jungkook snaps back. “As sure as I am of how useless you fucking are.”
Hearing that, Taehyung doesn’t manage to stop the loud gasp that escapes him. He tries covering his mouth with his hand, but it’s too late. Jungkook whips his head around too quickly that he almost loses his balance, and Taehyung’s head is starting to spin at what he sees.
This isn’t his husband. Sure, it wears Jungkook’s face like a mask, but it seems more like a cheap and vile imitation of it. Gone is Jungkook’s warmth, the child-like innocence in his eyes now replaced by a rabid kind of violence. His breathing is harsh, his chest heaving,
though it cannot be because of his training because his shirt is dry. “What – “ Jungkook chokes out. Behind him, Namjoon is chortling like something is funny. “Your husband finally sees your true colors now, I guess. Good luck with that, Jeon.”
With that, he steps off the ring and storms out. Taehyung barely notices Namjoon leaving, though. Somehow, he can’t focus on anything else but the stranger that wears Jungkook’s skin. The stranger looks at him, eyes red and livid.
Taehyung feels the wicker handle of the picnic basket dig into the skin of his palm. For a while, nothing is said, and it’s only Jungkook’s ragged breathing that cuts through the deafening silence that sits between them.
Eventually, after what feels like an eternity of just the two of them staring at each other, Taehyung finds his voice. Fake it till you make it, right? He tries smiling at Jungkook to ease the tension. “Jung –“ “What the fuck are you doing here?”
“Huh?” Taehyung dumbly asks. He’s not sure why Jungkook is asking him that because him dropping by unannounced isn’t something new. Sure, it’s been a while since he’s dropped by, and sure, things might not be okay between them, but does that mean he’s now unwelcome here?
His head is spinning again. There’s a not-so-distant memory that surfaces: Weeks ago, he vaguely remembers falling asleep on their couch as he waited for Jungkook. He also remembers Jungkook’s voice, gentle yet insistent. He thinks Jungkook was asking him to wake up,
but he can’t be sure. He tells Jungkook he missed him because it’s true, he missed his husband terribly. He remembers Jungkook answering him, telling him he missed him, too. This stranger in front of him doesn’t sound like that Jungkook. This one sounds menacing,
like violence incarnate, and for the first time since he met Jungkook, Taehyung feels unsafe. “I said, what the fuck are you doing here?” This time, Jungkook's voice sounds lower, more threatening. Taehyung can practically feel the pressure building between them.
“I-“ Taehyung tries opening his mouth, but the words won’t come out. They’re starting to choke him, and their jagged edges dig deep into the tender flesh of his throat. “I – Jungkook-ah, darling – “ His desperation hits him like a wave,
and he’s now caught under it, struggling to breathe. His heart feels like it’s about to burst out of his chest. Sweat is starting to form beads on his forehead. “My darling, what’s wrong?” “Don’t fucking call me that,” Jungkook snaps,
his voice now loud that it makes Taehyung jump a bit. “Get out. Get the fuck out.” Taehyung just wants Jungkook to be okay, but he doesn’t know what’s going on, and now everything’s spinning. “Jungkook – “ “I said out!” Then everything happens too quickly.
Something hits Taehyung in the face, and it’s the shock of it that causes him to fall backward. The floor has foam matting, but it doesn’t stop the sharp pain that lances from his tailbone to his entire body. He wants to scream, but for some reason he can’t.
He feels weak all of a sudden, like all of his energy is drained out of him. It’s like he’s floating, like he’s barely there. There are two things he notices before passing out: there’s blood on his shirt, and Jungkook’s boxing glove is beside him.
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Dispatch | Today | Top Stories “Top Model Kim Taehyung rushed to hospital” [enter-talk] Top model Kim Taehyung rushed to emergency room… no news from agency [Top Comments] | [Please log in to join the conversation] Guest (19 minutes ago): who? lolol
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Prettae (18 minutes ago): first baRely any Guestings after he got married now he’s sick cmOn TheoTHKim (17 minutes ago): Yea no this is so not ok TheoTHKim (17 minutes ago): not like they should share everything abt tae but the lack of press is concerning
TheoTHKim (16 minutes ago): I dont wanna sound like a conspiracy theorist but… you knw… since the wedding and all Taetaetae (16 minutes ago): I WANNA KMS TeaseTae (15 minutes ago): MY HAERT HURSTS FOR TAEGHYNUGNIE PLSSS Guest (14 minutes ago): wow poor guy
Taehheeeeehyuunggg (14 minutes ago): … Taehheeeeehyuunggg (13 minutes ago): don’t you guys think that boxer got anything to do with this Taehheeeeehyuunggg (13 minutes ago): shady aF Guest (12 minutes ago): kkkkk deserved Guest (12 minutes ago): this is punishment for the slUt
When Jungkook was eight, he moved out of the Min mansion in Daegu and moved in with his mother in Busan. They lived in a 9 pyeong studio apartment where Jungkook spent most of his time alone because his mother had to work two jobs to make ends meet.
It was a much smaller space than what he was used to. In the Min mansion, his room had its own bathroom. The hallways were wide enough that he could ride a bike through them without hitting anything.
He went on for days without seeing Yoongi or their father even though they were all at home in the evening. In Busan, when his mom was home with him, there was not a place where he felt himself alone. People might think it was an obvious downgrade of lifestyle,
but to his young mind, it had been the best thing that happened to him. “I’m glad, Jungkook-ah,” his mother had said. “Thank you for not being greedy and choosing to stay with me. Your abeoji – that is a greedy man.
He takes even the things that he doesn’t really deserve, and believe me, Kook-ah. He’s miserable. Don’t be like that.” He took those words to heart. After all, if there was one thing he did not want to be, it was to grow up a miserable and cruel man like his father.
Yet here he is. "Hi - uhm." "Ah, Jeon Jungkook-ssi. Good evening." /Monster./ The nurse introduces herself as Kwang Mina.
There are two other nurses with her, and their wary hesitation is palpable when they give each other silent glances and a couple of nods before Mina stands up and exits the nurses’ station. "If you follow me, please."
Her face is neutral as she leads Jungkook to an elevator. There's barely anyone here at this hour, and there's a hushed atmosphere about the place, punctuated only by the occasional crackle in the speakers somewhere overhead each time there's an announcement.
The clock behind the nurse’s station earlier showed it's 11:45 PM. Taehyung was rushed to the hospital a little after noon. Now it's way past visiting hours, and Jungkook still doesn't know if he has any right to be here at all. He lets out a slow exhale.
He pulls his bucket hat lower over his eyes, wears his mask so most of his face is hidden. /Again./ The elevator dings open and Nurse Kwang Mina lets Jungkook walk in first.
She presses the button to the 7th floor and then leans against the wall close to where the elevator buttons are. Jungkook stands awkwardly in the opposite corner. "Won't you get in trouble for this?" She startles, clearly not expecting Jungkook to start any conversation,
but she's quick to school her expression into a trained smile. It looks very professional, the kind that's pure muscle reflex. "For what?" "I mean - it's past visiting hours and all. And - uh -" "Ah, no, it's fine. Each patient is allowed one guardian,
and you're his spouse. Kim Seokjin-ssi already explained the situation to us earlier. So, it's good. We won't get into any trouble." "Ah. That's good, then." He nods and then averts his gaze. He’s sure there’s more to it than that, but he won’t press any further.
Should he send Seokjin a thank you gift? A fruits basket maybe? A bottle of wine? He really should because technically he isn't even allowed to be here. At least, that's what Seokjin told him earlier in a very one-sided phone call:
"Park Jimin is pissed to high heavens, says you're not allowed to come near Taehyung-ssi until they figure out what happened. Taehyung is fine, he's awake, but they're running some tests. I just have to -" "He awa-" "Don't interrupt.
Not much time because Jimin's about to tear Hoseok apart. Taehyung-ssi's awake but he's not saying anything. Call you later." /Monster./ Maybe he shouldn't send that thank you gift after all. Seokjin's a good lawyer, maybe too good,
so now Jungkook's here even though he's not supposed to be anywhere near Taehyung. Even though he himself doesn't want to be anywhere near Taehyung. But there's no turning back now. It doesn't take long before they reach the 7th floor and the elevator dings open again.
This wing of the hospital is quiet, with only the dull thud thud thudding of his boots cutting through the silence. Kwang Mina is wearing crocs. Figures. Her steps barely make any sound. /Monster./ He blinks.
There are blood on his hands, sticky and warm and darker where they stain his knuckles. Its metallic tang assaults his nose and all of a sudden he's back in Busan. Minij is cowering behind him as he looks down on her stalker, the man's face beaten to a bloody pulp.
/Again.Monsteryou'vedoneitagain/ "Are you okay, Jeon Jungkook-ssi?" He blinks again, looks down at his hands, clean and free blood. /Monstermonsteryoudontknow/ There had been blood on Taehyung. From his nose, down his mouth, down his neck and on the collar of his shirt.
There was blood on the boxing glove that grazed Taehyung on the face. Where there was heat at the back of Jungkook's neck, making him feel like he was going to implode at any moment, now there's a familiar chill. It is ice spreading,
seeping through his skin because he's done it again and now there's blood on Taehyung's face and it's his fault. /You don't know your strength./ That's what Namjoon told him before, way back when he was just starting out as a professional athlete.
It was meant as a compliment. It was meant to make Jungkook feel better about himself. But what Namjoon failed to tell him was that not knowing his strength meant that he can also hurt those who are important to him without meaning to.
Like Minji, who had tried to stop him and ended up with bruises all over her arms, her stomach, her jaw. "This is nothing, oppa. At least you're not in jail," was what she said. They couldn't prove that the man assaulted Minji.
Given the severity of the man's injuries, it didn't look too good. In the end it was Min Yoongi who bailed Jungkook out. Somehow he also managed to frame the guy for some other crime, just so he'd end up in jail after he was released from the hospital.
But the damage was done. Jungkook took his time in asking Yoongi's help, so the news was out before they could do anything: pro boxer Jeon Jungkook assaults random civilian.
On the upside, there was no mention of Minji. Jungkook could handle the bad press, the outlandish rumors. He shrugged it off when people called him murderer. When people first saw him hooking up with Yeongjae at a club and called him a brazen slut, he took it in a stride.
He could even handle owing Min Yoongi his freedom if it meant that Minji was okay. And for a while Jungkook thought things could be okay. There were no sponsors, but Namjoon allowed him to train. He was thinking of becoming a trainer himself.
As bitter as he had been about abruptly losing his career, he was ready to live as a normal person whose reputation oscillated between dismal and non-existent. Then Min Yoongi just had to step into the gym at five in the morning and offer him something he's only ever dreamed of.
And now he's here, walking through a brightly lit hospital corridor because he's done it again. He's hurt someone important to him because he's a monster who doesn't know his own strength. "Ah. Uhm. Yeah I'm fine - I'm - yeah."
Nurse Kwang Mina flashes him another practiced smile, but this time there's a hint of doubt that briefly flashes through her eyes. She nods. "Well, we're here."
There's a brief moment when the hesitation that tugs at Jungkook feels so strong he considers turning and running back. He’s not sure he’s ready to see the state Taehyung is in. A kinder part of himself reminds him he never really hurt Taehyung.
It was just a series of events that look connected but not really. Still, the vicious voices are louder. /youreamonsterjeonnowlookatwhatyouvedone/ But it's too late. The nurse is already pushing the door open, and as Jungkook stays rooted in the spot,
he could hear her quietly saying "Taehyung-ssi? You have a guest." Despite the lack of any audible response from inside the room, Nurse Kwang steps aside and offers a hushed, "you can enter now."
As soon as Jungkook moves forward, she is already walking down the corridor, brisk in the way nurses are, and Jungkook is left here where he knows he has no right to be.
The room is mostly dark when he steps in, and the only source of light comes from a lamp on the table beside the bed. It casts a dull yellow glow on Taehyung. That dull yellow light is enough, though. Jungkook can clearly see Taehyung.
Half of the bed is raised, so Taehyung is almost sitting up. He smiles, big and bright, when he sees Jungkook. Extends both arms like he's asking for a hug. As though Jungkook isn't able to crush his feeble frame in his arms.
"Darling husband," Taehyung says, a sense of relief heavy in the way he sounds. "I thought you'd never visit. Was waiting for you." His face is gaunt, his cheeks hollow, and it only makes his cheekbones more prominent.
He's thin, thinner than when they first met that he almost looks emaciated, and Jungkook can't believe he's just noticing this now. Malnutrition. It was never Jungkook's fault that Taehyung bled all over the gym floor earlier. Taehyung's just deficient in vitamin k,
along with a slew of other vitamins and minerals and nutrients his body needs to function properly. It turns out, Taehyung hasn't been eating. And Jungkook never noticed. His guilt tugs at his insides again, hooks onto his ribs and pulls and pulls.
Pulls him to a point in the past - a hotel room in Japan, Tae deep inside him. He just won his comeback match, spilled Peterson's blood on the ring as an offer for Taehyung's affection. He remembers soaring the highest of the highs. Then he remembers the video.
Remembers realizing Taehyung had been lying this whole time. He remembers, too, the promise he made – to surrender himself to Taehyung completely. That he's still the one Taehyung comes home to, no matter how many men he sleeps with on the side, he still comes home to Jungkook.
He remembers accepting that as enough. When did he become so greedy? He vowed that night to still take care of the part of Taehyung that comes home to him.
Clearly, the men he's been sleeping with, Seojoon included, do not care enough to notice the hollow cheeks, the jutting ribs. According to what Seokjin told him earlier, Taehyung hasn't had a decent meal for over two weeks,
and they all know he didn't exactly have the healthiest appetite before that. Taehyung asked him once if they could have pancakes. It feels like a lifetime ago, and Jungkook doesn't even remember if he actually got to making those pancakes for his husband.
Seokjin said over the phone earlier, "The kid - his assistant, yeah, that Soobin kid, yeah. He says all Taehyung had for some days now are a biscuit, maybe some sandwich? A bite, yeah, yeah." Then, in a quieter voice, continues,
"he throws up, Jungkook-ah. Whatever full meal he's eaten, he throws it all up." Jungkook recalls Taehyung telling him he can't eat when he's stressed, that he can't keep the food down.
Earlier, there had been a picnic basket. Taehyung doesn't eat but he bought Jungkook lunch, and now Jungkook feels like the biggest asshole in the world. When did he become so greedy? He’s gotten so caught up in his own head that he’s forgotten his place in his world.
Taehyung may be cheating on him, and maybe that’s what monsters like him deserve. "What's wrong?" Taehyung is still reaching out to him, even though Jungkook doesn’t know if he deserves this.
It irks him somehow, the way Taehyung acts like nothing happened. As though he isn’t in the hospital. As though Jungkook did not throw a boxing glove at him earlier, with the intent to hurt, screamed at him to leave when all Taehyung wanted was to have a meal together.
He lets his emotions wash over him – the guilt, the regret, the rage that’s been abruptly doused with water so now it’s nothing ash and smoke inside his chest cavity. “Tae.” He comes closer. Kneels beside Taehyung’s bed. “Tae.” “Darling. Jungkook – there – chair. Jungkook-ah.”
Jungkook shakes his head no, presses his forehead on Taehyung’s arm, and a shiver runs down his spine when he barely feels any muscle on it. It’s almost just skin and bones, and somehow, Jungkook could not help but feel like it’s his fault, too.
“Jungkook?” Taehyung sounds worried. He’s kind. Too kind. He could just go around and sleep with other men because he can. Because who would be satisfied being forced into a marriage with a monster like him? No one deserves that fate. Clearly not Taehyung.
“Darling husband, what are you doing?” Jungkook still doesn’t meet Taehyung’s eyes. He keeps his face pressed against Taehyung’s arm because no matter how kind Taehyung is, there’s still a chance that Jungkook would see regret and disdain in his eyes.
“Sorry,” he murmurs instead. “Hm?” “My fault.” There’s a rush of breath, then Taehyung trembles. “No – what? What’s your fault? This?” A nod. By now Taehyung’s arm is wet with Jungkook’s tears. He didn’t even notice he was crying.
“Jungkook-ah, no.” It’s unnatural how Taehyung laughs, like the situation now is funny. “This – oh my goodness, you. You really do have the tendency to blame yourself for everything. Hey, look at me.” Taehyung manages to tug his arm free from Jungkook’s hold.
He uses that hand he just freed to lift Jungkook’s chin. The touch is soft. Too soft. Jungkook thinks it's kinder than anything he will ever deserve. When Jungkook finally manages to look at Taehyung directly, he feels his breath leaving him.
Because how did he ever get so lucky as to be this man’s husband? Sure, the marriage is a load of bullshit, and sure, maybe Taehyung’s been walking all over his heart lately, but what even gave him the idea that he deserved more?
When did he become so greedy? “Baby,” Taehyung murmurs. “My love. I missed you.” This time, it’s Taehyung who pulls Jungkook’s hand and presses the wrist to his lips. “I love you, Jungkook-ah.” Jungkook doesn’t believe it. He shouldn’t.
It’s too much of a good thing and he shouldn’t be greedy. “Jungkook-ah. I love you so much.” Jungkook nods. He doesn’t believe it still. He still thinks Taehyung is a good actor, staring at him now with wide, glassy eyes,
and for a moment, Jungkook is so, so tempted to pretend that he means what he’s saying. But he doesn’t. “I love you, too, Tae. So, so much.” And he means it. But in the grand scheme of things, that admission never really mattered.
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