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#taekookau 🔞 Taehyung is a shy muffin who has the hots for the next-door hunk, Jungkook. Jungkook is drawn to RJ Vante and ends up getting off to his voice one night, moaning his name out loud – leaving his neighbor utterly restless and sleep-deprived.

- Just something I had to come up with. 😭 - It's gonna be a mid-length oneshot (?) - Definitely NSFW 🔞 - Kinks (Lots of it) - Porn without plot (?) - Switch Taekook
(Will write it tonight and probably post the whole thing at once.)
[Updating this one to keep myself away from the post-concert blues. 🙃]
The sound of a commotion outside his apartment wakes Taehyung up at around 5 pm. He already has an unusual sleep schedule due to his job which requires him to stay up all night – lulling others to sleep instead, with his deep, sonorous voice that feels like molten chocolate +
to the ears. With only three hours of rest and a headache, he gets down from the bed to move to the kitchen. Taehyung needs some tea.
A few minutes later, loud banging from the other side of his bedroom jolts him out of his grogginess, causing the tea in the cup to spill on his hand. Taehyung flinches. He’s full-on groaning. Whichever horny bunch of rabbits is causing this +
disturbance must choke on the very dick they’re taking. Taehyung huffs. He’s fully awake now, and frustration slowly sinks into his body as the moans across the wall start to get loud and annoying – piercing screams shrilling through his bedroom.
From how the woman is crying out loud in pleasure, she must be getting fucked six ways to Sunday –Taehyung thinks. And he sighs. When was the last time he had somebody ravishing his body and drowning him in pleasure like that!
Well, he can’t even remember because it’s been THAT long. Taehyung has hardly ever dated anyone. His relationship with Jimin ended up being a farce in the end, with both of them realizing they’re a better fit as friends.
But god, the sex was amazing! Taehyung feels a shiver run down his spine from thinking about all those days he spent tangled up in the bed with Jimin. And it wasn’t just the bed – they barely left any space unexplored with their sexual rendezvous.
And they even continued having each other when they weren’t boyfriends anymore. However, they had to put a stop to it since Jimin has finally found ‘the last dollop of cream to my strawberry’ as he likes to describe it.
Taehyung didn’t expect Jimin to be actually head over heels in love with the goody two shoes Kim Namjoon – and to his utter surprise, they’ve been together for over a year now, which is the longest relationship Jimin has ever been in.
He’s truly happy that his soulmate has found the kind of love he deserves. But it would be a lie if he says he still doesn’t fancy Jimin sometimes. Taehyung’s train of thought is broken when he hears the woman scream ‘Daddy, nngghh, there, daddy! Ruin me, fuck!”
Fucking hell! His own dick twitches a little at that and he keeps wondering who must this sex god be. Because the last time he checked, he had a grumpy seventy-year-old halmeoni as his next-door unfortunate neighbor, living with her equally devil of a cat.
Either the old lady moved out and someone else moved in or she had someone come over. But even so, the halmeoni can’t be having a dick appointment, right? “Ohdearlord! Stop thinking about it, Taehyung, you’ll go crazy!” He scolds himself in tiny.
Sleep long gone – Taehyung decides to take a shower before heading out to work again. 💦💦💦💦💦
A bunch of sheets reeking of unholy fluids is thrown into the laundry bag, as a very sturdy man puts on a pair of baggy jeans that doesn’t do much justice to accentuate his godly ass and thighs.
After some good twenty minutes, a very irritated Jungkook steps out of his apartment and locks the door behind him.
He has never had a single experience where he’s genuinely in a good mood after a satisfactory night of fucking someone into seventh heaven. Sure, it feels amusing at the moment, but Jungkook hates how all his hook-ups leave his apartment in a mess.
He’d always find his shampoo or body wash carelessly used and splayed across the bathroom floor, his t-shirts gone, his favorite coffee half-empty, or his kitchen an entire mess every time Jungkook brings someone home.
Working as a bartender scores him countless hot dates from time to time. But they all feel very ordinary to Jungkook. None of them has ever offered something out of the box to him – and Jungkook craves to be surprised.
It’s around 12 am when Jungkook’s shift gets over and he’s pondering upon whether or not to call the woman from last night for a quicky. Yes, she dared to use his precious chapstick and lost the cap somewhere, but she was good in bed –
something, Jungkook could work with tonight. He’s about to dial her number when the radio in the bar tunes in and he hears the familiar voice that has recently been driving him crazy. And he’s surprised because this is not RJ Vante’s usual slot.
Jungkook has been listening to him for over a month now. He discovered RJ Vante on a random Friday evening when he was balls deep inside some guy. The warmth that Jungkook usually seeks in pressed-up bodies, found its way to him as a faceless voice – deeper than the ocean.
A voice that feels like coming home to slip under the snuggly blanket after a chilly wintry day, and slowly falling asleep. For the past month, Vante’s voice has been Jungkook’s only solace.
He makes sure to get back home before 2 every night just to listen to his favorite voice. Jungkook likes to think that Vante is waiting for him in his apartment – he likes to imagine Vante carding his fingers through his hair, and singing softly in his ears –
taking all his fatigue away. So, tonight, when the RJ starts his show hours earlier, Jungkook is a bit surprised. He doesn’t get to call his hook-up anymore as he grabs his earphones from behind the counter and goes to the roof to listen to Vante in peace.
It’s a bit windy where Jungkook is currently sitting. But the warmth in the RJ’s voice makes up for it. Tonight, the talk is about the importance of ‘touch’. And something about the way Vante speaks about it, tells Jungkook that the RJ is probably as lonesome as he is.
Well, Jungkook isn’t into dating. Rather, he’s quite repulsed by the idea of committing to someone. He’s unabashedly a very sexual person who doesn’t shy away from fulfilling his primal needs. But ever since Jungkook started listening to Vante +
A small part of him yearns to experience something sweet and beautiful with another human being – something beyond bodily pleasures. He shrugs off the thought as soon as his mind acknowledges it. No. He won’t give in to it.
It’s stupid after all. And Jungkook wants to be practical – realistic. There’s no way, he’ll ever get to know the RJ personally. And even though it makes him kinda sad, that the only person he could actually connect to, after so long –
be it through unexchanged dialogues or unshared touches, is a far-fetched dream. Sucks to finally feel something genuine for someone, only for that person to end up being unreachable.
Jungkook reaches home at about 4:30 am. His eyes getting small, growing black hair falling all over his eyes – sleepiness evidently written all over his face. He’s about to type in his passcode when he feels someone slowly passing from behind him. He looks to his side in reflex
to see who it is. His gaze lingers on the other for a few seconds before the person turns to look at him as well. Eyes almost covered with fluffy black wavy curls – there’s a tenderness spread all over the man's face that stirs something in Jungkook.
The other man seems to be a bit dazed as well, as he, too, locks his eyes on Jungkook – as if scanning his face. Jungkook gulps a little before opening his mouth finally, “Hey!” “Hi!” The man says, lips curved into a coy smile.
Jungkook finds himself stunned again because clearly, the voice is surprisingly and unexpectedly way too low and deep for the soft features on his face. He fumbles for words to say next but the other guy beats him to it.
“Umm, did you move in here, recently?” “Wow! Deep indeed.” Jungkook thinks to himself, again – not realizing he said it a little too loud for the other person to hear him as he shied away a little at that.
“I’ve been told.” The guy manages to say despite the bright red blush smeared all over his cheeks. Jungkook grasps what he just said. “Ermm! Shit, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean it in a bad way though.” The man gives him a breathy laugh, “It’s okay. I didn’t mind.”
There’s a short pause, then the guy speaks again, “So, you’re new here?” “Yeah. I moved in last week. I’m guessing you’re my neighbour? Or, are you just visiting?” The man shakes his head – “No. I stay here only.”
“Ahh!” Jungkook tries to think of something to say – to not fall back into the awkwardness. “So, I guess I’ll see you around?” The man asks, which seems to disappoint him a little because he wanted to have a longer conversation.
But he’s also quite clueless as to what more to talk about. “Yeah. See you around.” He answers. Turning to enter his apartment, but he stops and says in quite a haste –
“I’m Jungkook, by the way.” He hesitates for a few seconds before leaning his upper body a bit forward and extending his hand to the other guy.
The man reaches out and shakes his hand, “It’s nice to meet you, Jungkook-ssi. I’m Taehyung.” Jungkook feels hot all over. He can’t say he wasn’t anticipating feeling this way before going for a handshake, because damn, Taehyung’s hands feel so soft and so warm.
Jungkook forgets to let go. He fixes his gaze on Taehyung and the latter seems to be frozen under his scrutiny as well. Then it probably hits him as he withdraws his hand from Jungkook’s grip and clears his throat, “Goodnight, then?”
“Goodnight, Taehyung-ssi.” Jungkook flashes a confident close-mouth smile at him. He sees Taehyung get inside his apartment, then enters his own.
The first thing Taehyung does after throwing his bag on the couch is run to the kitchen and drink a good amount of water to calm his heart which has been throbbing a bit too fast in his chest than usual, for the past few minutes.
He puts down the glass on the kitchen slab with a sound – breaths leaving his mouth at an unsteady pace. Did he just meet THE sex god next door? Taehyung still feels a little anxious from their encounter. He certainly did not expect his new neighbor to be this hot.
Sure, the other seemed quite stupefied himself, but there was still something extremely inviting in the way Jungkook looked at him, that made the nerves in Taehyung’s body quiver in arousal. So much so that he wanted to reach out and linger on their touch for a little longer.
Did Jungkook find him attractive as well? If not, why would he stare at him like that? He definitely tightened his grip a bit when they shook hands. Or, is Taehyung just overthinking it? Whatever, Jungkook’s probably straight.
Taehyung clearly heard a woman in his apartment in the afternoon. But he could also be bi? Even then, would he do Taehyung as he did the woman? Maybe not. Taehyung feels a little piteous. Jungkook’s probably not even thinking about him right now.
And here he is – so much affected by someone he just met. Taehyung heaved out a sigh. He probably just needs to get laid. It's been too long since he felt someone's touch all over his body, and the sexual frustration is driving him over the edge.
But it also can’t be helped. His neighbor is way too hot and alluring to be real. And he’s obviously very handsome – more than the average handsomeness. Taehyung also caught a glimpse of some tattoos peeking out from under the sleeve of his sweatshirt.
And even though Taehyung has never really been a huge fan of flashy tattoos – the thought of an already sexy Jungkook covered in body art, made the man hotter. The exact kind of hot Taehyung longed to be ruined by.
He must stop thinking about Jungkook. For Christ’s sake, Taehyung doesn’t know a single thing about the guy. What if he’s involved in some illegal business? Or maybe, he’s a criminal on the run? It would also make sense since he only moved in last week.
Jungkook could also be a mafia boss. He kinda has the face and build for it. 𝘈 𝘩𝘰𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘧𝘪𝘢 𝘣𝘰𝘴𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘭𝘺 𝘤𝘢𝘱𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵 𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦. Taehyung feels giddy at the thought.
For a split second, he picturizes it – him writhing under Jungkook, while the man pounds into him mercilessly but makes sure that Taehyung feels the pleasure more than the pain of his jabs. Taehyung gulps. He feels a little hesitation regarding whether or not to lose himself +
in this daydream. Because once he crosses that road, he’ll definitely feel awkward around Jungkook the next time he sees him. But the need to do something about his already rising body heat surpasses the moral part of his consciousness.
It would rather be blasphemous not to fantasize about Jungkook – the epitome of hotness as Taehyung would like to think from now on. So, he throws his inhibitions away and plops himself up on the kitchen counter, and spreads his legs in a slow movement –
hands moving down to touch himself over his slacks. He could feel the tightness around his pant from the moment he entered his apartment. Right now, the bulge is proudly poking outward.
Taehyung shuts his eyes, heavy, uneven breaths leaving his mouth as he thinks about Jungkook manhandling him and pushing him down on the bed, and taking a firm hold of Taehyung’s lean waist, kneading the soft flesh with a bruising grasp.
Taehyung feels restless. Then hastily removes his slacks along with the underwear – unable to wait any longer to touch himself and feel the much-needed friction. Once he frees his c*ck from the confinement of the fabrics, he rubs his palm over his length – slowly, sensually.
Images of a very naked Jungkook suddenly pop up in his head. Taehyung couldn’t quite figure out Jungkook’s physique earlier, because of his sweatshirt being baggy – but he guessed the man was rugged underneath. And from there, Taehyung lets his imagination run wild.
The veins in Jungkook’s biceps all popping out due to the force with which he’s thrusting into Taehyung’s tight h*le. He lets out small whimpers at the thought. Taehyung badly wants to feel Jungkook’s abs and leave scratch marks all over his bare back.
He starts pumping his length with an increased motion, gripping the edge of the counter with one hand – eyes getting closed, back arching, and head slowly falling back as he imagines Jungkook moving his mouth onto his neck, sucking feverishly.
Taehyung removes his hand from the slab to slip it under his shirt and rub it across his chest before twisting his nipples to heighten the pleasure.
With that perfectly shaped jutted-out lower lip, Jungkook must be a really good kisser. And Taehyung suddenly wants to feel the lip ring against his mouth. He wants to play with it while they relish each others’ tastes and explore each corner of their mouths.
He tries to think what it would feel like to straddle Jungkook’s lap, as he rides him. Fervently bouncing on his c*ck and occasionally rolling his hips to meet each thrust, trying to hit that one spot that will unlock the box of wondrous pleasures.
Taehyung bites his lower lip as heat starts to pool at his stomach. He feels the warmth slowly expanding in his veins. But the pressure in his length doesn’t feel enough anymore. Taehyung feels too empty.
His vivid imagination makes him see his gaping h*le filled to the brim with Jungkook’s c*ck, but Taehyung needs to 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 it too. He stops jerking himself off and pulls his legs up, properly leaning on the wall behind, a*s up in the air a bit to give his fingers easy access.
Taehyung smears the precum licking from his c*ck down to his entrance. Then brings two of his fingers to his mouth as he sucks on them, collecting saliva on the fingers to make the glide easier.
He finally shoves one finger into his puckered h*le that’s already clenching from anticipation. “Aaaahhh…mmphh…shit.!” Taehyung breathes out as the walls tighten around his finger. He waits for a few seconds, gasping a little, then starts moving his fingers slowly in and out.
This sensation definitely feels a bit different than feeling friction on the pleasure point in his d*ck. It somehow feels more fulfilling to him. Soon, he adds another finger and starts thrusting with a bit more force, a bit more speed.
His mind drifts off to the thought of Jungkook fucking him with an intense passion – making his whole body burn with want. As Taehyung thrusts into himself faster, and harder – his skin aches to be touched, groped, kissed, sucked, and bitten all over.
He’s now half-lying on the counter. His legs bent in half but floating in the air without any support. The position is really weird to look at, but it doesn’t matter. Taehyung isn’t really putting on a show for anyone to see.
All he wants is to just reach his orgasm with Jungkook in mind. Whimpers gradually turn into sultry moans, which are now the only sound reverberating through the kitchen walls. His eyes almost tear up when he finds that one spot and hits it over and over again +
until he can feel nearing his release. He brings his other hand down to move up and down his length, trying to chase his release quicker. Taehyung lets go of his bottom lip from the confines of his teeth and his mouth falls open from the budding stimulation,
letting out loud noises as the heat becomes too much, “Nnghh…fuck…uuhhmph…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” He’s at the peak of his orgasm when his mind goes back to Jungkook’s tattoos and he imagines him having an armful of them on his body.
And this image alone is enough to push him over the edge. He spurts warm white strips of c*m within seconds – some flying over to the wall. Taehyung keeps abusing his prostate, taking the overstimulation all in as he pants heavily.
It takes him a few more seconds to calm down from his high and he slowly removes his fingers from his h*le. Taehyung opens his eyes and looks at the mess on his stomach, as well as on the floor and the wall.
He lets out small bouts of chuckles in between his breaths. This is definitely something new to him. Taehyung has never gotten off to the thought of a stranger. He feels a strange feeling of contentment spreading over his body.
It’s hot to get off to the thought of someone attractive. But it was mad hot because that person is Jungkook. Taehyung feels giddy all over. His otherwise dry life has finally something to look forward to. And he can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the handsome hunk again.
Which brings him to his next phase of assumptions. What if Jungkook really is a mafia boss? What if the cops suddenly bust into his apartment while Taehyung's all naked and sprawled out on Jungkook's bed, with Jungkook's c*ck buried deep inside him? It would be mortifying.
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Jungkook finds himself in still quite a daze once he’s inside his apartment. He bumps into good-looking people every now and then. But there’s something about the man he just met – it got Jungkook in awe. The lights in the corridor were dim.
Taehyung had half of his face hidden by his lush black hair. So, even though Jungkook’s eyes couldn’t grasp the entirety of his neighbor’s beauty, he could still see a soft glow on Taehyung’s face under the faint yellow light.
And boy did he glow like no other being! When Jungkook moved into this apartment, he didn’t think he would have such an enticing man as his neighbor. Because he got to know from his landlord that there aren’t many tenants living in this building.
“Moving here wasn’t a bad idea, after all, I guess?” Jungkook says with a smile and shakes his head. It’s as if, those few sentences exchanged with Taehyung drained all his tiredness out of his body and now he can finally get a sound sleep. Jungkook freshens up and goes to bed.
He takes his phone to play some games. Then suddenly he thinks of something and googles the person who has been occupying his thoughts for quite some time now. “There’s no picture of him anywhere?” Jungkook says out loud with a frown, “Has nobody ever seen him or what!”
Disappointed huffs are leaving out of his mouth when another thought strikes him. That voice. He was surprised when Taehyung spoke to him because the only other person with such a deep, resonating voice is his favorite RJ.
And if Jungkook doesn’t have damaged ears, he’s sure their voice sounded eerily similar. However, Jungkook doesn’t ponder much upon the thought because what are the odds that he’s neighbors with RJ Vante! That just can’t be, right?
But Jungkook also feels strangely curious about Taehyung. And he’s oddly excited to catch sight of him again. He starts thinking about excuses to knock on Taehyung’s door. But what if he makes him feel uncomfortable? Hell! He doesn’t even know when Taehyung’s gonna be home.
But given the fact that he also came home late at night, Taehyung must be sleeping in late. So, Jungkook can surely invite himself over to Taehyung’s place for lunch, right? He’ll just say he’s there to make acquaintances with his neighbor.
Well, that’s decided then. Jungkook will do just that. And now, he can’t wait to see Taehyung. He doesn’t want to shy away from admitting that he’d totally fuck his neighbor, because Jungkook surely felt attracted to him. But he doesn’t want Taehyung to be just a one-night stand.
There was something to him than just his face that Jungkook felt drawn to – something, he didn't indulge in before. He never mingles with his hook-ups in a friendly manner. Because he’s simply not interested.
He has his fair share of good friends and even though Yoongi and Jin often get on his nerves – Jungkook is content with their friendship. Yes, he misses his best friend sometimes, it’s been a long eight months since Hoseok left for New York. But that’s okay.
Jungkook doesn’t have many complaints in life. He earns enough to look after himself and fulfill his materialistic needs. He gets to eat good food, gets to satiate his primal needs in a way that suits his convenience, he doesn’t have to deal with emotional baggage.
So, it’s all good so far. He just wishes he could meet Vante, at least for once. It would really make him happy because Vante sounds like he would be a wonderful person. And nobody has ever really been able to hold his curiosity and interest for this long.
Well, one month isn’t really long, but it’s fairly long for Jeon Jungkook who runs in the opposite direction of emotional attachments. He starts contemplating whether it’s gonna be worth it or not – chasing someone who chooses to remain concealed, someone Jungkook might +
never be able to find out there – in the real world. He heaves out a long sigh and starts listening to Vante’s recorded show on his phone. And maybe it’s due to the fact that he didn’t get to release himself tonight, or maybe because his dreamy neighbor isn't really +
leaving his thoughts and his voice bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Vante – Jungkook starts having slightly different thoughts while the RJ’s voice is pouring hot chocolate in his ears – making heat shoot through his bones.
Jungkook snaps his eyes open. He feels a little sweaty and immediately discards his tee. There’s a slight hesitation in his next movement. He sits like that on his bed for a few moments before he goes, “Ahh fuck it!”
Jungkook moves backward to support his back against the headboard and keeps his phone aside – the recording is still playing on it. He has lowered the volume to a level that makes Vante’s deep voice sound like a hex being chanted.
The voice dripping something akin to drops of sweet ambrosia charged with strong sexual fervor. Jungkook lets one of his hands roam around the waistband of his sweats. He keeps licking his lips while trying to reason with what he’s about to do.
And he can’t really hold back anymore – the voice getting too much for him to keep his hands off of c*ck. Jungkook can feel himself already leaking precum and oh god, a wet spot has already formed on his sweats.
So, without waiting any further, Jungkook slips his fingers inside his underwear and takes out the painfully hard lump of flesh. The cold air hits the tip of his length – sending a tingling shiver down his body. He holds his length in a loose clasp as he puts his +
thumb over the slit that is now oozing out transparent greasy fluid, and gently smears it across the tip. The precum works just fine as a lubricant so, Jungkook doesn’t have to pause the act and get the lube from the bedside drawer.
Vante’s voice keeps fueling his desires as Jungkook leaks out more fluid and eventually spread it evenly all over his c*ck. He lets out a deep exhale, “Aaghh, fuck!” and says in an equally breathy voice, “What are you doing to me!”
Painfully slow strokes gradually become faster. Jungkook is now groaning a little too loud. His chest goes up and down in a rapid motion as he jerks himself off with a renewed force when Vante’s voice suddenly becomes a little raspy along the way.
And Jungkook thinks nothing can be hotter than that. His wants make him fantasize about the RJ in a more intimate scenario where Vante whispers against his ears – lips lightly grazing Jungkook’s earlobe before gently taking it between his teeth.
Jungkook trembles at the thought as he lets out loud gasps and his palm keeps on its path to reach its destination – the top of the pleasure dome. He bites his lips as now, he sees Vante licking a stripe from his neck up to his ear then back down again,
nipping on the soft skin of Jungkook’s neck then lapping his tongue against the skin to ease the sting. “Aaah aaaahhh aaaahhhhhhhhh goddd mmmm f*uuhhhhhhckk, f*ck, shit, Vante!” Jungkook doesn’t have it in him anymore to stop the loud vibrating moan that he lets out.
He pushes back the strands of hair falling on his forehead and sticking on it due to the sweat slicking his entire body. The pace of running his palm along his length increases even more and Jungkook is desperate and breathless to have his release.
He grunts and growls, voice rising a bit too high for the walls to be able to keep it within the room anymore, “Va-Vantee! Goddd, Vante! S-So hot, baby. You-Your voice, Vante. F*ck! Wanna kiss you so bad”, Jungkook pants and gulps, “Van, baby!”
The recording is still very much on, and Jungkook now pants for some oxygen – his hand is getting tired but he can’t stop. The hotness in the room engulfs his whole being and his eyes get blurry from too much sensation.
And he sees a figure moving slowly toward him. His vision clears after a few seconds and there’s Taehyung – walking towards the bed and then climbing on it, crawling towards Jungkook in painfully slow strides.
His gaze is like a vixen, that’s coming to make a mess out of Jungkook. Jungkook’s breath hitches at the sight, and his eyes widen, hands slowing down because he’s not even sure if he’s seeing right anymore.
He watches Taehyung’s figure take his c*ck in his hands and sink down to place a quick peck on the tip – eyes still fixed on Jungkook. “Fuck, Tae-Taehyung!” Jungkook rasps, “What are you doing here baby?”
But Taehyung doesn’t answer. He breathes on the tip and Jungkook growls. He goes to take a handful of Taehyung’s hair in his fist but the spell breaks and Jungkook finds himself alone in the room. He flutters his eyes quite a few times to clear his vision.
Sweat drips from his hair down to his eyelids – making it all the more difficult for Jungkook to see clearly through his haze. At the same time, his c*ck aches to be touched again, to reach the climax. So, he dives into it again with a shaky hand.
His breaths quicken while stroking his length – not waiting to build the pleasure from the beginning anymore, but going at it with all his vigor. Soon, his c*ck glistens again as he starts leaking more fluid – washing over the dried-out precum on the skin.
This time, his senses heighten to throw him over to another plane, and Vante’s voice echoes in the walls of his bedroom. Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, moaning and cursing indistinctly – hands still stroking his length. And just when he’s seconds away from his release,
as if in a climactic epiphany of pleasure, Jungkook’s brain finds a face to Vante’s voice. His eyes shoot open and he sees a fuzzy image of Taehyung’s face in a dream glow under the dim yellow light – lips curved slightly upward in a soft smile.
Jungkook shivers through the explosion, unable to form any words anymore. White ropes of jizz spill over his c*ck and his tightening shoulders loosen up. Deep breaths and a faint, “Taehyung” is heard in the room. Soft snores are heard sometimes after.
On the other side of the walls that bore witness to wanton moans a few minutes ago, sits a dumbfounded Taehyung on his bed. He is yet to recover from the shock. At first, he convinced himself that his brain is high on delusion and he was hearing things that aren’t real.
But the loud grunts are still ringing in Taehyung’s ears. His stupid brain is still playing those sounds like a damn broken record. And then it dawns upon him, does Jungkook know who Vante really is? Did he, by any chance, see Vante’s face?
What if Jungkook worked at the radio station and Taehyung has never seen him? No, that can’t be. Taehyung knows almost everyone who works there. Maybe, Jungkook recently joined? Whatever it is, Jungkook can’t know that Taehyung is Vante.
And more so – why on earth was he moaning Vante’s name? Then another bulb goes off in his head and he remembers hearing a muffled ‘Taehyung’ as well. If Taehyung wasn’t already feeling restless for the past hour due to his own climax that he reached with the help of an +
imaginary Jungkook, right now, he’s going batshit crazy from the amount of anticipation and confusion that are clouding his head. If what he heard has actually happened – then it must be some conspiring coincidence that both of them thought about each other while doing the dirty.
But Taehyung still has one thing nagging him – he has to know if Jungkook knows about him being Vante. If not, then it’s a whole new discussion because he is certainly not yet ready for the world to know Vante’s real identity.
He kept himself unseen for a reason. And he’s not sure if a hot neighbor is worth revealing his identity for. But a part of Taehyung does want to get to know Jungkook. Sure, he was instantly attracted to him and wanted to get fucked by him right there against his door,
But Taehyung wants to do so much more than that with Jungkook. He’s been alone for so long and seeing his friends hopelessly in love doesn’t make the craving in his heart any better. And even though Jungkook might already be taken, Taehyung wants to believe he has a chance.
He chooses to be optimistic because finally, after a long time, someone actually managed to captivate him – body and mind. Maybe, he should invite Jungkook over for dinner. The guy wouldn’t say no, right? He looked like he wouldn’t.
Jungkook wakes up around 9 in the morning. He fell asleep last night before cleaning the mess on his nether region, and now the c*m has dried up on his skin, reminding him of whatever happened the previous night.
When Jungkook recalls the events, he sits straight on his bed – realization hitting him and he feels weird. Well, not exactly weird – but he doesn’t really have a term for whatever he’s feeling. It’s all mixed-up.
And it’s not that he doesn’t want to acknowledge fantasizing about both Vante and Taehyung, he just needs to clear his head. This is all very overwhelming and Jungkook definitely doesn’t wish to mess things up with Taehyung even before he gets a chance to be close to him.
But Jungkook is very confused. First, he was sure about having certain feelings for Vante, which he knew, can never be reciprocated since he won’t ever find the person behind the RJ’s hypnotizing voice. And it only made him feel helpless and restless.
Obviously, Vante isn’t even aware of the connection Jungkook has felt between them. These are not shared feelings. And Jungkook sort of accepted it. Yes, he still hoped for some magic, but the rational and realistic part of him knew he would never meet the RJ.
Then, Taehyung appears in his life – packed in an unexpected bag of sunrays that Jungkook didn’t realize how much he needed, until last night. And he knows it’s quite laughable to grow such strong emotions for a person with whom he only had a good 2 minutes of verbal exchange,
but feelings are supposed to be like that only – sudden, absurd. It hits you without a warning and leaves little to almost no room for logic and reasoning.
Jungkook’s mind tries to think some more about the ‘neighbor’ situation while he munches on some toast. He thinks it’s best to just avoid seeing the beauty for the day, skip work and maybe take himself out on a date – that way he can introspect better.
However, the universe has something else planned for him as he hears the doorbell and when Jungkook leisurely drags himself to open the door, whatever he thought mere seconds ago, basically just goes futile.
Across the door, stands Taehyung – hair the same as it was last night, but his face glows differently in the daylight. Lips tugged upward into a smile. Eyes gleaming with something Jungkook can’t quite figure out. Then the chirpy voice goes, “Did I wake you up?”
Jungkook cannot decide if he’s elated to see Taehyung on his doorstep, or just anxious. Because he takes a few moments to reply, which makes the other snap his fingers on his face to get him out of his thoughts.
“Looks like the train is yet to arrive from dreamland. Should I come back later?” The mischievous grin Taehyung sends his way doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook. He quickly responds, “Ahh! N-No. Was just having breakfast.”
Jungkook then looks him straight in the eyes, as if to let him know he’s aware of the game Taehyung is trying to play, and smiles, moving away from the door, “Come in.” Taehyung holds on to the smug smile and walks inside with collected steps.
Once Jungkook closes the door behind him, he tries to compose himself. “You seem to be a minimalist”, Taehyung speaks as he goes around the living room, eyes roaming everywhere in close scrutiny.
Jungkook comes to stand next to the couch, “You can say so. It’s easier to clean, you know?” Taehyung shakes his head, “My place is a mess”, he turns to look at Jungkook and chuckles, “I’m a hoarder.”
Jungkook shows a middle finger to subtlety as he ends up saying, “Do I get to see the mess someday?” Taehyung walks over to the kitchen table where the half-eaten toast sits on the plate. And to Jungkook’s amusement, he picks it up and takes a bite.
He leans back on the table, hands gripping the edge on his both sides to support his body, eyes boring into Jungkook, “You’re welcome anytime”, Taehyung pauses to swipe his tongue across his bottom lip, “Neighbor.” Then the all-too-calm grin appears on his face again.
Jungkook is caught off-guard by the sudden cockiness of Taehyung, who apparently seemed too coy for such bold endeavors last night. But he’s not complaining. “You’re too generous with your offer”, Jungkook says, returning Taehyung’s playful gaze.
Taehyung hums and starts walking toward Jungkook, “You’re new here. So, you get the privilege.” He stops right in front of him and stares into the glistening orb, “Did you sleep well last night?” “Huh?” Jungkook fumbles.
The last thing he wants to remember right now is how he moaned Taehyung’s name while coming down from his high. “Your eyes look a little droopy. Must have been awake all night, huh?”
Jungkook opens his mouth to say something, then shuts it the very next moment to lick his lips, and walk away from the stern gaze that was holding him captive. He scratches the back of his neck, “Umm, not really. I...slept fine.”
“Okay. I believe you.” Taehyung sits on the couch and pats the space next to him. Jungkook goes to sit, putting some distance between their bodies. He feels hot already. Like, he’s actually bl*ody sweating. And his insides keep churning vehemently.
He has probably never been this nervous in front of another man. It’s a first for him. But Jungkook being Jungkook, likes to have the control in his clasp. He throws one arm on the head of the couch and slightly tilts his body toward Taehyung.
“Can I come over to yours for dinner tonight?” Jungkook asks in a composed tone. Taehyung is a bit startled at the directness, but he doesn’t budge – smiles instead, “I actually came here to ask you for dinner. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who thought about it.”
There’s a smirk at the corner of Jungkook’s lips, “But would you be okay inviting a total stranger to your humble abode? What if I’m a bad guy?” Taehyung turns to face him completely, chin resting on his palm, “That’s okay. I don’t mind bad guys.”
Jungkook can see how Taehyung tries to hold on to the playfulness, but then he ends up giggling and Jungkook feels something warm spread in his chest. The sound of Taehyung’s giggle is melodious. It reminds him of pleasant autumn afternoons out in the sun.
So, he laughs with Taehyung. When they stop, they’re staring into each other’s eyes again. Taehyung speaks first, “So, about the dinner...can you please stop doing that?” Jungkook quirks a brow, “Stop what?”
“This thing you’re doing with your lip’s very distracting.” “Then stop focusing on my lips”, Jungkook grins – satisfied with his teasing remark that got Taehyung all red.
“I-I wasn’t focusing on your lips.” Jungkook drawls looking elsewhere, “Right”, then he looks at Taehyung and smirks, “You were talking about dinner.” Taehyung is aware of his flushed cheeks, but he doesn’t give in to Jungkook’s satisfaction.
With a lazy eye-roll, he says, “Anyway. So, as I was saying, the dinner – yeah, see, I can’t cook very well myself. So, is there maybe a chance that we could make dinner – like together?”
Jungkook is a little unsure. He has great culinary skills, so that won’t be a problem. But he has never cooked with anyone – together. He enjoys a peaceful cooking session with himself, where nobody’s there to whine in his ears about putting extra salt or less spice and so on.
But the idea of cooking with Taehyung doesn’t sound too bad either. So, he nods, “Okay. We can do that. Do you have any requests though?” Taehyung feigns an innocent pout, “I want you to surprise me.”
He gets up to move to the open kitchen again, and Jungkook follows behind, walking up to the wall and leaning against it, and he catches right on, “What if you don’t like the surprise? You might be hard to please for all I know.”
Taehyung starts drinking from a bottle, purposely putting on a show, letting some of the water drip down his lips. Once he’s done, he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, then looks at Jungkook, “Why don’t you find out?”
Thick air of tension fills the room. Jungkook shakes his head at how relentlessly Taehyung flirts. And isn’t it too early in the morning to knock on your neighbor’s door with the sole purpose of flirting with him and maybe also seducing him with certain bodily gestures?
Taehyung sure looked way too shy last night when they spoke. "You sure woke up today with some revitalized energy!” Jungkook says, at which Taehyung lets out a soft chuckle, “Don’t know neighbor. I feel really good this morning.”
Jungkook cocks an eyebrow, “Yeah? What got you all bright and jolly?” Taehyung seems to consider deeply before he answers, his tone sincere, “I’ve been living in this building for five years...”
Jungkook listens with rapt attention. “Call it my bad luck or I don’t know what, this place has always been sorta deserted, you know? I moved in here when I was twenty and just graduated. And living with noisy and nosy siblings for so many years...
...made me crave some quietude. So, I chose this neighborhood. Everything’s a bit far from this place, but I liked it here. Nobody disrupted my peace – my personal space. But down the line, I really wished I had some friends living nearby.
Or some close acquaintances whom I don’t have to travel for half an hour to meet with...” “Someone who’s just a door away.” Jungkook cuts in. Taehyung nods, smiling, “Someone who’s just a door away.”
Jungkook returns his smile. It’s not laced with lust or want. It’s tender and compassionate. And Taehyung feels grateful that Jungkook could understand what he was trying to say. “So, in the past five years, you’ve never really had a friendly neighbor?”
Taehyung pouts and scrunches his nose a little and Jungkook is immediately endeared. He’s feeling extremely delighted that he’s getting to see Taehyung – the hot menace, as well as Taehyung – the cute fluffball.
“Not many people live in this building. Apart from us, there are six other families. And four of them are old couples in their mid 50’s or 60’s. Among the other two, one is this 40ish single dad with a teenager, and the other is the landlord himself.”
Jungkook listens curiously to everything Taehyung narrates to him. “And you don’t talk to anyone?” Taehyung’s pout deepens, and Jungkook gets this sudden urge to go and squish Taehyung’s cheeks. But he holds himself back and laughs at his cuteness, letting the other answer.
“Not really. I tried to befriend the kid when I first moved in here since he was the only one close to my age, but his dad...” Taehyung stops abruptly, looking a little reluctant, and Jungkook senses it. He’s about to say something when Taehyung continues,
“Mr. Han invited me over for dinner one day, and...and I didn’t decline because I thought it would be good to familiarize myself with at least someone around here. You know, so that I can at least get some immediate help in case of any emergency.”
‼️ CW: Age gap, Non-consensual kiss (not between TK) ‼️
Jungkook nods in understanding. Taehyung starts again, “So, I went. Food was great and all. After dinner Seo-ah was sleepy, so he went to bed early. His dad insisted on me staying over for a drink. I didn’t turn it down either.
We were talking about golf, and it’s something I really love, so I was invested in the discussion. Didn’t really sense anything coming.” Taehyung pauses. And Jungkook tenses up a little, not really ready to hear something remotely disturbing or unpleasant.
So, he’s about to ask Taehyung to let it be, but the other beats him to it as he starts speaking, “But maybe he read the signs wrong, or maybe it was the alcohol...he suddenly grabbed my face and kissed me.
It wasn’t aggressive. Just a peck. And I pushed him back immediately. He realized his mistake and apologized to me. It got really awkward after that. He apologized to me multiple times.” Jungkook lets out a sigh, walks over to where Taehyung is standing and sits on a chair.
Taehyung follows suit and drags a chair for himself as well. “He didn’t try to do anything to you after that, did he?” Jungkook asks after a brief pause. Taehyung’s cheeks and ears heat up, “ Not really, I mean...”
Jungkook sits straight, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.” Taehyung shakes his head, “No. It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m...I’m just really embarrassed.” Jungkook tilts his head in question, “Why's that?”
Taehyung starts playing with his own fingers to keep away the apprehension, “Well, we didn’t really talk after that incident. But after my break up two years ago, I was feeling quite restless this one morning. And I just...”, Taehyung groans, “just wanted to feel something.
So, I ended up going to Mr. Han’s and well...we...mmm...we f*cked.” He looks away from the other, not wanting to see judgment in his eyes. “Whooff!” Taehyung whips his head toward Jungkook at the sound and sees him pushing back his hair...
His biceps bulging out – the tattoos on view making the temperature go overboard. Jungkook keeps nodding his head while he swipes the tip of his tongue across his lips – dimples form on both sides of his cheeks and Taehyung thinks it’s the hottest sight ever.
He expects Jungkook to say something but the other doesn’t speak. So, he complains, “Hey! Say something. You’re making me feel more embarrassed now.” Jungkook licks his lips a few times to adjust his lip ring, “It was consensual, right?”
“Wha- of course. I...I went to him myself.” Taehyung looks down again. “So, are you guys still hooking up?” “No. It was just that one time. Although he offered, I didn’t feel like it anymore.”
Jungkook huffs out some air, “Was he bad?” Taehyung’s head quirks up, “Huh? No. He was...he was good. It was hot, really. But I didn’t want to be involved with someone who has a kid.
I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love kids. But I’m not ready to be a parent yet.” Jungkook chuckles, “So, you prefer older men in general?” Taehyung tries to dust off the blush forming on his cheeks, but Jungkook sees it anyway.
“Not really. It was just a hasty decision. I didn’t think much about it. But you know what’s more uncomfortable?” “What?” “They live just above me. And Mr. Han is very loud with his hook-ups. It’s tormenting sometimes.”
Jungkook breaks out laughing, and Taehyung throws a spoon at him, “Hey! Don’t laugh. What would you know! You were lou...” Taehyung doesn’t finish the sentence, realizing he probably shouldn’t bring it up too soon.
But it’s too late because Jungkook seems to catch up on something as he looks at him questionably, “I was what?” Taehyung shrugs it off, “Nothing.”
Jungkook gets up and drags his chair closer to Taehyung so that both of them are sitting right along one of the corners of the table. Taehyung looks up and gets even more nervous at the sudden proximity of their position.
“I was what, Taehyung?” “Loud...that woman...the other night”, Taehyung mumbles, and Jungkook’s stern voice jerks him in his seat, “I need you to be louder.”
The wires in Taehyung’s brain start malfunctioning, “What?” he gulps as the question leaves his mouth. “With your words, Tae. I need you to be louder with whatever you’re saying.”
Taehyung flushes red again, feeling sheepish at how he thought of something else. But he collects himself within seconds to face the other male. Taehyung is not going to be a shy-baby in front of him. “I said”, he focuses on Jungkook, eyes shimmering with fire again,
“the woman you slept with the other night, was also f*cking loud, and you owe me a good night’s sleep, Jungkook.”
Jungkook doesn’t look baffled. Rather, he leans back on his chair with a satisfying smirk, “Hmmmm. Definitely not the ideal experience with neighbors, then.” “Nuh-uh!” Taehyung shakes his head.
“Cute!” Jungkook thinks as he stares at him – a tiny smirk lurking on his lips. Taehyung fiddles with the end of his shirt, looking down, and then he slowly looks up at the other, “Hey, Jungkook?” “Hmm?”
Taehyung looks a little hesitant, but he asks anyway, “Umm, please don’t take this otherwise, and I-I know I’m being a little impulsive here...” “We’re allowed to be impulsive at times, Taehyung.”
Taehyung keeps his eyes on his palms resting on his lap, “Y-Yeah...maybe...but what I’m trying to say is...I’ve never really done this before.” “Done what?” Jungkook asks, in a low, hushed voice.
Taehyung swallows and bites his lips. He contemplates for a few silent moments before matching his eyes with Jungkook’s, “It gets really lonely in here.”
The underlying gloom of the statement doesn’t go undetected by Jungkook. He can see through the desperation in those words. Desperation for something Jungkook himself yearns for. Something that’s not just centered around physical pleasures...
...but more. He can tell Taehyung feels empty. Probably as empty as Jungkook feels. Because none of his s*xual encounters measures up to anything. They don’t really complete him. And it’s weird for Jungkook because, for a long time, he didn’t acknowledge this void.
And he understands where Taehyung is coming from, why he kept all his fears of being judged at bay and poured it all out to Jungkook – a mere stranger. So, Jungkook doesn’t want to make Taehyung feel like he has embarrassed himself.
He doesn’t want to make Taehyung feel like he’s alone in whatever they have going on between them. Because Jungkook is as desperate to have him. To have him in every way he can. So, he slowly reaches out to hold Taehyung’s hand which has by now gone a bit stiff from nervousness.
Taehyung startles at the contact – feeling the same electricity that he felt last night when they shook hands. And he breathes out as he looks into Jungkook’s eyes, “Jungkook...” “It’s okay, Tae. You don’t have to be alone”, Jungkook squeezes his hand in assurance, “Anymore.”
They both share a knowing look – as if signing the deal with unspoken words, but well-conveyed telepathic messages. Taehyung’s insides start to churn in tiny when he feels Jungkook rubbing small circles on his palm with his thumb.
And as Jungkook slowly intertwines their fingers, Taehyung closes his eyes and lets out a loud exhale. They’re both unsure as to what they should do next. Because letting their reciprocated intention out in the open, albeit by implications, was easy.
But acting on it to make it actually happen is something they both feel nervous about. However, the moment gets interrupted as Jungkook's doorbell rings again, jolting them both apart from their bubble.
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Also, this is the Jungkook I want y'all to picturize while reading this. Because I came up with this prompt solely because of this Jungkook. 🤤🤤🤤 (Please excuse me for being thirsty af. I'm not immune to Jeon Jungkook's charms.)
Taehyung moves to get up from the chair, “You should...uh...get the door.” Jungkook sighs, “Yeah. Wait here, okay?” Taehyung nods. When he tiptoed to Jungkook’s apartment this morning, he intended to only invite the other for dinner.
He didn’t plan to suddenly get all bold and flirty. But when he saw Jungkook again, his plans ran haywire. Taehyung felt his head all over the place for a moment, and without realizing it, he started with his cocky remarks.
But what he absolutely didn’t expect was for Jungkook to feel the same. To want the same thing as him. Mostly, it was all done without any of them directly mentioning it. They just talked, shared glances, and it was all laid bare.
And he found Jungkook’s touch to be very gentle and pleasant. It didn’t bear the discomfort that comes with some foreign touch. It felt assuring, warm, and most importantly, safe. Taehyung felt safe in Jungkook’s presence.
He thinks it really doesn’t matter anymore that he still doesn’t know anything about Jungkook. Because his heart has already put his trust in the other. His person connected with Jungkook’s person and that’s all Taehyung will pay heed to.
However, right now, he’s not sure if he’s annoyed that his moment with Jungkook is broken. Because he’s extremely nervous. Yes, he wants Jungkook. Taehyung wants his touch all over his body. But he’s not sure if he can handle so much right now.
He still needs to take it all in – that it’s gonna happen. So, a part of Taehyung is thanking the stars for the interruption, for not letting the moment build, and for things to escalate way too quickly.
The last person Jungkook expected to see when he opened the door was his hook-up from the previous day. So, now he’s standing with a frown on his face – contrasted to the woman who’s trying to throw a seducing smile at Jungkook.
Which, the male finds quite repulsive right now. “What are you doing here?” Jungkook tries to keep his tone uninviting so that the woman reads the room and leaves. But he’s surprised when she pushes past him and steps inside,
“Why the serious face, darling boy? I brought breakfast.” She makes a beeline for the kitchen and her face dims a little when she sees they’re not alone in Jungkook’s apartment. Taehyung stands up when he sees the woman and he feels uneasy.
Jungkook doesn’t seem to be in the mood for any of this drama. He’s already pissed at her for ruining his moment with Taehyung. But with Taehyung there, he also can’t lash out at her for barging into his house like this. He doesn’t want Taehyung to see him in a negative light.
So, he keeps his voice as calm as possible while asking, “Yun-Jiyah, I’m actually a bit busy right now.” The woman flips her head at Jungkook with a pout, “You don’t want me here?” “Umm, you didn’t inform me about coming here.”
Yun-Jiyah looks at Taehyung, and then at Jungkook, “Ahh! You’ve got a friend over, I see. It’s okay, we can all have breakfast together, no? Come, Jungkook, I brought sandwiches.” Jungkook lets out a small grunt, and walks to the kitchen, “Jiyah, I already ate breakfast”.
He glances at Taehyung and sees the obvious confusion and unease on his face. Jungkook curses insides. “My friend and I, we have somewhere to be.” He tries to be as civil as he can. But the woman doesn’t seem to get the hint.
She insists again, “Oh? Umm, okay. Then, can we meet tonight? Or how about I wait for you here till you come back?” Taehyung is almost never wrong about his first intuitions about someone.
And the moment, he saw this woman, he didn’t get a good feeling about her presence. But right now, he feels uncomfortable and peeved. Jungkook is no better. His growing frustration is evident in his demeanor as he pinches the bridge of his nose,
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll be busy. You should really leave.” Yun-Jiyah still doesn’t look convinced, so she goes over to Jungkook and gets into his space. But the other moves way instantly.
And the woman’s face drops. She looks back at where Taehyung is standing awkwardly behind them and then turns her face at Jungkook, “Are you shy because your friend is here?” She bites her lip in an attempt to look tempting.
However, Jungkook flinches and walks toward Taehyung. They share a quick glance before Jiyah is speaking again, this time directed at Taehyung, “Umm, could you please excuse us for a minute? I’d like to speak to Jungkook alone.”
Taehyung quirks a brow at her and then looks at Jungkook, who blinks and shakes his head at him as an assurance to convey that Taehyung doesn’t need to leave the room. Then Jungkook turns to the woman, “He’s not going anywhere. But you’re leaving. Right now.”
“You’re being rude, Jungkook.” Yun-Jiyah crosses her arms on her chest. “Look Jiyah, I wasn’t intending on being rude. But you’re clearly making me. Why are you even here? Did I ask you to come? I don’t think I did.”
“You don’t have to be such a jerk about it, Jungkook. I only showed up because you canceled on me last night.” Jungkook huffs and Taehyung can see his veins popping out in anger. And he knows it’s not the right time to...
...drool over the male, but he can’t help it. Just then Jungkook’s voice comes out a bit loud and Taeehyung winces a little. “I’m not obligated to compensate for a canceled arrangement with you. We’re not lovers.”
The woman looks pissed at the taunting remark, but she doesn’t seem to back down either, “You can’t talk to me like this, as if I came here with some bad intentions.” “You probably didn’t, but you’re not supposed to come here without my permission in the first place”,
Jungkook takes a long breath to look at Taehyung, hesitating whether or not to talk about it in front of him, since he doesn’t want Taehyung to think of him as someone who uses people for sex. Sure, he sleeps around a lot, but always with consent.
And Jungkook always makes it clear to his hook-ups about it being just sex and nothing more, nothing emotional. He only proceeds when they agree with this arrangement. But Taehyung doesn’t know this. They haven’t had the chance to talk about it yet.
So, it’s bothering Jungkook that Yun-Jiyah's unexpected arrival may change Taehyung’s mind about whatever he wanted to do with Jungkook. But he also wants her gone, immediately.
“Yun-Jiyah, we fucked. Just once. What gives you the entitlement or the authority to think that you can just come here to see me anytime you want? I made it clear to you that this will not lead to anything romantic, or vaguely emotional...
...I didn’t force you to sleep with me. I put my condition on the table, and you accepted. So, I’m in no way responsible for your delusional behavior which made you bring me breakfast...” Jiyah tries to speak again but gets cut off.
“No seriously, what did you think? We’ll have a romantic breakfast date? I’m not here to make you experience some post-divorce newfound ‘young love’ shit. Your ex caused enough scenes that day already.”
Taehyung feels a strange bout of discontent as well as certain possessiveness. He doesn’t want to be present during one such conversation between two people, but he also wants to be there because it involves Jungkook.
He eyes the woman. She seems to be in her late 30s. Her face is not per se beautiful – but she sure does have a body cishet men will easily get attracted to; Taehyung thinks. And then it clicks in his head what Jungkook has just said.
So, this is the woman whom Taehyung heard moaning out loud the other day! A sudden distaste and jealousy course through his body. He knows it’s stupid and he has no right to think this way, but it still bothers him that this woman got to have Jungkook, be it just one time.
Taehyung is level-headed. He has probably never talked to anyone with anger and crassness. He doesn’t intend to. It just doesn’t come to him. But sometimes, life incites you to do things you never planned on doing. He knows he shouldn’t meddle in this.
But Jungkook clearly doesn’t want to have anything to do with this woman, and she is quite shamelessly trying to assert her presence. Taehyung decides he will have none of it. He thinks it’s okay to bail Jungkook out because desperate times call for desperate measures.
And Taehyung has had to deal with his fair share of annoying straight women who showed an absolute disregard for queer people and their choices and boundaries. And he, quite frankly, loves to put a ‘nagging bitch’ in her place. So, he finally opens his mouth to speak,
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Jungkook doesn’t want you here. And like he said, you’re not his lover”, Taehyung puts extra emphasis on this part, “So, I don’t think you have the right to forcefully stay here when your presence is not desired.”
(I'll update tomorrow. Feel kinda drained rn. Anyway, here is to share the moodboard I made for this au.) 🚪 Just A Door Away 🚪
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 Yun-Jiyah's face has a pained expression slammed on it. One that Taehyung does not feel guilty about. Nope. He’s not going to feel bad for saying shit to this woman. She brought it on herself. Jungkook, on the other hand, is quite shocked, but in a good way.
“Listen, kid. Whatever happened, it’s between Jungkook and me, and I’m here to talk to him. So, I’m not gonna take this shit from you. Don’t interfere between us.” Jiyah fumes, words spat like poison at Taehyung. Then she calls out to the other male,
“Jungkook, fine. You don’t have to have breakfast with me. But can we at least talk? I really need your help with something. Please, just a few minutes?” And the thing is, Jungkook probably would have listened to her plea. But he cannot brush off how she spoke to Taehyung...
...a few seconds ago. And this makes him finally snap. “You won’t have a second of my time. Get out of my house right now Yun-Jiyah.” He almost surges forward but Taehyung is quick to grip his elbow and stop him.
Jungkook halts, “You and I have no business. And it’s you who interrupted us”. He isn’t in the mood for any of this drama. He’s already pissed at her for ruining his moment with Taehyung. “I will not have you talk to him like that. Apologize. And leave.”
However, the woman still doesn’t look like she has made a fool of herself enough as she continues, “He was talking out of line, Jungkook. Just because he’s your friend, you cannot take his side. And why are you being like this today? You told me we’d see each other again.”
“Yes. Because I thought we’d only have sex. Nothing much. But you clearly came here looking for something more. And I can’t give you that Jiyah. I get that you’re going through a rough time with your divorce and everything and you wanted to lean on me...
...but I’m sorry if something I said made you feel like I’m gonna be the shoulder for you to lean on. Because I’m not. You’ll only be wasting your time and emotions here. And I don’t have anything against you. I don’t even know you that well.
So, you have no right to get upset over me, not wanting to spend time with you. And you definitely didn’t have the right to speak to Taehyung the way you just did. Please apologize to him and take your leave.”
Taehyung didn’t really expect Jungkook – the guy he has only known for less than a day, to put so much effort into defending him. But maybe this is the universe, finally blessing him with something other than daily monotony.
Because this is what Taehyung’s been craving the most – a connection above everything else. One, where the other person would not only understand him but also respect him and defend his honor when needed.
Even though Taehyung considers himself perfectly capable of dealing with insults, he doesn’t really think it makes him any weaker if someone he trusts, does it for him. It’s a mutual understanding Taehyung wishes to share with that person.
And Jungkook is that person. It’s ridiculous how Taehyung still hasn’t got to know what this man does for a living, where is he from, and how many people are there in his family – yet Taehyung’s angels haven’t given him a bad sign about Jungkook.
So, the boy who otherwise maintains a shy personality around most new people, lets go of his inhibitions and all the warnings playing at the back of his mind and basks in the eccentric kinship that has been set in motion between him and his hot mess of a neighbor.
Taehyung is so lost in his head, that he doesn’t hear the woman briefly apologizing to him before bolting out of the place. The loud thud of the door closing behind snaps him out and the first thought to strike Taehyung is, he doesn’t know Jungkook’s family name.
And Taehyung can be really abrupt when he finds his comfort zone. So, he doesn’t even bother to ask about whatever just happened with the woman. He straightaway lunges the question at the man standing in front of him.
“I’m Kim Taehyung from Daegu”, Taehyung fishes out his hand for Jungkook, “and you are?” The suddenness takes Jungkook by surprise and he lets out a very short chuckle at first, then bursts out laughing.
But he shakes Taehyung’s outstretched hand nonetheless, “I’m Jeon Jungkook from everyone’s dream” and winks at him. This earns him a light slap across his chest as Taehyung speaks in a small protest, “Okay dream-boy! Now get out of your head, it’s not good in there.”
And before Taehyung could take his hand away, Jungkook grips his wrist, “Woah! Nice to meet you too, sweets.” He expects Taehyung to blush again, but the latter doesn’t. Rather, he lets out a low whine and tries to free his hand from Jungkook’s hold.
“Yahh! You little shit! Tell me where you’re from”, he pouts. Taehyung f*cking pouts and Jungkook realizes it a bit too sooner that he’ll have a hard time ever saying no to this man. He shakes his head, smiling, “Busan. Dream-boy is from Busan.”
Jungkook’s smile is albeit anything but innocent, it endears Taehyung every time he sees those bunny teeth. Taehyung hums, “Hmm, Busan baby!” making the other laugh, “And what would you be? Daegu daddy?”
Taehyung stares at him for a few seconds before they both start laughing. Jungkook is still holding his wrist, and when Taehyung tugs at it, huffing, Jungkook finally lets go with a grin.
Taehyung rubs the spot on his wrist where the other gripped. “Ughh, you’re so muscly!” “You sure you wanna complain about that?” Jungkook’s smug-talk is definitely not helping Taehyung’s already flustered state.
He gulps and his voice comes out a little shaky, “What do you mean?” The corner of Jungkook’s lips twitches upward in a smirk and he shakes his head, “Nothing. You’re really f*cking cute!”
Taehyung blushes profusely at that – eyes fixed on Jungkook with his mouth hung open. He waddles back a few tiny steps out of coyness. “Umm...I have to meet a friend in an hour. I better get going” and moves to walk away from the kitchen space when Jungkook suddenly grabs his arm
and pulls him firm against his chest. Taehyung stumbles on his feet at the sudden force and lets out a groan. Their mouths are dangerously close – breaths mixing with one another. Taehyung can feel Jungkook’s clothed crotch against his own from how close they’re standing.
And he feels like he’ll faint. Jungkook, however, remains unbothered as he smiles from the corner of his lips which makes Taehyung snap, “Why’d you pull me like that?” His words fall directly on Jungkook’s lips since there is barely a few inches of gap between their faces.
Jungkook brings his free hand to settle it on Taehyung’s back – holding him firm, pulling him a little closer. And Taehyung feels a growing ache in his body. Their proximity is painful to him. Not because he’s uncomfortable, but because Taehyung wants more.
He wants Jungkook to touch him some more and have his way with him. The small amount of hesitation, apprehension, and anticipation is driving Taehyung crazy, and he wants nothing more than to just close the distance between their mouths.
But he also doesn’t want to rush it or make the first move. So, he waits for Jungkook to do something, to say something, which makes Taehyung more restless because nothing comes out of Jungkook’s mouth. He just gazes deep into Taehyung’s dark brown orbs and his hand that’s
...resting on Taehyung’s back, slowly starts moving as he bunches up his shirt in a tight grip – Taehyung can feel Jungkook’s palm hot against his skin from over the fabric. A burning sensation runs through his body.
Jungkook grasps his waist to bring their bodies closer so that their foreheads are resting against each other. Sharp, quick exhales are heard in the room. Taehyung gets some courage at the initiative as he moves both his arms to place them on Jungkook’s shoulder.
He’s trying to avoid looking right into the other’s eyes. Jungkook leans close – his nose brushes against Taehyung’s in a swift barely-there touch, causing Taehyung’s breath to hitch. Jungkook lowers his other hand to lay it on Taehyung’s hips,
adding to the tense atmosphere that prompts Taehyung to lick his lips and tug the bottom lip between his teeth. He presses closer to Jungkook, who, in turn, gives Taehyung’s ass a light squeeze, making the male drop his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and breathe out a low whine –
everything getting unbearable for him. Taehyung loops his arms around Jungkook’s neck, burying his face deeper into the warm crook, and he can feel how hot Jungkook’s skin feels against his face.
It’s not just the temperature of their bodies, but the prolonged tension and the lack of any actual action that makes their blood wilder and more agitated. Jungkook starts kneading his ass from over his slacks and slips his other hand under Taehyung’s shirt –
Running his fingertips along the bare skin, at which Taehyung can’t help but almost moan out an urgent, breathy cry, “Mmmnnghh, Jungkook!” He parts his lips to press them slowly against Jungkook’s neck, wetting the skin a little.
Cold shivers along with hot electric current run through their pressed-up bodies as Jungkook tightens around the confines of his pants and his hardened c*ck pokes at Taehyung’s hip bone. And Taehyung’s mind runs haywire.
He desperately wants to feel the building orgasm and chase his release, and he wants Jungkook to do more – more than just groping his ass. And as if like telepathy, Jungkook gets the message, and he kneads Taehyung’s waist in a bruising grip.
“You’re so soft, Tae!” Jungkook’s words twirl the wires in Taehyung’s brain even more and he mutters, “Ju-Jungkook”, and pauses to lick his lips again. Jungkook mindfully asks, “Yes, baby! Tell me.” Taehyung lifts his head to look at Jungkook.
He tugs at his t-shirt near his collarbones – brushing his nose against Jungkook’s in a deliberate attempt, and speaks over Jungkook’s slightly parted lips, “More!” His own lips ghosting over the other’s, “W-Want more, Gguk.”
And Jungkook complies, “More what, baby?” He speaks softly, rubbing their noses together in an Eskimo kiss. Taehyung is on the verge of losing his footing on reality as he feels himself inebriated by Jungkook’s warmth and their ministrations.
He’s unable to form any coherent words, and Jungkook’s fingertips drawing lines all over his back isn’t helping either. So, he pulls Jungkook’s mouth closer by pulling the fabric of his t-shirt, and nothing but pleading mewls come out of his mouth, “Mmmphh...Gguk...Ggukie!”
Jungkook runs small soothing circles on Taehyung’s back, one hand still cupping his ass. He speaks in a whisper, “I’m here, Tae. Baby!” When Taehyung doesn’t answer, Jungkook hooks a finger under his chin to lift his gaze, “Tell me what you want."
Taehyung parts his lips, leading Jungkook to trace his thumb over the plush folds as he drawls, "Want me to touch you? Hmm?" What seems like a slight nod from Taehyung, and a pair of hands tightening around his neck makes Jungkook proceed further.
He removes his hand from Taehyung’s back and slips it between their bodies to undo the last two buttons of Taehyung’s shirt, making him heave out a sigh on Jungkook’s neck. And the second Taehyung feels fingers around his belly he freezes for a moment.
Jungkook ever so slowly traces the skin with his fingertips, at which Taehyung shivers and stiffens his hold on Jungkook’s shoulders. Then he feels those fingers spread across his navel and Jungkook kneads his tummy in a way that almost knocks all his senses out.
His touch, his grip – they're not rough or even rushed. Jungkook is soft, gentle, and careful with his hold even if the air is charged with acute tension and arousal. A strange sense of relief and contentment course through Taehyung’s veins at the gesture.
Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined he would allow a stranger to touch him so intimately, or that he would feel such familiarity with a foreign touch. Jungkook’s body feels so right against his own – something he thinks he has never felt with anyone.
And Taehyung decides to lose himself completely under his touch. He lets himself be pulled toward Jungkook a few more inches when the latter gropes his ass and presses their clothed c*ck together. Jungkook then starts grinding against Taehyung’s front – letting the friction grow.
Taehyung moves his own body to reciprocate the action. They move at an unhurried pace – both hyper-aware not to make the other feel uncomfortable with too much of it. Yet they manage to melt in each other’s arms.
When Jungkook trails his hand up to Taehyung’s chest, fingers brushing against the nipple in a feather-light touch, Taehyung doesn’t think about how it's a very sensitive spot for him or how he easily allowed access to this man in front of him.
He only revels in that gentleness Jungkook is showering him with. But then, the heat is getting too much at the far end of his stomach, making him grind harder against Jungkook. And the man only equals the fervor by taking one of his nubs between his fingers and tugging at it.
Drawled moans come out of Taehyung’s mouth, and it only encourages Jungkook to tactfully part Taehyung’s legs to slide his thigh between them. The newfound pressure hits Taehyung’s senses with a different pleasure and he ruts faster to chase it even more.
Suddenly the warm hold on his ass is gone and he’s about to whine at the loss but then he feels a hand tenderly scratching his scalp in a soothing sensation, ruffling his hair in the process. And Jungkook speaks sweetly in a low voice, “Tae, do you want to move to the bedroom?”
Taehyung wants to. He definitely wants to cherish this pleasure in the comfort of the bedroom. But he also feels the need to pause. He wants to talk some more with Jungkook, and have that dinner date they talked about earlier. Although he’s not sure if he should call it a date.
He would clear that out later. Right now, he needs to stop. He needs Jungkook to stop and maybe look at him, cradling his face in a silent promise that they’re not done yet. That they will pick up from this moment, later. But for now, he feels a strange urge to be adored by him.
And he also remembers he has to meet Jimin for his post-birthday lunch. It has become an unbreakable tradition between them. So, Taehyung is on a time-bound here. And he certainly doesn’t wish to hurry Jungkook and make the man propose for a quicky.
He wants to take his sweet-time admiring Jungkook and being ravished by the said man. So, Taehyung, however reluctantly, rubs Jungkook’s nape and asks him to stop, “Jungkook!” Jungkook’s response is breathy, “Y-Yeah?”
Taehyung lifts his face to look at him, his own breaths uneven, “We should...we should stop, for now.” He notices the confused furrow of brows on the man’s face. “Did I do something wrong? Are you...” Jungkook wets his lips in nervousness, “Is this uncomfortable?”
Taehyung desperately shakes his head in a no, “I’m fine. This is...good.” He cups Jungkook’s face and rubs his thumb on the cheekbones, “You feel so good Jungkook. I’m not uncomfortable at all.” Jungkook searches his eyes for the awaiting ‘but’.
“But I really need to leave now. My best friend will be really upset if I don’t go see him for lunch.” And Taehyung absolutely didn’t expect the pout that replaces Jungkook’s fucked out expressions and is now making him coo at the cuteness of this muscle bunny in front of him.
He giggles, “Jungkookieee!! Don’t pout. We’ll see each other in a few hours. Dinner at mine, remember?” Jungkook rests his forehead against Tae’s and holds him close by his waist, “Yeah. Dinner.” He exhales a sharp breath making both their eyes...
...flutter close at the warmth spreading in the remaining gap between their lips. “God, Tae! You’re driving me crazy.” Taehyung’s stomach churns heavily at that. It’s almost painful because they had to stop so abruptly. “Was it too much?” Jungkook asks.
Taehyung rubs their nose together, “No. It was okay. I’m just...running a little low on time.” Jungkook plants a soft, lingering kiss on Taehyung’s cheeks, “It’s okay. I’ll let you go now. But when you come back, you’re all mine.”
If the butterflies in Taehyung’s stomach were already having a picnic, by now there’s a whole concert thrumming inside him. He almost chokes at the use of the possessive pronoun. And he jerks the man forward by his t-shirt.
“Don’t say things like that when I’m about to leave.” Jungkook flashes a shit-eating grin, “It’s only fair, no? You’re leaving me here in the middle. I should make it a little hard for you.”
Taehyung lightly hits Jungkook’s chest with his fist and works his own pout, “You could be a bit less cruel you know?” “Where’s the fun in that?” the smirk is still prevailing on Jungkook’s face and Taehyung grunts at that.
Jungkook finds it way too adorable and decides to put a stop to the teasing. And he does cradle Taehyung’s face in both his palms – letting the warmth seep inside Taehyung’s skin, so he knows and feels the sincerity of this gesture.
“Alright, Sweetpeas! No more torments. You go have fun. I’ll wait for you. I also have to buy a few things for our dinner.” “Okay. I’ll be back by 8. Then we’ll cook together.” “You mean, I’ll cook, and you’ll watch?” Jungkook raises a brow while trying to suppress his smile.
Taehyung makes to move away from the man, “Shut up! Don’t flatter yourself too much”, making Jungkook let out a hearty laugh. “Fine, fine. I’ll stop for real this time.” Taehyung nods and smiles back, walking toward the front door. Jungkook walks behind him.
When Taehyung is on the other side of the door, Jungkook grabs his hand again, “Tae?” “Yeah?” He sees the small hint of hesitation in Jungkook’s eyes before he asks, “Do you wanna watch a movie before dinner? Or after? Whichever you like.”
Taehyung tries to stop his heart from flapping its wings too much. There’s an evident difference between this Jungkook and the man who, so blatantly turned down Yun-Jiyah's offers. Because this Jungkook is laying out his wish to do something more than just feeding their...
...carnal needs. And by now, Taehyung knows for certain that whatever they’re slowly building, is going to be something beyond physical intimacy. They’re not going to be each other’s relief system. He can feel that Jungkook is going to hold so much meaning in his life.
And Taehyung doesn’t mind being a romantic fool. He has always been a risk-taker in matters of heart, and he is more than willing to take the risk because he’s sure he’ll never find another Jungkook. He lets himself wrap his arms around Jungkook and pulls him into an embrace,
startling Jungkook a little. But he holds Taehyung close nonetheless, smiling into the hug and placing a kiss on Taehyung’s shoulder. Taehyung requites the gesture by pecking Jungkook’s ear, “I’d love that very much, neighbor.”
Jungkook smiles all giddy at the name. Surely, he never thought he’d feel such great excitement hearing this word. And he thanks the universe for letting him have a chance with Taehyung.
The idea of some annoyingly sweet romance involving this beautiful human in his arms doesn’t sound repulsive to Jungkook. Rather it comes to him easily because he thinks he has never breathed so much fresh air before.
Taehyung feels like the serene morning breeze, one that rejuvenates your whole body and makes you as ready as new for the day. Jungkook doesn’t think he can ever feel suffocated in Taehyung’s presence. They break the hug and send reassuring smiles each other’s way.
“Bye, Ggukie! See you later.” “See you, Tae. Come home soon, yeah?” “I will.” Taehyung can’t wait to see Jimin and let out all the screams and squeals he has been pushing down till now. Because holy lover of Jesus, did Jungkook just say 'home'?
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